"ID","Item title","Final URL","Image URL","Item description","Item category","Price" "9014202641","Super Powerful Sticky Silicone Gel Pads","https://supergadget.store/products/super-powerful-2pcs-set-anti-slip-sticky-gel-pad","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/item_XL_32691259_119803455_medium.jpg?v=1542270994","These reusable Anti-slip Sticky Gel Pads are safe to use on ALL surfaces and can stick pretty much anything to anywhere! They are thin, yet durable which makes them great for sticking onto unusual or irregular shapes. ","","15.99 USD" "8822112913","8X / 12X Optical Zoom Clip-on Telescope Camera Lens","https://supergadget.store/products/8x-optical-zoom-clip-on-telescope-camera-lens-for-iphone-or-android","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/676484372-1_medium.jpg?v=1542271390","Give your smartphone superpowers by turning it into a telescopic lens!This clip-on telescope is very small, light and compact, so you can take it with you wherever you go to take high quality photos, without any hassle!It's suitable for most smartphones (Android & iPhone) and will simply add 8x extra zoom to your existing phone's capabilities, making it fantastic for taking pics of sports matches, concerts or beautiful nature from afar. You don’t need any professional knowledge or technical ability. All you do is clip the telescopic lens onto your smartphone and then turn the bezel to achieve better zoom. It only takes a few seconds to get up and snapping clear and crisp images of far away objects.This accessory really is an incredible addition to any smartphone hobby photographer! ","","25.99 USD" "9761826897","Motion Activated Toilet Night Light","https://supergadget.store/products/human-motion-activated-toilet-light-in-8-different-colors","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/a7c6d3ad3d7cf95f65e2a6d9b253b307_large_5dd76174-f478-4355-9519-5a40b2f6d619_medium.jpg?v=1542270556","Have you ever used the bathroom in the middle of the night? But when you returned to bed, you found it hard to go back to sleep?That’s because you turned on a bright light, tricking your body into thinking it’s daytime.The solution? A night-light.But you don’t want just any ordinary night-light. No! Night-lights are limited to where they can be placed (outlets). And you can never place one where you need it most — your toilet! The one spot where you can easily leave a huge, wet mess.Luckily, this light, with the help of its motion-activated sensor, softly illuminates the inside of your toilet bowl whenever you go near it. And turns back off the moment you leave. Powered by just 3 AAA batteries, and easily clipped onto the side of almost any toilet, everyone can turn their bathroom into a mystical one.And if you ever have guests over, you won’t believe the looks on their face when they see this thing… Pure astonishment ;-)Features:Illuminates the inside of your toilet bowl to ensure 100% accuracy Emits up to 8 different colors (fixed or changing) Saves energy by turning on only when the sensor detects human motion (up to 2 meters) So if you or someone you know has poor aim, or if you just want to spice up your bathroom, get yourself one of these toilet lights now by clicking the “Add To Cart” button. ","","19.99 USD" "8777078289","Bluetooth Shower Speaker (with suction pad)","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-waterproof-shower-speaker-with-suction-for-the-bathroom-wireless-bluetooth","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/c004adcb-210b-49c3-b68e-fc33dfccbcc0_1.775961f46a5313efba0b5860095d217e_medium.jpeg?v=1542270512","This Water-Resistant Speaker will take your sing-along shower sessions to a whole new level. Features:Easy access to Hand free Talking / Volume up / Volume down / fast forward (skip) / Backward / Pause / Play / Power buttons.Water resistant loud speaker and built-in mic for both outdoor and indoor use.Universal compatibility with Android and iPhone tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4 and other Bluetooth enabled digital players.Dedicated Suction Cup for Showers, Bathroom, Pool, Boat, Car, Beach, & Outdoor Use","","25.95 USD" "8812781521","Mini Car DVR Dash Camera (Full HD 1080P)","https://supergadget.store/products/mini-car-dvr-dashcam-camera-full-hd-1080p","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-232629177_medium.jpg?v=1542269682","The Mini Car DVR Dash Camera is the ultimate personal security camera for your car. It attaches easily and automatically records both audio and video of everything that happens on your car journey. Great for recording road trips or accidents.Features:1080p Full HD recording quality140 degree high-resolution wide angle lens2.4 inch high resolution LCDNight vision functionG-SensorMotion DetectionCMOS Light SensorAnti-ShakePhoto taking / stillSupports HDMILoop recording functionIncludes: DVR Camera, Car Charger, USB Cable, Mounting Bracket, and User ManualThe battery of this product is intended only as a back up source. For best results, please use the dash cam when plugged and charging        Image quality (day time): Image quality (night time):","","49.95 USD" "8879609169","Senbono Smart Watch With Camera & Loads of Functions","https://supergadget.store/products/senbono-smart-watch-with-camera-loads-of-awsm-functions","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1511445343935_rd23a_1_medium.jpg?v=1542269948","Want to get a smart watch without breaking the bank? Check out this stylish new timepiece from Senbono.It simply cannot be beaten on value for money and boasts a bunch of functions of much more expensive models, such as Bluetooth, a built in camera, calendar and WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter compatibility.Add to this a decent battery and stylish design and you can understand why this one is giving the big brands a run for their money.This watch has been featured as one of the Top 10 Best Smartwatches of 2019.     Features:GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz , Single Micro SIM CardBluetooth Dialer, Call Reminder, Bluetooth CallBluetooth SMS/IM Message Notified1.54" TFT LCD Touch Screen 240*240 pixels0.3M CameraAnti-loss TechnologyPedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary ReminderSupports WhatsApp, Fackbook, TwitterCalendar (Synchronizable) ","","49.99 USD" "8880020945","Ultra Bright Aluminum Tactical Flashlight (Rechargeable)","https://supergadget.store/products/ultra-bright-aluminum-tactical-flashlight-rechargeable","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/alonefire_medium.jpg?v=1542269903","A flashlight bright enough to blind a bear!Rechargeable & Waterproof. Go on, you know you want one...Don’t camp or hike in the dark! You never know who or what might be in front (or behind) you. Always keep safe with a flashlight. But not with just any ordinary flashlight… You need a flashlight that’s powerful, strong, and bright enough to see everything! Even things that are far into the distance. And with this compact 3800 lumens flashlight, in your hands is something that can shine brighter than a car headlight! Plus, with its adjustable zoom, you can easily change how narrow and how wide your light shines. Built with durable aircraft-grade aluminum, a lithium ion battery, and an outstanding lamp life of 100,000 hours, you won’t need to buy a new one anytime soon!Features: 5 Different accessory packages (choose from the drop down above)Powerful 3800 lumens flashlight for hiking, camping, biking, fishing, hunting, and emergenciesZoomable feature allows flashlight to shine up to 200-500 meters (656-1640 feet)Made with waterproof, aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum durabilityLamp Life: 100,000 hoursA great flashlight for almost any situation! Stop buying weak ones that barely shine up to 100 feet. And get this flashlight today by choosing a package above, and then clicking the “Add To Cart” button now! ","","19.95 USD" "9014113873","Car Dashboard Sticky Silica Gel Pad","https://supergadget.store/products/car-dashboard-magic-sticky-silica-gel-pad","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-194366478_medium.jpg?v=1558958036","Stick your phone to your car! If you use your phone as a GPS, you might struggle to find a place to hold it. You can buy phone mounts, but those take up too much space. These anti-slip mats, however, are almost paper-thin!Made of a sticky silica gel, not only can this cling onto your car’s dashboard or windshield, but you can also stick your phone to it. And like magic, you’ll find that it won’t move or slide out of place! But that’s not all this mat is good for. With a complete glue-like texture all around, anything with a flat surface can stick to it! Whether you have loose change, a tablet, sunglasses, or car trinkets, this can hold it all.Then, when you don’t need to use it, simply peel it right off. Easily washed with water, and nearly indestructible in design, these will last you for many years to come!Features:6 Colors — Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, WhiteGrips onto your dashboard or windshield Gluey silica gel firmly holds your phone (or anything with a flat surface)No added adhesives, glue, or magnetsEasy to remove and wash with waterSmall and thin construction for convenience and a space-saving designDimensions: 5.5in X 3.1in / 14cm X 8cmSlap these anti-slip pads onto your dashboard. You won’t believe how easy it is to stick your phone to it! Grab yours today by choosing a color above, and clicking the “Add To Cart” button now!","","9.95 USD" "8769113233","Wireless Bluetooth Receiver (Throw Away Your AUX Cord!)","https://supergadget.store/products/ugreen-wireless-bluetooth-receiver-3-5mm-jack-bluetooth-audio-music-receiver-adapter-car-aux-cable-free-for-speaker-headphone","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-172547459_grande_1fd77d69-f9c0-4086-9957-1d7beddaa248_medium.jpg?v=1542270196","This new hands-free invention uses a 3.5mm bluetooth receiver and will allow you to play your favourite music on-the-go without the need to fuss over an AUX cable! Comes equipped with HD Microphone and latest noise cancellation technology to give you the most immersive mobile sound experience!Want to play music from your phone using your car stereo? Easy. Just plug this device into the mic port of your car, sync it with your phone and you will be able to use your car's speakers right away.A car kit is just the tip of the iceberg. This little gadget works well with normal headphones, or your home stereo. I tested it on every wired speaker I could find...instant Bluetooth connectivity. The built in mic made Bluetooth calls a reality in my dinosaur of a truck.Features:Wide compatibility: Bluetooth Receiver compatible with most smartphones, ideal for home or vehicle audio systems. Talk with clarity: Hands-free calling with the built-in microphone makes catching up with friends a breeze.","","19.95 USD" "301526319131","Retro Video Game Console With 600 Built-in Games","https://supergadget.store/products/retro-video-game-console-with-620-built-in-games","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/console_medium.jpg?v=1542271359","Do you remember the 80’s? Shoulder pads were in, Michael Jackson was moonwalking everywhere. Things were just different back then…And we also had some really classic video games!If you’ve ever wanted to hop into a time machine and experience the 80’s one last time, this is your chance... CoolBaby has just re-released their classic video game console with 600 amazing games built-in. That’s right, you finally have the chance to play those classic video games again that you’ve come to know and love.We’re talking about games like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Pac-man, and many more! About 597 more!The system has been revamped and remodeled to adjust to your modern TV set. The graphics have been enhanced and improved, giving you crystal clear graphics that you wish you had back in the 80's. Features: Retro NES Style arcade re-built with new, high-quality materials, ensuring durability and consistent performance2 user-friendly controllers that plug right into the system, allowing you to relive your childhood with your mates600 classic video games just waiting to be played. They’re easily accessible and built right into the systemAll of the essential wires and adapters that guarantee a crystal clear picture and an overall high-quality experience, every time you play! What are you waiting for? Order now and allow yourself to go back in time. Relive your childhood by playing some of these awesome classics!","","59.99 USD" "9880863889","SQ11 Mini Camera (HD 1080P + Night Vision)","https://supergadget.store/products/sq11-mini-spy-camera-hd-1080p-night-vision","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-277734026_medium.jpg?v=1542270353","Looking for the best mini camera? Well, a camera needs several things. And whether you’re using it for surveillance in your car or home, or for actual spying, this camera might be the best one you’ll ever find…First, the camera must be small. And this one here is as small as it gets! Built in a perfect cube, this camera doesn’t stand even one inch off the ground.Second, the camera must take good footage. If you can’t get clear video, what’s the point? This one, however, can record in a crystal-clear 1080p resolution, with a wide 120º field-of-view!And the last thing the camera needs is a good battery. This camera contains a 200mAh Li-ion battery that has a full working time of 60 minutes! And is easily rechargeable with the included micro USB cable. The above makes up your standard mini camera, but this one has more to it…Also built in is a night vision light for recording in the dark, and a motion sensor that turns the camera on once it detects movement from 5-10 meters away! Just think