Metal Fidget Spinners (Various Models)
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This is not your ordinary fidget spinner… The original ones are fun to play with, but they’re dull in appearance and boring to look at. If you don’t agree, then you might want to take these for a spin…

“What makes these fidget spinners so different?”

Their shape and color. 

As you know, regular ones are three-bladed with one solid color. But these on the other hand, are multi-colored and multi-bladed with an exotic detailed design. And work the same way and spin just as fast as the original.

With some having a shiny holographic design that changes color depending on the angle you look at it, and others with a unique asymmetrical shape, you won’t believe how amazing these look and feel on your fingertips. 

Just give it a small flick. And the hypnotizing orbit of the spinner will almost put you in a trance!


  • Perfect toy for someone who fidgets and needs to relieve stress
  • Works and spins as fast as the original fidget spinner
  • Cooler and more unique color and design
  • Made of quality aluminum alloy
  • Comes in a zippered, black pouch to protect from sneaky fidgeters
  • Warning: highly addictive

Just imagine the look on your friends’ face when you take out one of these lovely fidget spinners. You’ll be the envy of them all! So grab one of these cool spinners today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!

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