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Ultimate 4 in 1 Camera Lens Kit (iPhone or Android)
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Did you ever try to take a professional-looking picture with your smart phone? If so, chances are, it didn’t turn out as you’d like. Or maybe, it did. But you have no clue what outstanding pictures you can really take when you have this…

This set of 4 lenses gives your phone the upgrade it needs for high-quality picture taking. And each one serves its own special purpose.

Need to zoom in? Clamp on the adjustable telescope lens to put you 12 times closer to the object that’s far away! And when you take a picture, it’ll seem as if you’re right next to it.

Need to zoom in even more? Use the macro lens to capture a crystal clear picture of tiny, small objects. And you’ll be able to see every little detail perfectly.

Need a wider scope? This wide angle lens increases your field of view to easily take large group photos, and pictures of full landscapes.

And lastly, there’s the admired fisheye lens to give your pictures a cool, distorted effect that’s currently a favorite among professional photographers!


  • Universal clip-on lens kit compatible with all smartphones
  • Capture high-quality photos of just about anything, no matter how far, big, or small the object is

A phone by itself takes at best, average pictures. If you want to catch every memorable moment of your life, you’re gonna need some good equipment. Get your set of 4 lenses today to never miss a good photo opportunity!








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