about how handy this will be during emergency situations…Features: HD 1080p camera with a wide 120º field-of-viewContains night vision for clear footage even in the dark5-10 meter motion detector for capturing video when needed mostLoop-cycle recording replaces old files with new files automatically when necessary Super small design allows for discreet recordingDon’t settle for just any camera. Your life and valuables are at stake here! Keep safe and get yours today by choosing a color above and clicking the “Add To Cart” button now! ","","29.95 USD" "2443653775437","Tiny USB Stick Audio Recorder","https://supergadget.store/products/tishric-hot-sale-u-disk-digital-audio-recorder-tf-flash-card-usb-voice-recorder-pen-mini-dictaphone-professional-up-to-32gb","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/usbvoice1_medium.jpg?v=1557220538","On the lookout for the perfect audio recorder? Well, we did the homework for you with this totally unassuming audio recording device!","","24.99 USD" "1439871664205","18X Zoom Telescope Mobile Camera Lens For iPhone Or Android Phones","https://supergadget.store/products/powstro-18x-zoom-telescope-mobile-camera-lens-for-iphone-and-samsung","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-533741336_medium.jpg?v=1542271195","Do you feel like upgrading the quality of your photos? Or maybe you're an outdoor photography enthusiast? Well, with this Telescopic mobile camera lens, taking a picture with your mobile has never been so exiting! It has a flexible 18x zoom, which can adjust the focal length as well...","","35.99 USD" "8831452177","Remote Control Micro Racing Car in a Can","https://supergadget.store/products/coke-can-remote-control-micro-racing-car","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-525007056_medium.jpg?v=1542271642","Test your driving skills on this mini race car! Packaged inside a soda can, pop open the top and pour yours out. Take a look! Painted and designed with cool colors and decals, you can tell this belongs on the racetrack. But you’re not going to race just yet…First, make sure your tires are aligned and running smooth. Turn on your remote control, and take this for a quick spin. Notice how the headlights and taillights turn on when you speed ahead and reverse. Amazing!And with four simple buttons, you quickly get the hang of it within a few minutes. After test driving for a bit, you’re now ready to race!Grab the four cones, and set them up. The goal is to finish without touching any one of them. Think you can do it? Recharge your car first on your remote control, and then set it down. Now, on your marks… get set… go!Features:Lightweight and high speed car for racing4-direction controller for simple driving and avoiding crashesBuild your own racetrack with the included 4 conesCar battery charges directly on the remote controlBuilt-in LED headlights and taillights for realistic effectsPreassembled and ready-to-drive straight out of its unique soda can packagingGrab one to drive around your home and race yourself. Or grab an extra one to race your friend on an even bigger racetrack! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now!  ","","19.99 USD" "8777086737","Wireless Security Camera with Mobile Remote View","https://supergadget.store/products/hd-wireless-security-camera","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/vstarcam_medium.jpg?v=1544006175","720P HD Security camera with mobile remote view, WIFI, two-way audio, night vision, motion detection abilities and much more... The Vstarcam delivers them all into a compact wireless IP camera that has a user-friendly installation and remote access to view and record everything that happens in your home or office...","","79.99 USD" "2404116037709","Relaxing Pulse Back and Neck Massager","https://supergadget.store/products/electric-pulse-back-and-neck-massager-far-infrared-heating-pain-relief-tool-health-care-relaxation","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/HTB1CskWatfvK1RjSszhq6AcGFXaL_medium.jpg?v=1551108790","Do you feel all knotted up from sitting in front of your computer all day long? If you're feeling pain, knots, and soreness on your neck and back area, you know it's time for a relaxing massage. A good massage can not only alleviate pain and discomfort but it can also work wonders in improving your muscles mobility, flexibility, and blood circulation. The caveat? Booking a professional massage can be expensive and inconvenient!Well, now you won't have to run to the spa! This Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager combines modern science with ancient Chinese medicine to give you the same benefits of traditional massages. With its ergonomic design and intelligent fit technology, simply wrap it around your neck and choose your desired mode. This offers everything from hot cupping to acupuncture mode!Whether you're stuck at the airport or holed up in your office, this device simulates the effects of a real massage. It's like having your very own spa on demand! Features: Made of high-quality ABS, silicone, steel, and magnetic materialsFeaturing 6 modes and 10 adjustable intensity levels to suit your individual needsChoose from pound massage, relaxing massage, hot cupping, scraping, acupuncture, and manipulation modesHelps relieve pain on our back and neck area, reduce inflammation, eliminate soreness, soothe tired musclesMay help improve sleep quality, promote blood circulation, balance the nervous system, reduce headache, promote metabolism, and moreAdopts a U-shape design that conforms to your neck line and can be adjusted to 160° for your utmost comfortApplicable not only for the back and neck but other parts of the body too such as your calf, arm, waist, leg, and moreIf you're suffering from back and neck pain, don't wait for your next spa appointment. Click the “Add To Cart” button now and take home this ultimate on-demand massager!","","29.99 USD" "8831729297","Windproof Reverse Folding Umbrella","https://supergadget.store/products/windproof-reverse-folding-inverted-umbrella","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-712644052_medium.jpg?v=1549353785","INNOVATIVE INVERTED DESIGNAt last, some innovation for the classic (and imperfect) umbrella design!This unique and revolutionary reverse design stops you and your floors from getting wet, even after you're out of the rain! No more messy drips all over the house or car.Made from high quality aluminum, water repellent-coating, and a double layer canopy, this really is the best umbrella money can buy. EASY TO OPERATE AND SAFE TO USEWith a simple click of the embedded button, you can open and close the umbrella in confined spaces and when entering or exiting a building or car. It's less awkward and safer to open and close when in crowds - the danger of poking someone in the face or eyes is gone!CONVENIENT AND DRIP-FREEThis umbrella can stand up on its own. It will also keep the wet part of the umbrella inside once you've closed it, so things don't get dripped on when you put it away after coming indoors. Remove the hassle of entering and exiting a car with your umbrella. Perfect opening/closing angle to prevent you from having to get wet while getting in and out the doors.DURABLE, WIND-PROOF DESIGNThe C-shaped handle allows for hands free holding, ideal for when you are holding a baby, bag or operating a mobile phone.","","31.99 USD" "8831975313","HDMI Portable Mini Projector (Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand)","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-hdmi-projector","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/lumi_medium.jpg?v=1542270585","INTRODUCING THE YG-300 MINI PROJECTOR!Finally a tiny, portable projector that turns your living room into a full-blown home theater with an image size of up to 220 inches! Its fantastic resolution is perfect for business presentations, gaming and movies when you're on the go!            YOU CAN USE IT WITH JUST ABOUT ANYTHING...           FINALLY...MOVIE THEATER EXPERIENCE, WITHOUT THE COST!The YG-300 is a complete home entertainment system that connects to all your devices and is small enough to fit in your bag. Forget crowding around your tiny laptop screen or TV! SHARE IMPRESSIVE VIDEOS, PHOTOS, MOVIES, GAMES OR EVEN BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS ANYWHERE YOU GO!...without the annoying problems like video jitters, color problems or lamp replacements that older projectors had.              FEATURES:• Bigger Than Big - Ever wished you had a 200 inch TV? Well with this tiny projector you do. Blow your friends minds when they come over for a movie or to play your favorite game. With a 220 inch output, you'll never want to leave your living room again. • Bright 'n' Vibrant - The LightEngine technology delivers a mind-blowing performance you'd expect from a flat screen TV. With a staggering 600 lumens you will enjoy rich, accurate colors, deep blacks and bright whites, even in rooms that aren't totally dark. • True Theater Experience - Unlike projectors just a few years old, the YG-300 uses the latest technology, eliminating those dreaded video quality problems like color decay, jagging and the rainbow effect. Expect a smooth, bright, theater-like performance from day 1 to year 5. • Compact 'n' Portable - At only 13 by 8 inches and 4oz in weight, it's a true portable media player powerhouse - small and light enough to fit easily in your bag or on the shelf. While it's onboard memory card slots and speaker lets you leave your laptop at home and watch movies anywhere. • NeverDie Lamp - Other projectors of this quality need frequent, pricy bulb replacements. But with over 30 000 hours of lamp life, you can be sure that this projector will never need a replacement in your entire lifetime, saving you hundreds of dollars. • Works With Any Device - Quickly and easily connect your computer, game console, camera, tablet, hard drive, DVD player or speakers and you're ready to kick back and enjoy. It's stacked with every connection you might need like WiFi, HDMI, USB, AV, 3.5mm jack, Micro SD and TF card connections - you're totally covered. • Good for Business - Deliver even more impressive, reliable powerpoint presentations and close extra sales. It's compact enough to carry in your bag and take on a plane so you'll never have to rely on the conference room's sketchy old projector that won't connect to your device or might even die on you. • Plays Anything – Supports every movie, music and image file format used today (AVI, MOV, MKV and 25+ more), so you can enjoy your collection of movies, photos and even powerpoint presentations no matter what. • Zero Warm-Up - Unlike ordinary projectors with traditional lamps, this one needs no long, boring warm-up time. Just switch it on and it's ready to go with bright, pixel-perfect images on demand. No need to leave your friends or colleagues waiting. • Eco-Friendly - With it's low energy consumption and no wasteful, mercury-filled lamp to replace, this projector is much better for the environment, so you can feel good about your purchase. ","","65.99 USD" "9824331025","World's Smallest Digital Camera (Ideal For Wannabe Secret Agents!)","https://supergadget.store/products/micro-digital-hd-camera-image-video","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-299260369_medium.jpg?v=1500652180","This camera is the size of your thumb. And takes pictures and video with one button… Whether you’re tired of bringing large bulky cameras with you, or if you want the perfect hidden spy camera that no one will ever spot, this little guy is your best option. Only an inch tall and an inch wide, this camera can still produce high quality pictures and video. With a camera of 2 million pixels and picture resolution of 720p, and a video resolution of 30fps, this mini camera works like a charm! And it all operates on just one button… Simply press and hold the button to turn it on. Once you see the tiny red LED light, you’re ready to start snapping away. Press it once to take a picture, or press and hold to record a video. Simple! And everything’s conveniently stored onto the inserted micro SD/TF card for you to look at later. Features:  Camera takes HD pictures and video (720p pictures, 480p videos)Operates completely off one button — take pictures by pressing once, and record videos by holding the button down for 3 seconds and pressing it again to stopStores memory onto micro SD/TF cardWorks perfect as a normal camera/video recorder, a spy camera, and even a webcamAttaching directly to your keychain, or kept safely in your pocket, this camera allows you to snap pictures and video at any given moment (without anyone ever knowing either)! Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","20.99 USD" "228383686683","3-in-1 Selfie Stick & Tripod With Bluetooth Remote","https://supergadget.store/products/3-in-1-selfie-stick-tripod-with-bluetooth-remote","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/398aa85e-59b3-4005-ba29-521077ae3d4a_medium.jpg?v=1542271665","Gather around your friends and get ready to say "cheeeeeeese" with this incredible 3-in-1 Selfie Stick Tripod. It’s a selfie stick with a built-in tripod and Bluetooth remote shutter that allows you to capture a wide variety of photo shots not possible with an ordinary selfie stick.   Features 3-in-1 design: Selfie stick, removable 3.0 Bluetooth remote, and mini-tripod combo design. All you need for taking selfies and groupies is available in one stick.Full 360° rotation: The head of the selfie stick can rotate a full 360° and the tripod's clamp can also be rotated up to 270° allowing you to adjust for the perfect shot.Bluetooth remote control: Removable, easy to pair and operate. Just pair it with any phone and push the button to capture a shot. Built-in battery: The remote control has a built-in 60 mAh Li-on battery. It's rechargeable and can be charged through the included USB cable.Easily turns into a tripod: You can mount your smartphones vertically or horizontally. It has rubberized feet to provide grip and stability.Light weight, foldable and portable so you can easily carry it around or stash it in your bag.Universally compatible with all iOS or Android smartphones.Don't miss the perfect selfie when you're out with your friends. Click the 'Add to Cart' button above now to get this awesome smartphone accessory.   ","","39.99 USD" "301079396379","Laser Christmas Lights Projector With Remote Control","https://supergadget.store/products/christmas-fairy-light-projector-with-remote-control-waterproof","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/81SMNFTPr0L._SL1200_medium.jpg?v=1542271284","This Christmas Fairy Light Projector can cover up to 650 square feet. It's perfect for Christmas and holiday entertainment, parties, landscape decoration, and any other event where you want your outside (or inside) looking lovely and festive.","","49.95 USD" "590810808347","Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds","https://supergadget.store/products/wireless-bluetooth-earbuds-for-iphone-or-android","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/s-l1000_medium.jpg?v=1558595087","Free yourself from wires with these convenient, high-powered Bluetooth 5.0 earphones. Made with a super lightweight design for supreme comfort, you might just forget they're in your ears when you're not listening to music! ","","29.99 USD" "72680570907","JJR/C H37 Baby Elfie Drone With 720P Camera","https://supergadget.store/products/jjr-c-h37-baby-elfie-drone-takes-selfies-from-above-in-720p-quality","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-410371583_medium.jpg?v=1542270682","The original Elfie drone was a big hit when it was launched. It is a super lightweight and portable drone that is designed to take selfies. However, its biggest downfall was the low-resolution camera.The new Baby Elfie is better than ever!It is even smaller, has a unique controller and can take 720p quality videos, making it the best low-cost selfie drone on the market right now. G-Sensor Controller or Smartphone ControlThe Baby Elfie comes with a G-sensor controller, or you can also use your smartphone to control it. The controller uses one stick to control the throttle and yaw. The drone will move left and right by waving the remote left or right. It's not be as precise as a full remote, but it does the trick and is definitely more compact.Inexperienced fliers will probably find this new style of remote easier to use and more intuitive. Upgraded 720p CameraThe baby Elfie features an upgraded camera which can shoot 720p videos and it can also do WiFi FPV, which means that it can transmit live video footage from the camera directly to your smartphone.Don’t expect professional quality photos at this price point, but 720p photos and videos do look pretty good. With this drone you can also adjust the camera angle, which is a nice additional feature. Super portableAt only 11.3 x 5.7 x 3cm when it is folded, this drone is as long / wide as a mobile phone, making it truly super compact and easy to carry with you anywhere. JJRC have even included a nice waterproof carrying case that will hold the drone, charger and new remote.There are other drones on the market with more features and a better camera, but if you are looking for an inexpensive selfie drone that is perfect for beginning drone enthusiasts, then no doubt the Baby Elfie is the drone for you.   Features: Selfie drone 720p camera allows you to take great selfies effortlesslyWifi real-time transmission FPV system which can capture photos and record videos and stream them directly to your phoneFoldable arms make this drone super small and easy to carryThe Gravity Sensor Mode enables the drone to automatically follow the way you move your smartphoneBuilt-in barometer with altitude hold function provides stable flight.Trajectory flight allows you to plan your flight plan.Can do 3D flips and other cool stunts for an impressive aerial showOne press automatic return ensures that you can call back your Elfie drone easily","","79.95 USD" "9829119633","Magnetic Levitating Globe With LED Lights","https://supergadget.store/products/magnetic-levitating-globe-with-led-lights","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-328146315_medium.jpg?v=1542270227","** Please choose your desired color and plug type (US / AU / EU / UK) in the drop down menu above before adding this item to the cart! **Watch Earth levitate in front of you. And spin on its axis in mid-air! This modern tellurion — an instrument that shows you how Earth’s rotation affects night, day and the seasons — also serves as an eye-catching decoration in your home or office. Like our real planet Earth, this gadget keeps the globe floating in space. And emulates Earth’s magnetic fields by holding the planet up with powerful magnets on both the North and South pole.Easily powered by its adapter, when turned on, simply hold the geographical globe in the center of the base. And once you feel a slight force from the magnets, then gently let go. When done correctly, the Earth will suspend itself in mid-air! Plus, with the 3 built-in LED lights on the C-shaped base, turning this on at night makes this a thing of beauty to look at, as you’ll get to see the lights bounce and reflect off the globe’s surface.Features: Watch Earth levitate and rotate with the powerful force of magnetsBase contains 3 LED lights for an incredible showpiece at nightPerfect decoration at home and in the officeGet this neat gadget today that will make people’s jaw drop in disbelief! Just choose your favorite model above, and click the “Add To Cart” button now to grab yours! ","","49.95 USD" "9811548817","X-Dragon Solar Charger","https://supergadget.store/products/waterproof-10000mah-solar-power-bank-with-dual-usb-sockets","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-141991893_medium.jpg?v=1542035757","Charge your phone anywhere without needing to search for an outlet. 2 Built-in USB ports to charge two phones (or any other device) at once. Solar panel allows this power bank to recharge on its own under the sun. Compact design for easy carry and travel. LED flashlight, ideal for emergencies!","","35.99 USD" "48226369563","Sunglasses With Built-in Video Recording Camera","https://supergadget.store/products/sunglasses-with-built-in-video-recording-camera-720x480px","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_fb4af4fd-03c0-486f-b039-40c3ad005ab2_medium.jpg?v=1565271981","Record everything in front of you with one push of a button. Stores all video on an inserted SD card of up to 16GB in memory (not included). Charges and replays video by connecting to a PC or laptop. Supports video recording and photography!","","38.99 USD" "9829731729","Mini Bluetooth Tracker (Never Lose Your Keys Again...)","https://supergadget.store/products/mini-bluetooth-tracker-never-lose-your-keys-again","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/mini-bluetooth-font-b-gps-b-font-font-b-tracker-b-font-for-car-smart-key_medium.jpg?v=1542270490","Not again… You’ve lost your keys and can’t find them. You’ve spent hours searching your entire house and car. But still, nothing found. This might sound familiar to you. And if it does, you might want to get this tracking device because when you have it, you can find anything almost instantly…Simply download the free compatible app — onto your phone, and sync your Bluetooth tracker. Once connected, you’re ready to put it to the test.Attach the tracker to your keys, or place it in your wallet, bag, car, or even give it to your kids. Now, when you need to find something, go onto the app and sound the alarm. As long as you’re within 75 feet, the tracker will play a loud noise so you can follow and find exactly where it’s coming from. Amazing!And with a standby time of 6 months, these will last you for a while before you’ll have to get a new one.Features: 4 Colors — Red, Black, White, GreenCompatible with iPhone & Android devicesBluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0 Low EnergyWorking Distance: About 75 FeetPerfect for quickly finding keys, wallet, car, kids, pets, bags, and other easily lost belongings (as long as they are within range)Easy to use by downloading the free app on your phoneWhen activated, tracker plays a loud alarm to help you trace where it isNever lose things again! This tracker locates what you need in a matter of seconds. Get yours today by choosing your favorite color above and by clicking the “Add To Cart” button now. ","","12.99 USD" "8782459857","DZ09 Smart Watch (Compatible with iOS & Android Phones)","https://supergadget.store/products/smart-watch-dz09-for-ios-android-phones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-708666564_medium.jpg?v=1560567190","Transform your smart phone into a smartwatch! Perform all your essential functions (and more) directly on your wrist…With a small 1.56 inch TFT LCD touchscreen, you can easily navigate between menus and apps with a tap of your finger. Able to insert a micro SIM card, as well as TF card, this smartwatch is capable of doing many things.Including making phone calls, answering phone calls, playing music, and taking pictures. Yes! With its built-in camera, microphone, and loud speakers, this is all possible. Just think about how convenient this is.But that’s not all…This smartwatch also has other features like finding a missing phone, storing contacts, a pedometer, a sleep monitor, and a calendar — all neatly stored on your wrist!Designed to have everything easily accessible, this is a must-have for busy people, people who are always on the move, and for someone who just wants a cool, unique device.Features:Smartwatch performs vital smartphone functions like answering and taking phone calls, playing music, taking pictures, and much moreBuilt-in microphone, camera, and speakerCan insert micro SIM card or TF card of up to 32GBNo more taking your phone out to do one simple thing! Wear one of these luxuriously designed smartwatches for a cool, and more efficient way of using your phone. Grab yours now by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above! Please note: There is no APK for IOS, so 3 functions can't sync with IOS (Anti-lost, Notifier, Remote Camera)","","25.99 USD" "1350781730893","2 x 1.8m Extension Cables For Retro Video Game Console Controllers","https://supergadget.store/products/2-x-1-8m-extension-cables-for-retro-video-game-console-controllers","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-472088172_medium.jpg?v=1529408632","Package includes:2 x 1.8m controller extension wire (does not include controller or other parts)Specs:Line length: 1.8 meters Features:Effectively extend the distance between the game console and the game controllerSuitable for 9 pin mini retro HDMI controller and 9pin Sega controllerMade with environmentally friendly PVC thread, copper wire core and ABS shell with a strong wear resistance","","25.99 USD" "49663344667","Flexible Mini Tripod for Smartphones & Cams","https://supergadget.store/products/clownfish-flexible-mini-tripod-for-smartphones-cams","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/61g4V3oXLoL._SX569_medium.jpg?v=1557225917","Most tripods suck. They do at most, one thing. And one thing only — hold your camera or phone up on the ground, or in your hand. The reason for this is because it has just three stiff legs. But can you imagine what a tripod could do if it had flexible legs instead? And if it can hold different mounts too? Well, that’s exactly what you can expect from this one here…With 3 flexible yet stable legs, you can bend, mold, and shape it to give you the best possible angle and most stable position. Whether it be for holding it in your hand, placing it on top of something, or even hanging it to a tree branch, this can do it all!Thanks to its convenient design and included screw, you can fasten your phone or camera mount to the center of the tripod, or onto one of its legs. Giving you unlimited ways to ensure your device is always capturing and displaying the best picture.Features:  Compatible with smartphones, GoPros, and other sports camerasMini tripod with 3 flexible legs adapts to all needsCan be bent and shaped to comfortably hold in your hand, stably stand on a surface, and securely grip to a branch or poleCan also be used as a phone or tablet standDon’t limit yourself to dull tripods. These flexible ones can grab and hang onto almost anything.Get yours today by choosing your color from the drop down menu above and clicking the “Add To Cart” button now! ","","15.99 USD" "9771276881","FRESH Reusable Silicone Magic Wrap","https://supergadget.store/products/fresh-reusable-silicone-magic-wrap","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-173093106_medium.jpg?v=1558971937","After reading this, you’ll never buy plastic wrap again…Plastic wrap is thin, easy to break, and probably the cheapest thing you could use to keep food fresh. And the worst part is, once you’re all out, you can expect another trip to the grocery store and some dollars spent. Oh, and plastic wrap is obviously bad for the environment.What a waste! Especially when these are available…These rubber-like mats, made out of a stretchable silicone, serve the same purpose as plastic wrap (but a whole lot more). Not only can these transparent mats wrap around and seal off bowls and containers, they can also be used as a non-stick mat at the dinner table. But that’s not all…Because of it’s “sticky” texture, these mats can also be used to help unscrew hard-to-open jars and bottles.But what truly makes this better than plastic wrap, is it can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures WITHOUT breaking or producing any