Portable Electric Water Heater for your Car
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Don’t you hate when your coffee or tea gets cold in the car? Especially when you’re trying to stay awake? 

We all need our morning caffeine fix on the way to work. But it’s impossible when our drinks get  to room temperature, and become nearly undrinkable. Now what would’ve been a delicious, heart-warming, and energizing cup of coffee or tea, is turned to absolute waste!

But what if you were able to keep your drink warm at all times, despite how cold it is? Or even make a cup of tea / coffee from scratch in your car...

Well, with this small car gadget you can!

Easily charged up by plugging it into your lighter socket, after a few seconds, the metal coil will heat up. Then, carefully gripping it by the neck so you don’t get burned, simply place it in your cup of coffee or tea, and stir it around. 

Finally, take a sip and see for yourself! Your drink will now be at a cozy, warm temperature for you to enjoy.


Instantly warms up any drink such as coffee, tea, water, and even soups

Safely plugs into your lighter socket and heats up the coil within seconds

Small and portable for ease of use and travel

Never drink a cold cup of coffee or tea again! You probably spent some time making it (or money buying it), so don’t let it go to waste. Keep it deliciously warm at all times by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above to start using beverage heater today! 

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