Multi-Functional Car Jump Starter Survival Kit
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Drive a car? It might be more dangerous than you think — and this isn’t just about car accidents… 

But real-life emergencies.

Whether that be your car breaking down and you can’t start it, or you get lost in the wilderness with your gas on empty (or even when your phone dies), these can all be dangerous. Especially if you’re not prepared and have no idea what to do.

Luckily, in each of these situations (and more), you can be ready at anytime with just this one huge power bank.

Not only does this have 4 built-in USB ports for bringing your phones and laptops back to life,  but with an incredible battery capacity of 16,000mah, you can jumpstart your car too! Simply by using this power bank and its included jumper cables, you’ll never be stuck in the middle of the road again.

But that’s not all! With a built-in hammer and blade for emergency escapes, a powerful flashlight for vision and signaling, and a compass for direction, think of this power bank as your complete car survival kit. 


1X Car Jump Starter Battery (includes jumper cables)

1X Charger Plug (LED lights indicate how charged your battery is) 

1X Car Charger Adapter (can be charged in the car)

1X 4-in-1 USB Charger Cable (charges phones, MP3 players, car refrigerators, and more)

1X Storage Battery Wire Clip

1X 8-in-1 Laptop adapter

1X User Manual (for simple instructions)

1X Bag (for safe and easy carry)

Also contains 4 built-in USB ports, a hammer, blade, flashlight, and compass

You never know when you might be stuck with your car broken down, with no one nearby to help. And if you often go hiking, camping, or on road trips, this is a must-have! Stay safe and get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!


Special Features: Cigarette Lighter Starter,USB,Lighting,Warning Light,SOS Lighting
External Testing Certification: CE
Item Weight: 1-1.2kg
Number Of Built-in Batteries: 4
Voltage: 12V

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