harmful chemicals. This means it can even be placed in the microwave, or used as a heat-resistant mitt to handle scorching hot bowls and plates! Features:• Comes with 4 mats (1 small, 2 medium, 1 large)• Flexible and stretchable, seals over any bowl or container for keeping food fresh and tasting great• Transparent design allows you to see what food it’s covering• Also works as an anti-slip mat, a heat-resistant mitt, and for prying jars open• Silicone material allows it to safely be placed in the microwave, refrigerator, and freezer• Super easy to clean and can be reused for yearsSo not only does this replace buying plastic wrap, it even works and functions BETTER! Get your complete set of 4 mats today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above. ","","9.99 USD" "9820154769","USB Electronic Flameless Lighter","https://supergadget.store/products/usb-electronic-flameless-lighter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-918417379_medium.jpg?v=1560683468","Ever had trouble keeping the flame alive on your lighter? Tired of having to constantly buy new ones? Well, with this flameless (yes, flameless) lighter, you’ll never have to buy another one again…Operating completely on electricity, this lighter doesn’t need any gas, fuel, or refills. Simply charge the built-in battery with the included USB cable, and it’s ready for use.Enclosed within a sleek metal case, all you have to do is flip the top open, and press the button on its side to start a “flame.” This “flame” is actually an electric arc in the shape of a glowing purple “X” for a much cooler effect! Small, flameless, and windproof, makes this lighter a safe and more effective way to light a cigarette. It also looks pretty cool... Features:Flameless and windproof for safe and easy lightingProduces an electric “X” with a simple push of a buttonPowered by a rechargeable USB battery — doesn’t need any gas or fuelSmall and compact for better carry and travelDon’t stress yourself out and waste money on weak lighters that can barely hold up a flame. This lighter will be the last one you’ll ever buy have to buy! Get yours today by choosing your desired color in the drop down menu and then clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","29.99 USD" "1356032213069","Magnetic Fast Charging Cable For Any Smartphone (Apple / Android / Type C)","https://supergadget.store/products/magnetic-fast-charging-cable-for-any-smartphone-apple-micro-type-c","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-523474870_medium.jpg?v=1546172270","Please choose your required plug type in the drop down menu above before adding this item to the cart.This Magnetic Fast Charging Cable is designed to make charging more simple and convenient. Features:Round magnetic cable and adapter for super convenient charging from any directionLED charging IndicatorSuper strong MagnetsNylon braided cable for extra toughnessSupports charging only (not data transmission)Compatible for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that use micro USB or Type C portsPlease choose your required plug type in the drop down menu above before adding this item to the cart. ","","14.99 USD" "8812886545","Flexible Goose Neck Smartphone Holder","https://supergadget.store/products/super-flexible-goose-neck-smartphone-holder","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-172600871_medium.jpg?v=1508868218","Watch movies or videos on your phone? Use it to read? Then you probably get annoyed having to hold it in your hand all the time. And when you set it down, you can never get a good viewing angle. You either have to put something behind it to hold your phone straight. Or you have to sit in an awkward position just to see your screen clearly. Horrible!But never again do you have to go through this… Introducing — a 360º flexible goose neck phone mount!With two claws to firmly grip onto nearly any device, and a long adjustable neck, you can easily fix your phone and set it where you can comfortably sit back, relax, and enjoy whatever you’re watching!And built on the opposite end of this holder is a tight clamp. Allowing you to securely clip this onto almost anything. Whether it be your office desk, your bed, inside your car, it doesn’t matter! Because with a flexible 70cm (28in) stem, you have full control over how close or how far you want your phone!Features:Works with all smartphones Phone mount contains rubber grips to firmly and safely hold your deviceClip grasps onto the edge of most things like your desk, bed, chair, etc.360º Swivel head for easily changing the view of your phone70cm (28in) Flexible neck to adjust the length and angle in the most comfortable positionMade of plastic and a durable aluminum-magnesium alloyGo hands-free! Enjoy movies, books, music, and more WITHOUT constantly holding your phone. Get your flexible mount today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","12.95 USD" "8782639249","Amazing Pyramid Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat","https://supergadget.store/products/amazing-pyramid-nonstick-silicone-baking-mat","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/71grK5zYgXL._SL1000_medium.jpg?v=1558972178","Are you sick and tired of always having to flip your oven-baked food items one by one to ensure that they are cooked evenly?Introducing the Pyramid Pan, a food grade heat-resistant silicone baking mat with over 300 contours, which allows for easy air circulation and even-cooking of your food.Features:Food comes out crispy, Juicy and evenly baked every time!Heat resistant up to 450 degrees FDishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe (NOT for stovetop use)Helps even heat distribution for convenient healthy cooking, while draining fat, grease and oil awayNon-stick silicone, easy to clean and flexible ","","11.99 USD" "9831808529","Fast Inflatable Air Sofa (Upgrade Your Camping Game!)","https://supergadget.store/products/fast-inflatable-air-lounger-upgrade-your-camping-game","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/air_sofa_blue_medium.jpg?v=1561362603","Build a full couch anywhere, at anytime… in just a few seconds, using nothing but air!Whether out camping in the forest, at the beach or park, in the city, or wherever, this pouch is able to transform into a sofa that’s nearly 7 feet long! And because its designed with a durable, high-quality nylon fabric, it can hold up just about anyone without popping or leaking!Just take out the bag and unravel it. Then open it wide and swirl it around to fill it up with air. Once full, quickly close it up, fold the end, and attach the two buckles to seal it off. And you now have a soft air sofa to comfortably lay on, either on solid ground or on water!Large enough to fit the average person from head to toe, the second you rest on it, you’ll slowly sink down, while the air sofa conforms to your body. No need for any pillows or pads!And to store it away, simply let out the air and fold it back up. Easy!Features: Lightweight, inflatable air sofa for relaxing anywhere, anytimeCreates a full human-sized sofa (about 7 feet) in a matter of secondsEasy to inflate by moving it around in the air (no pump needed)Made of durable nylon material to hold up almost anyone, under any condition Portable and compact makes this easy to bring with you wherever you goPerfect for all outdoor activities when you need a quick rest or seatFun, easy, and extremely convenient, this air sofa will replace all your foldable lawn-chairs, sleeping bags, pool floats, and more! Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","29.95 USD" "9809068561","Hanging Camping Lights (Various Colors)","https://supergadget.store/products/3-leds-outdoor-camping-tent-hanging-adventure-lanters-lamp-portable-led-light-hunting-hut-fishing-garden-lamp-bulb-drop-shipping","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-189694569_medium.jpg?v=1523370256","It’s getting late and it’s time to set up camp. You’re in a random forest, and you know there are animals around. So you need to be as careful as possible.You pitch a tent and make a fire. Burning bright enough so you can barely see within a few feet in front of you. This will do for now, but you then hear something moving not too far away. And to make it worse, you can’t see it either…So what do you do?In this case, you can’t do a thing. But if you had one of these lanterns you can remain safe…These lanterns effectively illuminate an area with its 3 built-in LED lights. And with its hook and featherweight design (1.4 oz), you can easily hang this on your tent, on a branch nearby to light up your campsite, or even use it as a hand-held lantern.With just one or a few of these portable lamps, you can stay a step ahead in protecting yourself in the wilderness!Features: 4 Colors —Blue, Red, Green, YellowLantern contains 3 powerful LED lights with an operating voltage of 12V3 Modes — Maximum brightness, half brightness, and SOSCan be hung on your tent, rope, a wall, or on a branchPowered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)Weighs only 40 grams (1.4oz)Perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities  Don’t just keep your personal space lit. Ensure maximum safety by lighting the areas around you as well! Grab one or several (depending on how safe you want to be) by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","9.95 USD" "1328480354381","WiFi Inspection Camera (720P)","https://supergadget.store/products/endoscope-inspection-camera-720p","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product_15150_product_shots1_image_grande_1c3bf50b-15fc-482e-9bf8-9ab146b75f69_medium.jpg?v=1542271514","If you ever wished you could peek into the tightest spaces now you can!Clogged drain? Engine trouble? It helps to be able to see just where the problem is, which is where this handy endoscopic camera comes in. With an 6-way adjustable LED, this splash-proof, 2 MP resolution camera can slip into the tight or dark spaces your fingers or eyes can't and send a feed right back to any device you're using via WiFi! It's important to diagnose a problem at the source. This camera will help you get there.This new WiFi endoscope camera works with both Android and iOS mobile devices. Just install the easy to use APP, connect via WiFi and you are good to go. This new inspection camera boasts 6 adjustable LED lights giving you full viewing control.Features:2M Pixel High Resolution CMOS Camera (720P)Wireless Wifi Connection, easy to connect and useSmall in size and light weight for portable use6 Led Lights, brightness adjustableIP67 Waterproof Design (splash proof)Compatible with IOS/Android/Windows/Mac SystemsComes with attachable sucker pad to make it easily mountable on the back of your phone or any other place with a flat surfaceWifi box has built-in 800mAh battery, can work for 45 minutes,Supports both photo / stills and video recording on your mobile phoneGrab yours now by clicking the 'Add to cart' button now!     ","","45.99 USD" "49879580699","Waterproof USB Endoscope / Inspection Camera for Android Smartphones","https://supergadget.store/products/waterproof-usb-endoscope-inspection-camera-for-android-smartphones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-178008290_medium.jpg?v=1558972673","** Important: This endoscope only works with smart phones that have android 4.1 or above software installed, it does NOT support iOS / iPhone!Your Android Phone must also support the OTG function and be able to connect to an external camera (almost all recent versions of android support this). You can check if your phone supports OTG here.If you are not sure, please contact us before you buy to ensure that this gadget will work on your phone.** Endoscopes are typically used for looking inside hard to reach places like the human body or by plumbers and other professionals. Now, anyone can buy this useful tool!Applications include: Car repair, precision electronics work, search & rescue, customs detection, construction, plumbing and much more.Just connect it to your smartphone with the micro USB cable, download the free app, and you’re ready to go…With a tiny video camera lens of 7mm (0.27in), don’t be mistaken by its size. This endoscope provides a resolution of 640x480p. And when connected to your computer, displays a whopping 1280x480p!Plus, with six built-in LED lights, this can be used for both night and day. As well as for tight spaces that big flashlights can’t illuminate. This endoscope is 100% waterproof and can stay under 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without breaking!Features:Supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Android 4.0 and up with OTG function (does not support iOS)Waterproof endoscope gives a closer look at what’s hidden to the naked eyeEasy to use and set up by downloading the compatible app 6 Built-in LED lights for a clear picture/recording every time7mm Camera lens with 640*480p resolution (1280*480p on computer)Comes with micro USB to USB cable for hooking up to your computerPackage Includes:1 x USB Endoscope1 x Small Hook1 x Side Addition1 x CD Driver1 x Micro to USB line1 x User ManualTurn your smart phone into a powerful endoscope! Get it now by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above!","","19.95 USD" "72863907867","Transparent Practice Padlock For Wannabe Lockpickers","https://supergadget.store/products/transparent-practice-padlock-for-wannabe-lockpickers","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-516735486_medium.jpg?v=1519749374","Like all skills, it takes practice to get good at one. Even for lock-picking, you’ll have to do it over and over to get better. But there’s only so many locks you can practice on. And what’s worse, you can’t even see what you’re trying to do!This is how most people fail. But luckily for you, if you’re someone who wants to become a world-class lock-picker, there’s no better way to start than what you see here…In this set, what you’ll find are lock-picking tools, a pair of keys, and a practice padlock. This isn’t a normal padlock though. What makes this special is that it’s completely transparent. Allowing you to see the full inner-workings that go into locking, opening, and picking a lock! Can you imagine how much easier and fun it is to learn now?After several successful attempts working at this practice lock, when it comes time for a real one, you’ll almost have see-through vision, and you’ll be able to pop it open with no problem.Features: Comes with lots of various tools, 2 keys, and a practice padlockLock-picking set makes learning how to pick open lock much faster and easierTransparent padlock better teaches users how one actually worksMade of acrylic and alloy, this padlock is durable enough for repeated practicePerfect for beginners wanting to get into this hobbyLock-picking is hard and challenging. But only when you’re trying to pick real locks in the beginning. Get a head start above everyone else by grabbing this set today! