Waterproof USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Waterproof USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight
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The power’s out! There’s a big storm outside. And you better find a flashlight quick.

You tear down the house for hours. Then finally find a small silver one in the drawer. You switch it on and it shines bright. Great! But you remember that the batteries haven’t been changed for a while. 

And just as you realized, the flashlight flickers and powers off. You go look for extra batteries, but you’re fresh out! 

Luckily, with this pen-shaped electric torch, you won’t have to worry…

Because now, instead of needing to constantly buy new batteries, this flashlight has a built-in one that’s rechargeable with its included USB cable. Making this extremely reliable during power outages (or when camping) since you can turn it on by plugging it into your laptop, power bank, or car.

With a powerful brightness of 1200 lumens, and lifetime of 10,000 hours, this will last you for many years to come. And you’ll never have to buy batteries again!


  • Rechargeable flashlight with included USB charging cable
  • LED bulbs shine a bright moon-shaped light at 1200 lumens 
  • Waterproof & Made with a durable aluminum alloy in a shiny silver color
  • Designed with stainless steel pen clip for keeping on your shirt, belt, and pocket
  • Lasts a lifetime of 10,000 hours
  • Perfect for home, work, and during outdoor activities
  • Dimensions: 130mm X 13mm / 5in X 0.5in

Don’t waste your money on a flashlight AND batteries! Get this waterproof rechargeable one today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!

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