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Two Stage Ceramic Knife Sharpener
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Cook often? Then this might sound familiar… 

You’re in the kitchen and you have a bunch of vegetables to dice up. So you take out what your favorite knife and start chopping away. 

But like always, as you’re cutting just a simple tomato, you find your knife can never finely slice through it in one stroke. It always takes several times going back and forth to finally carve out an average piece. 

Now you might think this is normal, but as you’ll see after using this, it’s not… 

This two-stage knife sharpener contains a unique sharpening wheel design for both coarse and fine grinding. All you have to do is hold it down by the handle, and take your lovely (but weak) knife and run it through one of the slots. 

And after a few seconds, you’ll end up with a knife as sharp as a top-level chef’s! 

Now, take it back to the cutting board and test it out on that same tomato. What you’ll find is in one smooth motion, the blade instantly sinks straight through for the perfect slice!


  • 3 Colors — Green, Grey, Red
  • Turn any dull knife into a high-quality one like that of a professional chef’s
  • Sharpening wheel design makes sharpening fast and easy
  • Two-stage design for either coarse or fine grinding
  • Built-in handle for keeping your hands safe from cutting yourself
  • Dimensions: 190mm X 50mm X 55mm / 7.5in X 2.0in X 2.2in

Don’t throw out your whacky knives just yet! Transform them into quality ones by grabbing your knife sharpener today. Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now!

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