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","19.95 USD" "9831801105","Water Saving Shower Head With Purifying Mineral Beads","https://supergadget.store/products/colorful-led-shower-head-with-purifying-anion-mineral-balls","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-458938413_medium.jpg?v=1542270727","Chances are, your shower-head is like everyone else’s — plain grey color, round head, perforated to let streams of water trickle out… Filled inside this shower head handle are dozens of Ionic Filter Beads. What for? To purify and remove chlorine from your tap water, all before it reaches your skin so you can feel refreshed, cleaned, and rejuvenated after every shower!Also, it has improved water-saving performance, meaning you can save up to 35% more water because the water pressure of this shower head is up to 200% better (compared to typical faucet pressure).Features: Ionic mineral beads filter and purify tap water for a cleaner and more refreshing showerImproved water savingBetter water pressure3 different modes: Rainfall, Jetting & MassageEasy installation with no batteries or power supply neededEco-friendly ABS material features a transparent, see-through design and high-density filter that’s removable for easy cleaningThe 8cm diameter connector is compatible with 99% of standard shower hoses on the market.Save water and enjoy a more relaxing, spa-like shower every day. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","17.99 USD" "8821842577","Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter","https://supergadget.store/products/electric-wine-bottle-opener-with-foil-cutter-and-vacuum-stopper","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-146925082_medium.jpg?v=1500650701"," Do you have trouble opening wine bottles? Do you use corkscrews, yet still can’t yank them out? What if you were able to open a bottle simply by pushing a button?Introducing, this (much more) user-friendly electric wine opener…In its sleek, glossy design, this opener can automatically unscrew a cork within 6-8 seconds!Simply place this over the top of a wine bottle, and press the bottom switch to begin. This will activate the corkscrew and start digging until it reaches the bottom. Then it’ll slowly pull the cork up and stop moving once removed. Amazing!And thanks to its transparent ABS plastic cover, you can see all this happen in real-time.To get rid of the cork, simply press the top button and the corkscrew will twist in the other direction to release it.Now, you have a fresh bottle of wine to serve… Cheers!Features:Open wine bottles in a matter of 6-8 secondsTwo button operation — Bottom button unscrews cork and pulls it out, top button releases itFood-grade corkscrew for extra safetyMade of aluminum alloy for comfortable holdingPowered by either rechargeable battery or 4 AA batteries (not included)Don’t get tied up at your party, wedding, or family gathering by struggling to open the wine bottle! Get your electric wine opener today by choosing your color above and clicking the “Add To Cart” button now!","","29.95 USD" "9619597009","Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch with Strap","https://supergadget.store/products/universal-waterproof-phone-pouch-with-strap","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-241346919_medium.jpg?v=1504273030","If you go swimming, diving, rafting, surfing, or do any other water activity, you need this waterproof phone pouch…Chances are, you bring your phone EVERYWHERE. For example, although you know phones break in water, you still bring it and pray that it doesn’t get wet. Or you do the right thing and set it aside, but wish you were able to have it with you.Whichever may be the case for you, here’s how you can solve your problem…Simply slip your phone into this waterproof pouch, clamp the seal on tightly, and that’s it! Made of high-end, pressure-resistant PVC material, your phone will never get wet, even when under water! The best part? You can still use your phone! Sensitive to touch, and transparent in design, you’ll be able to take fun pictures and record cool videos while submerged in water.And if you accidentally drop your phone in the ocean? No worries… This case floats so you never have to go searching underneath.Yes, it's a low tech design, but is just works!Features:1X Waterproof Bag Pouch1X LanyardComes in 8 different colorsUniversal sizing fits any phone up to 6 inches longAble to use your phone to take pictures and video even when inside the transparent caseQuality PVC material ensures pressure-resistance under waterFloats on water for easy finding, in case you drop it The perfect accessory for someone always by the water, who doesn’t want to break their phone. Grab your waterproof phone pouch today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now, and you’ll never have to worry again! ","","9.95 USD" "9761581649","Credit Card Sized Emergency Pocket Lamp","https://supergadget.store/products/hot-design-portable-led-card-pocket-light-bulb-lamp-wallet-light-put-in-purse-wallet-emergency-light-worldwide","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-236388384_medium.jpg?v=1558973732","* Please note: Color will be randomly selected and sent.Better than those long, bulky flashlights that can’t fit in your pocket, and better than those little keychain flashlights that don’t shine bright enough, this light will now be the one you bring with you everywhere you go. Thanks to its thinly constructed build, this lamp easily slides into your purse or pocket, and can even fit comfortably inside your wallet.As small and compact this light is, it’s easy to be fooled by its size… But this light is more powerful than you might think. With a lightbulb built inside its clever design, when turned on, the clear “bulb” illuminates and diffuses just the right amount of light for almost any emergency situation. Soft yet radiant, its glow allows you to see clearly in the dark without blinding your eyes.Just flip the bulb upright to turn it on. And back down, to turn it off. Simple!And the best part?This little light is completely wireless! Plus, batteries are included. So the moment this credit-card sized lamp arrives at your doorstep, it’s ready to use the second you tear it out of its package.Features:• Batteries included — 100% wireless• Battery Type: Button Cell• Voltage: 12V• Credit-card sizing makes for easy carry in your wallet, pocket, and purse• Automatically turns on and off when you flip it up or downNow, if you’re ever in need of a light, you’ll never have to go searching or looking for one again. Because you’ll always know where this one is — in your wallet or purse. Click the “Add To Cart” button now to get yours before it’s too late!Specs:Body Material: ABSUsage: EmergencyLight Source: LED BulbsBattery Type: Button CellCertification: CCCIs Batteries Included: YesVoltage: 12VAre Batteries Required: YesBulb Included: YesPower Source: Dry Battery","","9.95 USD" "54789472283","18X Zoom Telescopic Lens + Tripod For iPhone and Android Smartphones","https://supergadget.store/products/18x-zoom-telescopic-lens-tripod-for-iphone-and-android-smartphones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/image_9_de9f569b-a19f-4021-8773-2084590807f2_medium.png?v=1561094702","Here’s a tough question: how many times have you tried to take a picture of a nice setting with your smartphone, but it never turned out the way you wanted? With your own two eyes, it looks beautiful. But with your camera, it always looks hideous! Even when you try to zoom in, it just looks even worse. Horrible! Smartphones are great when it comes to up-close. But when there’s something in the distance, it’s your worst enemy.Luckily, this telescope tripod solves everything for you, and transforms your phone into a high-quality, picture-taking machine.Coming with everything you need to securely attach your phone to the telescope, you can set this up in minutes. And when finished, what you’ll find is a “secret power” you never knew your phone had…Your camera will now automatically zoom in 18x, and display the magnified picture in a crystal-clear resolution! As you can imagine, when you have this, a beautiful moment is always captured. No matter how far away it is, you’ll always get the picture-perfect shot. Features: Compatible with iPhone and Android phonesTelescope tripod allows your phone to take long-distance, life-like picturesComes with full attachments to safely set up your phone to the telescopeMagnifies everything by 18xPerfect for taking pictures and recording video during games, concerts, traveling, and moreNever miss the perfect picture opportunity again! Grab your telescope tripod today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","49.95 USD" "9880999185","Sound Intone H6 Wireless Earphones","https://supergadget.store/products/sound-intone-h6-wireless-earphones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-358143041_medium.jpg?v=1558975049","Do you love listening to music while you run? Then you know how annoying headphone wires can be... They get caught on things, tangled up, and jiggle around everywhere. Turning your stress-releasing run, into a stress-filled one.Horrible! But with these headphones, you never have to worry about that…Instead of plugging these into your headphone jack, these easily connect to your phone via Bluetooth! What’s more, you can adjust the volume and change songs directly on this device, showing you what it truly means to go wireless.On your next run, try these out! Wear it behind your neck, and place them in your ear. With its soft earbud tips, not only will these headphones stay on the entire time, but they also provide cushioning and maximum comfort. You won’t even remember you’re wearing them! The only thing you’ll experience is the HD sound system! With these, running will never be the same.Features: 5 Colors — Black, Silver, Gold White, Gold Black, Rose GoldWraps behind your neck so it never gets in the wayBuilt-in CVC noise-reduction technology for high quality musicEarbuds provide better stability and comfort Sweat-proof for safely listening to music while running and exercisingSmall and compact for a discreet, yet elegant design when wearing Run free with these earphones! Free from wires AND free from stress. Get your pair today by choosing a color above, and clicking the “Add To Cart” button now!  ","","36.99 USD" "9791288401","Hands-Free Car Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter","https://supergadget.store/products/hands-free-car-wireless-bluetooth-transmitter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-313004647_medium.jpg?v=1500650552","Put the phone down… You’re in the car. You might get caught and have to pay a hefty fine. Or worse, get in an accident because you were holding a phone in one hand while driving recklessly with the other.But what if you get a call that’s an emergency? A call from someone who needs your help at once… Do you just ignore it?No! Not when you get this…This Bluetooth device, when plugged into your car lighter socket, allows you to answer all incoming calls with just a push of a button. You’ll be able to hear them loud and clear on your car speakers, while they hear you by talking into the built-in mic. Simply adjust the frequency of your Bluetooth to match the same as your car’s, and you’re ready to go!But that’s not all… This luxuriously designed instrument also allows you to play music from your phone (with its included AUX cord), directly onto your car’s amazing sound system. And with an additional USB port, you can quickly charge any compatible device!Features:• 1X Bluetooth• 1X 3.5mm Aux Cable• 1X User manual• Easily syncs to your car by matching its FM to the same one on your Bluetooth• Answer calls without having to pick up your phone for safer driving (just push the “Answer” button)• Built-in USB, AUX port, and TF card slot allows you to charge your phone, as well as play music in your car• Powers up by plugging it into your lighter socket• Comes in 3 rich colors (Silver, Black, Gold)Stay safe, while enjoying the convenience and incredible features of this tiny, multi-functional bluetooth gadget, just by choosing your favorite color above and hitting the “Add To Cart” button now! ","","29.95 USD" "9820118225","Mini Flexible USB Cooling Fan with LED Clock","https://supergadget.store/products/mini-flexible-usb-cooling-fan-with-led-clock","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-242891740_medium.jpg?v=1559205895","This fan instantly creates a real-time clock in midair…The next time you use your laptop, simply plug this into the USB port. And it’ll power on right away. Not only to cool you down with its gentle breeze, but to also draw a complete clock to show you the time.How?In