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Clip-On Garbage Bag Holder
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Chances are, you only have one garbage can in the kitchen. Most people do. But this is a huge mistake…

Think about it. If you have a bunch of scraps after washing and cutting fruits, vegetables, or meat, wouldn’t it be much easier to throw it out if the trash was right beside you? Instead of having to walk over to it and risk dropping everything on the floor?

Of course it would! But getting a separate trash can would take up too much room (and money). That’s why you might want to get this…

This garbage bag holder conveniently clips right onto one of your kitchen drawers. And with its design, holds the bag wide open at all times. 

Can you imagine how cleaner your kitchen can be with this?

Now, you can safely hang a garbage bag right beside your “work station”! Never again do you have to pick up and carry waste to toss it out. Just slide it off the counter directly into this pouch!


  • Garbage bag holder allows you to clip it onto any kitchen drawer or cupboard
  • Simple 2-piece design holds bags securely with its mouth wide for easy disposing
  • Can hold any garbage bag or plastic bag
  • Prevents having to walk back and forth to your trash can
  • Dimensions: 12.5cm X 22cm / 8.66in x 4.92in

Keep your kitchen clean and organized! Grab your garbage bag holder today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.

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