one out of the two soft blades, is a built-in led light that glows a bright red and green. The green lights shape the outline of the clock and its numbers. And the red lights form the clock’s three hands — hour, minute, and second.So when powered on, a full clock, telling real time, will appear right before your eyes!And with its long, flexible neck, you can bend and shape the fan however you want for maximum comfort while using your laptop!Features: Mini fan creates a real-time clock with LED lightsCools you off while using your laptopMade of two soft blades to prevent accidental injuriesFlexible neck allows you to position it however you wantPowers on by USB Throw out your digital clocks and real fan. Instead, get this mini one by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to cool yourself (and your laptop) down. ","","19.95 USD" "1347386802253","Samsung Evo Plus microSD / TF Memory Card (32GB+Adapter)","https://supergadget.store/products/samsung-evo-plus-memory-card-8gb-32gb-64gb-128gb-256gb","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-896675596_medium.jpg?v=1555567061","Original Samsung SD Card / Memory Card with adapter & Free shipping!","","19.99 USD" "9196652241","BackGenie Posture Corrector & Back Support Brace","https://supergadget.store/products/aptoco-posture-corrector-brace","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-604426919_medium.jpg?v=1559205525","Do you have bad posture? Are your shoulders rounded from sitting at a desk all day? Is your back always hunched over? Well you’re not alone…Most people have bad posture. And even more don’t know that they do! Studies have shown bad posture to cause back, shoulder, and neck pains, headaches, poor breathing, digestive issues, depression, and much more.Do you have these symptoms? Then here’s your simple solution…The BackGenie support belt comfortably wraps around your torso and fixes your posture almost instantly!Soft, thin, elastic neoprene material makes this cozy to wear, and invisible under your clothing! Simply place your arms through, wrap it around your waist, and tighten the straps until it’s firmly in place. Feel it start to roll your shoulders back, while straightening and aligning your neck and spine back into a natural position. Amazing! Now, not only will you walk around with your chest up and carry yourself around confidently, but you’ll also reduce pain from all over your body!Features:3 Colors — White, Nude, BlackUnisex posture corrector for anyone to useInstantly fixes slouching, rounded shoulders, forward neck, and hunched backsAligns neck and spine in natural position so you can stand, walk, and sit up straight Made of soft, stretchy neoprene, lined with cotton for extra comfort while wearingLightweight and thin material for hiding under clothing and wearing in publicIf you’re suffering from bad posture, don’t wait until it gets even worse! Get your BackGenie today by choosing your color and size above, and by clicking the “Add To Cart” button now!","","25.99 USD" "9809031761","Paracord Survival Wristband (6 tools-in-1)","https://supergadget.store/products/paracord-survival-wristband-12-tools-in-1","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-860286661_medium.jpg?v=1560564674","The less you carry, the better. This is true in most cases, especially for outdoor activities like camping and hiking. You want to carry as little as possible, but still have everything you need. How do you do that? You can start with this single paracord… In this one bracelet is a lot more than you might imagine. Not only is it an obvious parachute cord that can also be used as a rope for climbing, but this contains 5 more tools you’ll need to survive in the wild… all safely wrapped around your wrist! On the bracelet, there’s a compass, flint, serrated blade, and a loud whistle! Can you imagine how easy traveling is when you have this? And how compact and accessible all your tools will be? Features:  6-in-1 Survival wristbandIncludes parachute cord, rope, cutter, compass, flint and a whistleAllows you to travel with fewer tools, and gives easy access to everythingPerfect emergency bracelet for campers, hikers, and in survival situationsStop buying and packing a bunch of different tools for your trip. It’s a waste of money and time! Get this multi-functional wristband for you and your buddies today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","12.99 USD" "9595118993","Anti-Snoring Nose Purifier","https://supergadget.store/products/anti-snore-clean-air-purifying-filter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-567201754_1024x1024_2x_f92514d1-8d72-473c-948c-073c5d009877_medium.jpg?v=1529408732","Snoring is not only a nuisance for your partner, it could actually pose as a real health threat if not treated effectively. This Anti-Snore Nose Clip will help you sleep better, so that you and your partner can wake up more refreshed.Made from silicone, this handy device opens the airways and acts as an air purifier.Features:All natural and effective snore relief deviceGently but effectively opens up nasal passages from within to maximize airflow and hence reduce snoring so you can breathe easilyDesigned according to the natural shape of your nostrils for comfort and fit Stop Snoring - Click the 'Add To Cart' button now to finally get a good nights sleep again.","","11.95 USD" "72902508571","Multi-functional Dashboard Anti-Slip Pad","https://supergadget.store/products/multi-functional-dashboard-anti-slip-pad","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-373852968_medium.jpg?v=1542789440","Picture the inside of your car for a second. What do you see?Chances are, if you’re like most people, you have a bunch of scraps laying around. Whether it be on the floor, cup holder, or on the dashboard, it’s a pure mess! There’s just not enough room to store all your things in an organized fashion.Until now…With this little anti-slip mat, you can turn your car dashboard into a “shelf” to hold all your things. Made of 100% silica gel, not only does this easily stick to the inside of your car, but when you place something on it, you can be rest assured that it won’t move around or slide out.Plus, built onto the edges of this mat are specially designed walls. Made for several different reasons such as keeping things in place and charging your phone.But the best thing about this are the two slit openings on its sides, where you can stick your phone in to stand it up for easy viewing of your phone’s GPS!  Features: Multifunctional anti-slip mat can be placed on the dashboard of any carMade of 100% silica gel for easy installation and operationCan hold your phone, change, keys, sunglasses, cigarettes, and much moreConveniently designed to hold up your phone vertically when using the GPSReusable, easy to use, and easy to wash by rinsing with waterDimensions: 155mm X 100mm X 20mm / 6.1in X 3.0in X 0.8inDon’t leave your car a mess! Grab your mat today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","11.99 USD" "8842537105","10X25 Optical Waterproof Binoculars","https://supergadget.store/products/10x25-hd-all-optical-waterproof-binoculars","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/binoculars_medium.jpg?v=1559210002","You’re in the woods and hear a sound. You look towards where it’s coming from. And you can tell there’s something or someone there, but they’re too far away to get a clear picture…You squint hard, but no luck.And then you remember… You’ve packed a pair of these binoculars in your backpack! With a magnification of 10x, you’re certain it’ll show you what’s making that sound. So you take it out and put them to your eyes. You look through the 25mm objective lens, and slightly adjust the middle and right focus. This is your first time using it, so you’re having a bit of trouble. And you can’t help but notice how great these binoculars feel in your hand because of its rubber, honeycomb-like design and compact size. But enough getting sidetracked… you put these back on and try to get a better picture. Then after a minute or two, you finally get them to work! While looking through its fully multi-coated lens, you clearly see that the sounds from before is coming from a rare, magnificently colored blue bird! And you stand there gazing in amazement…Features:Field of view: 324ft/108mGet a crystal-clear picture of anything up to 5-5000 meters (16-16,000 feet) awaySpecial fully multi-coated lens minimizes light loss for a bright HD view Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, traveling, and touring Never miss a beautiful sight again… Get your pair of binoculars today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","48.99 USD" "9778562257","Portable Multifunctional Cup Holder for any Car","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-multifunctional-cup-holder-for-any-car","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-139401787_medium.jpg?v=1559208824","If your car doesn’t have a cup holder, or only has one or two, you need to get this (or a new car) now!Truth is, most car cup holders stink. They’re just too small. And what’s worse, they get extremely dirty and become a chore to clean. But not this one…This cup holder slips right in between the cracks of your car seat for a space-saving design, and includes two cup holders large enough to even hold that giant cup of coffee you drink each morning. What’s more, there’s also a special place in the center to keep your phone from rolling around everywhere. As well as two holes to hold your pens and keep them at arm’s length. And because this cup holder is removable, it makes cleaning super easy to do.Features:• Sits right in between the side of your seat for easy access and secure holding• Contains 2 large cup holders, 1 phone holder, and 2 pen holders• Made of plastic for easy cleaning• Colored in black to match the interior of any carWhether you have a cup holder or not, this is a great addition when there’s extra drinks in the car (or when you need more storage). Besides, because of its convenient placement, you won’t even know it’s there. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","16.99 USD" "329587949595","K88H Smart Watch For iOS or Android","https://supergadget.store/products/k88h-smart-watch-for-ios-or-android","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-424387471_medium.jpg?v=1559207073","Have you ever seen a smart watch — that didn’t look like a smart watch? Face it, it’s hard to come by. Most smart watches either look like they’re from the future or a kid’s toy. But not this one…This smart watch is simple, technologically advanced, and most important of all, looks almost like your favorite designer watch!Fully functional with many different features, but with a normal yet stunning design that you’ll be proud to wear in public, there’s no doubt you’ll be grabbing this watch over all your others, both for going out and for exercise. With this, not only can you answer phone calls and listen to music, but you can even take pictures and look at messages.What’s more, other than your everyday needs, this watch also serves as a pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, and a professional heart rate monitor! Features: Compatible with iOS and Android systems and connects via Bluetooth 4.0Smart watch with a lovely design so you can wear it in any setting and still look fashionableAllows you to take pictures, listen to music, look at messages, and take callsFeatures a heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor, alarm, stopwatch, and moreIP54 Waterproof rating allows this to be safely worn in rainy weatherMade of quality stainless steel and a durable metal case, this watch will withstand wear and tear like no other. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!Specs:Function: Answer Call, Date & Time, Message Reminder, Sleep Tracker, Heart Rate Tracker, Call Reminder, Calendar, Dial Call, Alarm Clock, Push Message, Passometer, Fitness TrackerLanguage: English, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish, German, Spanish, Polish, PortugueseBattery Capacity: 300-450mAhResolution: 240x240Multiple Dials: YesGPS: NoWaterproof Grade: Life WaterproofCompatibility: iOS & AndroidAPP Download Available: NoROM: 128mbBattery Detachable: NoBand Detachable: YesMovement Type: ElectronicScreen Shape: RoundCase Material: AlloyScreen Size: 1.2''     ","","99.95 USD" "8831283089","Stop-Snoring Solution Mouthpiece / Mouth Guard","https://supergadget.store/products/anti-snoring-apnea-bruxism-mouthpiece","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-285552603_medium.jpg?v=1559213358","The first choice for many snorers – and arguably the most successful category on the market today – is the mouthpiece.They are an established technology, have little to no negative side effects, and some are even put through their paces via clinical trials before release.Mouthpieces are one of the most established and proven devices around. Doctors, dentists, and developers alike have had a lot of time to get any kinks worked out, which can only be a good thing for us, the consumer.Stop Snoring Solution was created to help you get your life back! You probably don’t realize the toll that snoring is taking on both you and your loved ones, but after a few days of using this device you’ll notice what you have been missing for so long…Wake up refreshed and revitalizedWorks for women and men!Small, flexible and low profileIncrease your energy through proper sleepEnjoy the health benefits of quality sleepNo more sleepless nights!Stop Snoring Solution addresses the problem of snoring by comfortably stabilizing the jaw and bringing it forward. By preventing the jaw from falling back, Stop Snoring Solution opens up the airway in the back of the throat and allows air to pass through freely without creating the harsh vibration, hence alleviating the annoying snoring noise.This small and surprisingly soft mouthpiece was designed by a dentist and has demonstrated both safety and effectiveness. It is designed to be comfortable, easy to use, and enables freedom of jaw movement so you can sleep with your mouth open or closed.","","15.95 USD" "641354694683","Digital Microscope Camera With 1600X Zoom","https://supergadget.store/products/digital-microscope-camera-with-1000x-zoom","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-560631905_medium.jpg?v=1542270053","Discover the Microcosmos with this incredible digital microscope. Easily connect this microscope camera to your computer and marvel as you can see the smallest of details, in high resolution, directly on your computer screen. ","","36.95 USD" "8849422801","3-in-1 Avocado Slicer Kitchen Gadget","https://supergadget.store/products/3-in-1-avocado-slicer-kitchen-gadget","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-156334270_medium.jpg?v=1559213892","Splits, pits, slices and scoops, for safe and mess-free prepThe plastic blade smoothly cuts through avocado skin and fruit, yet isn't sharp to the touch. The pitting tool quickly removes pits with a simple twist. The fan blade cuts fruit into perfect slices and scoops them out for serving.Perfect Avocado Every TimeWe consistently address even the tiniest of pet peeves, because we know it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. We tested more than 700 different shaped and sized avocados to create a Slicer that splits, pits, slices, and scoops safely and effectively – lucky for us, avocados have the good fat!Step 1: SliceThe plastic blade easily cuts through the skin and fruit of the avocado, without being sharp to the touch.Step 2: PitThe pitting tool allows you to quickly remove the pit with a simple twist – no more dangerous stabbing or losing fruit while digging it out with a knife or spoon.Step 3: ScoopScoop out the rest of this delicious fruit into perfect slices with the simple and efficient fan blade.","","9.95 USD" "9819998801","Cooling Pad - Natural Relief from Hot Flushes & Night Sweats","https://supergadget.store/products/cooling-pad-natural-relief-from-hot-flashes-night-sweats","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-179183849_medium.jpg?v=1559213634","Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you suffer from hot flushes, night sweats, headaches, fevers or muscle aches? If you hate a warm pillow and find yourself flipping it over throughout the night, here’s your solution…This cooling pad can turn any regular pillow into a nice, chilly one that keeps you from twisting and turning.It continuously circulates water to absorb and release body heat.Once activated, the cooling pad will stay cooler than your own body temperature, providing cooling, soothing comfort.No batteries or electricity required! This cooling mat is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and latex free.Super easy to use, once you get your cooling pad, all you have to do is fill it with water (cold water of course). Then close the cap, and slip the entire thing under your pillowcase with your pillow in it. Or, if you feel that’s still too warm for you, you can simply use this like any other pillow — by itself.Now, rest your head down on it. It might be a bit cold at first. But just give it a few seconds, and it’ll automatically adjust to your desired temperature — a temperature chilly enough to easily put you to sleep, while also providing a soft water cushion.And don’t worry… Because it’s made of a strong flocked cloth and quality PVC, this won’t break or leak in the middle of the night!Features: Cooling pad makes any pillow stay cool all night longHelps put you to sleep and prevent waking up in the middle of the nightQuick and easy to use with just cold waterMade of high quality flocked cloth and PVC to prevent breakage or leakageSleep with it in addition to your pillow, or even by itself  Dimension: 29.5 x 53 cmStop torturing yourself with a warm pillow each night. And grab this cooling mat for a good night’s sleep like you’ve never had before! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now to get yours!","","13.99 USD" "1450895867981","10 Different Lenses For Smartphone Photography Enthusiasts","https://supergadget.store/products/apexel-10-in-1-phone-camera-lens-kit","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-430282811_medium.jpg?v=1559221161","If your'e a photography enthusiast, then this is the product for you! Are you tired of all those unfriendly and tiring photo editing apps and softwares? Or are you looking to give your smartphone camera a serious upgrade? With this amazing phone camera lens kit, ordinary pictures will turn into pieces of art in an instant! Enjoy the high quality technical image effect, no matter the occasion. Whether out traveling, partying or just hanging out with friends.The kit includes the following 10 lenses: 0.63 x widening lens, a 15 x macro lens, 2 x telephoto lenses, a 198° fisheye lens, a kaleidoscope lens, a CPL filter, a flow filter, a radial filter and a star filter. Features: Made of durable aluminum and highest quality optical glassEasy to usePortable and easily detachable universal clipCompatible with iPhone 8, 7, 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S7 Edge, iPad and others (Please note: The kit is not suitable for phones with a dual lens, such as iPhone 7/8 plus) Start capturing shots with amazing clarity, effects and detail. No more vignetting, no more blurring or breaking! This lens kit can also be an amazing gift for any mobile photographer out there, so get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","49.99 USD" "50008096795","Identity Theft Protection Stamp (Handier Than Bulky Shredders)","https://supergadget.store/products/identity-theft-protection-stamp","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-501472654_medium.jpg?v=1559215208","Have you ever had your identity stolen? Sometimes it’s because you accidentally dropped your ID. But often, it’s from someone finding thrown out papers of yours that contained important information.That’s why we have shredders, but they can get quite expensive and often annoyingly get stuck. A better (and way cheaper) solution is this Identity Theft Protection Stamp.These roller ink stamps can hide all personal information found on bank statements, letters, credit card bills, and more. The secret is in its special encrypted text, and oil based ink.So the next time you have a paper that needs shredding, take this out instead. All you have to do is press the button on top to expose the ink. Then, like a highlighter, press the stamp down and roll it over the text.And what you’ll find is, not only is the text hidden on the front, but the oil based ink is able to penetrate through and hide the back as well. Protecting your identity from never being stolen!Features:Instantly protect your identity on personal papersEncrypted text and oil based ink works on both glossy and non-glossy paperStrong enough to hide text on both sides with one strokeWide 1.25in (3.2cm) stamp mouth for covering more areaComes ready to use with a plastic case to protect the exposed inkNo need to waste your money on bulky paper shredders that always get stuck. Using this roller stamp will guarantee your ID is 100% protected. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","19.95 USD" "1346987458637","Wire-Free Outdoor Security Camera (Solar Powered)","https://supergadget.store/products/outdoor-weatherproof-security-camera-wire-free-1080p-full-hd","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/HTB1Pwwtcoz.BuNjt_bXq6AQmpXaH_medium.jpg?v=1559215110","If you need an outdoor (or indoor) security camera and want to spare yourself the hassle of having to set it up that usually comes with it, look no further! For monitoring an area without a power outlet, a battery-powered wireless security camera is definitely the only choice... ","","149.99 USD" "3567258468429","10 x Super Strong Reusable Gel Pads","https://supergadget.store/products/5pcs-ultra-sticky-adhesive-pad-pvc-reusable-gripping-furniture-pads-rug-carpet-mat-non-slip-anti-skid-reusable-silicone-gripeez","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_e9204b5d-7a5c-4d19-9752-f3a1fffe83b0_medium.jpg?v=1558950740","Save your walls from screws and unsightly adhesive marks with these ultra sticky, clear adhesive pads!They're double-sided and will let you stick anything to anywhere in seconds. From memo pads on the fridge, to phones on the dashboard, or to simply keep your rug in place, the possibilities are endless!Unlike your usual hooks and adhesive pads, this set won't cause surface damage nor leave any residues. It secures anything that weighs up to 5 lbs in three easy steps. Just peel off the backing, stick to the surface, put the object in place, and that's it!Don't like how it looks? Just remove and reposition without worry! It comes off easily and won't leave a mess behind.  The best part? You can wash and reuse these pads for up to 1,000 times!Features:Includes 10 reusable adhesive padsWorks on any kinds of surfaces from wood to glass, metal, and tilesDouble sided adhesive padsOffers a strong grip to keep objects securely in place yet removes easily without residue or damageWashable and reusable up to 1,000 timesAble to hold objects weighing up to 5 poundsExtremely versatile, ideal for gadgets, tools, decors, bath accessories, rugs, remote controls, hanging picture frames, and moreClick the "Add to Cart" button above and keep things organized while keeping your walls and other surfaces in pristine condition!","","19.99 USD" "8842502481","Car Scratch Repair Pen For Any Car Color","https://supergadget.store/products/car-scratch-repair-fix-pen","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-244186446_medium.jpg?v=1519820801","Don't you just hate it when you have a tiny annoying little scratch on your car? Now you'll have to drive over to the garage and fork over a lot of hard cash just to have this tiny imperfection fixed. Not anymore!With this car scratch repair pen you can just fix it yourself easily. It works on any car, in any color. Features:Unique design for easy car scratch repair jobs, to make your car paint shine again.Non-toxic, permanent, odorless and water resistant.Specs:Material: PUCSize: 11.5 x 2cmPackage Includes:1 x Car Scratch Repair Pen ","","9.95 USD" "1371499593805","Realistic 3D Moon Lamp (USB Charging)","https://supergadget.store/products/3d-usb-charging-moon-lamp","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/Screen_Shot_2018-07-03_at_12.50.51_PM_medium.png?v=1559318625","Did you ever dream of touching the moon? Well, with this lamp, the moon has never been closer and it surely is out of this world! The warm and subtle light emitted by this lamp will give you a relaxing ambiance and create a magical and romantic environment in every room. The lamp was designed according to NASA satellite images to accurately  reproduce the moon’s surface, texture spots and craters, done so with the help of 3D printing technology.So, if you wish to create an enchanting setting, indulge yourself with the soothing glow of our photorealistic moonlight.Features:3D printed with eco-friendly materialsTouch to change color and adjust brightnessLong press to enable the dim functionIncludes rechargeable battery and USB charging (cable without adapter)Available in 8 sizes (choose yours in the drop down menu above)Wooden BaseYou can bring down the moon for your loved one with this super realistic moon lamp!   Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","19.95 USD" "1383436582989","3-in-1 Digital Universal Tape Measure","https://supergadget.store/products/3-in-1-digital-universal-tape-measure","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-633920446_medium.jpg?v=1559216951","How frustrating is it to measure something over and over again and still not be 100% certain that you did it right? Or did you ever struggle to keep that flimsy metal tape at it's designated spot and it would snap back at you? Worry not, we have THE solution for every measuring need. The 3-in-1 tape measure can measure all and any surface! This tape is the new and innovative way to measure faster, easier, and more effectively! 3 different modes will help you get the most accurate results: Roll Mode helps you measure curved surfaces or irregular shaped objects, the Flex Cord easily and accurately measures around objects, and for long and hard to reach areas there is Laser Mode, just point the laser and measure the distance instantly.You don’t have to be an expert contractor to get the best results anymore, this tape does all the work for you!Features: 3 different measuring modes for the most accurate resultsEasy to read LED displayAccurate to 1/100th of an inchSonic measurement guide gives precise measurementsMade of heavy duty and durable construction grade material to handle any projectDon’t second guess your measurements anymore, get your digital tape measure today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","29.95 USD" "8782769553","Super User Friendly Garlic / Ginger Grater","https://supergadget.store/products/multi-functional-vegetable-grater-slicer","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-78471704_medium.jpg?v=1500651780","This is a garlic grater with a removable hands-protecting cover. The cover can be installed to protect your hands when grinding small food items like garlic and removed to grind larger food. Its small size and light weight make it easy to store and use.Features:Removable cover to protect your hands, multi-functional and safeSmall size and light weightSharp stainless steel grind board, easy to grate.Specs:Color: Rose Red & Green Material: Plastic & stainless steelItem size: 13.9 * 4.4 cm","","6.95 USD" "8812825105","Retro Telephone Handset (Radiation-proof)","https://supergadget.store/products/retro-telephone-handset-radiation-proof","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-20353904_grande_57a9b496-3f58-41de-afc8-7035718c2025_medium.jpg?v=1542270231","As cellphones have become our primary means of communication, the old fashioned hardwired phones and handsets are slowly being faded out. In a lot of homes, there isn't even a hardwired phone installed any more. But who really wants to have their cellphone microwaving their brain cells?The solution: This handy retro handset, which you can easily plug into your cellphone to avoid any radiation going near your head.This handset has and answer / hang-up button that will work with most cellphones, and is super easy to use. Just plug it in and talk, your phone can rest on your desk or in your pocket. Features:Noise Reduction System & improved comfortAllows access to phone functions while making calls.Eliminates over 96% of absorbed phone radiationTurns your tablet computer into a telephone via skype or VOIP applicationsComes with a 3.5mm plug that fits most mobile phonesGo radiation free by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button above now!","","14.95 USD" "9599916753","Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit","https://supergadget.store/products/electric-paper-plane-airplane-conversion-kit","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-350095973_medium.jpg?v=1559219553","This Electric Paper Airplane Conversion Kit is designed to turn your self-made paper plane into a lean, mean flying machine!This super light-weight, rechargeable electric airplane motor will take your designs to a whole new level! Simply fold a standard piece of copier paper into a design of your choice, clip on the electric conversion kit, and you're ready to take flight!The smart module that attaches to the nose of the paper plane is made from a highly durable carbon fiber composite in order to withstand the occasional rough landing. That being said, it is best to fly your plane in a grassy field. Prior to take off, dock the motor in the front of the battery pack and the propeller will spin to life. When the prop reaches its highest pitch, give the aircraft a gentle toss and watch it take to the skies!It's perfect for science class, after school programs, or a sunny day in the park!","","16.99 USD" "9811818449","Backpack With Anti-theft Pockets","https://supergadget.store/products/waterproof-backpack-with-anti-theft-pocket","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-499253621_medium.jpg?v=1559219254","To you, a crowded area is a burden. But to a pickpocket, it’s a playground… And you need to safely guard your belongings from them. Or else, you might notice that your phone’s gone the second after you used it.Luckily, this multi-functional, anti-theft backpack has got you covered!It might look like any normal bag, but that’s the point — so thieves can’t find the hidden pocket! With a quick glance, nobody can. And when you’re wearing it, no one can open it either. Why?Because this hidden pocket is on the back side of the bag. So instead of the zipper being exposed, it’s hiding close to your body. Making it nearly impossible to open without having to take the backpack off first. Amazing!Specially designed with the commuter/student in mind, this bag contains an external USB charging hole. As well as ample space for storing your laptop, tablet, books, clothes, and other valuable items — all inside a cushioned foam, protected with waterproof, cut-proof, nylon fabric. Features: Various colors (black & gray)Anti-theft backpack with a hidden compartment on the backsideMade of quality splashproof nylon fabricSeveral zippered compartments for laptops, books, tablets, clothes, and moreComes with USB interface and an external charging hole to charge your phone on the move (power bank not included!)Protect your valuables from those who are up to no good! And keep them in good condition by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to get your anti-theft backpack!  ","","77.95 USD" "9808733137","Mini Bluetooth Speaker","https://supergadget.store/products/nby-18-mini-bluetooth-speaker","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-610391196_medium.jpg?v=1559220010","Get your party started! Call up your friends. Bring them over. Grab some snacks. And power on this bluetooth speaker for a sound system like you’ve never heard before. This smooth, glossy speaker might be small, but just wait until you hear what this thing can do… Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth, USB, or with the included AUX cable, play a song, and turn the volume up. With an HD stereo sound, music fills the entire room and immerses everyone in a never before felt 3-D audio experience. And with an incredible battery capacity of 1200mAh, this speaker won’t stop playing for hours, lasting you the entire party without anyone ever complaining about the music stopping! Then if you want to take the party outside, that’s doable too. Only 7.5 inches long, this can be easily carried in and out!Features: Incredible HD stereo system plays high quality, natural sounding musicConnects to your phone via Bluetooth, USB, or AUX cableEasily change the song or volume with the built-in control buttonsAble to answer phone calls with its built-in noise-cancelling microphone Up to 10 hours playtimeIf you want to throw the best party ever, or enjoy your favorite songs alone, this is the speaker for you. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","39.99 USD" "61970939931","Powerful Red / Green / Blue Laser Pointer","https://supergadget.store/products/powerful-red-green-laser-pointer","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-573457647_medium.jpg?v=1559220472","Laser pointers do a lot of things. Whether it be for presentations, pointing things out in the distance, or even playing with a cat. Unlike most, this isn’t weak. It doesn’t just shine and point a few feet away. In fact, it’s so powerful that it’s recommended not to point this near anyone because you can actually damage their eyes. Features: High quality metal alloy casing, strong and durablePowered by two AAA batteries (not included)Power saving & lightweight, easily portable Perfect for practical uses like presentations, and tactical uses when outdoorsStay away from poor laser pointers! Those are for cats. Get yourself this high-quality one instead by choosing your color (red, green or blue) and clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to experience what they can really do.Warning: Do NOT point this laser at people or animals. There is danger of physical harm if the beam goes near the eyes. Keep away from children! ","","14.95 USD" "3588522246221","LED Lamp Mosquito Killer","https://supergadget.store/products/electric-mosquito-killer-led-lamps-fly-mosquito-trap-light-anti-mosquito-insect-repellent-killer-pest-control-insect-repeller","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/trap-mosquito-mosquito-trap-indoor-mosquito-trap-best-mosquito-trap-mosquito-traps-that-work-mosquitoes-trap-light-mosquito-trap-homemade-youtube_medium.jpg?v=1560165693","You know what else is a summer BBQ staple other than hamburgers and coleslaw? A swarm of mosquitoes and the red, itchy welts on your skin. Yikes!If you hate the slick, greasy feel of mosquito repellents, the horrendous smell of insect sprays, and the potentially toxic mosquito coils, then this one is for you! How exactly can this keep those suckers at bay, you ask? Featuring a UV-illuminated 360° circular trap, the light attracts those pesky bugs and sucks 'em into a flytrap below to die from dehydration! No irritating noises, no radiation, non-toxic, and chemical free. If you're looking for an insect repellent that's safe for everyone in the family including pregnant women, children, elderly, and even your four-legged friends, well, you found it!Features:Six UV light bulbs emit 368nm wavelength - attracts the insects while the photocatalysis cyclone traps and kills through dehydrationCompact and conveniently powered by USB so it's perfect for use both indoor and outdoorFaint LED light will not cause glare and affect your sleep, can function as a night light in the eveningOperates at a whisper-like 35 decibel level to avoid disrupting you or your kid's sleep Easy cleaning and disposal of dead bugs through a removable tray at the bottomEnergy efficientNo radiation, non-toxic, chemical-freePackage includes:1 x LED Lamp Mosquito Killer1 x USB interface cableSpecs: Dimension: 21.5 cm x 12cm / 8.46" x 4.72"Rated Voltage: DC5VRated Power: 5WPower Cable Length: 42.5 inchesDon't let the mozzies ruin your outdoor fun, click the "Add to Cart" button now! This mosquito trap can be powered via an external power bank with its USB cable. Bundle this item with our Vinsic terminator powerbank to get  20% off!No plug included (USB cable plugs into any phone charger).","","29.99 USD" "179305578523","1080P Surveillance Camera With Night Vision","https://supergadget.store/products/1080p-surveillance-camera-with-night-vision","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-446258203_medium.jpg?v=1559220676","Imagine this. What if you could keep an eye inside your house at all times? Even when you’re miles away and when no one’s home? Well you can, but this surveillance camera is nothing like most. And now, you get to experience how incredible this little thing really is…When connected to your phone via their app, you’ll have a crystal-clear 1080p HD vision from the point-of-view of your brand new camera. Set it anywhere you want. Your desk, wall, or even your ceiling. It doesn’t matter.Because with this camera, you can directly control where you want it to look at. Simply go to the app, and you’ll have a full 355º horizontal and 110º vertical view, just with the scroll of your finger! Think of this camera as your third eye that never leaves the house. Not only does it move like a real one, but it can also see in the night!Features:Wireless surveillance camera supports iPhone, Android, and Windows1080p sensor and built-in night vision give you clear video all day and night355º horizontal panning and 110º vertical tilt for a complete view around your room2-way audio allows you to hear and speak to your family at homeCamera detects motion and automatically snaps a picture, while alarming your phoneCan support 64G micro SD card for recording video (not included!)Easy installation and setup with included bracket and free app (YYP2P)Protect your house! This one mini camera does it all with its built-in advanced technologies. Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","79.99 USD" "48377430043","Children's Smart Watch With Built-in GPS Tracker","https://supergadget.store/products/childrens-smart-watch-with-built-in-gps-tracker","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-925273539_medium.jpg?v=1561140227","Are you ever worried about where your child is after you dropped them off at school? Or at a friend’s house? Does your kid tend to wander off without telling you? Here’s an easy solution (that kids love too)… It’s a smart watch. But not just any ordinary one. This is jam-packed with multiple features that guarantee you know where your child is at all times. With its fun and protective design, just have them wear it, download the free app, connect it to your phone, and you can get instant access to all its different functions.These include GPS and LBS tracking, calls to customized contact list, emergency SOS button, electronic fencing, and anti-lost alarm button in case you or your child misplace it. “But can’t they just take the watch off?” Yes. But if they do, the built-in optical sensors underneath the watch will automatically go off and send an alert to your phone. Amazing! Features:6 Colors — Black, Green, Navy Blue, Pink, Blue, WhiteCompatible with Android and iOS phonesA smart watch that parents need, and that kids love to wearMultiple safety features such as location tracking, calls, SOS calling, 500 meter electronic fencing, history route, and anti-drop sensorsAlso includes a sleep monitor, pedometer, anti-lost alarm, and energy-saving settingEasily installed by downloading the app on your phone and connecting via BluetoothWhether you’re just a concerned parent, or you have an overly adventurous child who likes to wander off every now and again, this smart watch will always be there for the both of you. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","39.95 USD" "9771586257","Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Pad","https://supergadget.store/products/fast-wireless-mobile-phone-charging-pad","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-633818853_medium.jpg?v=1559316288","Have you ever found yourself hunting for an outlet to charge your phone? But find that they’re all taken up by other people charging their phone too? Leaving you stranded with nothing to do but slowly watch your battery fade to zero?Well, with this charging pad, you’ll never need to use an outlet again! Just one simple USB port and you can power up your phone without having to plug in any wires.Yes! This charging pad replenishes your phone simply by placing it on its dock. And has a wide-range of compatibility so almost anyone can take advantage of this extraordinary technology. Able to hold your phone upright, this charger ensures your phone doesn’t slip off or break, while also giving you a better view of your screen.Features:Charge your phone without having to plug anything in, just place your phone on top of the padPowered by one USB portCompatible with suitable Android devices & iPhoneShort-circuit protection of the receiver to avoid overcharge & overheating, secure and reliableNon-slip silicone for extra stabilityIt’s not always possible to keep your phone alive when you need a power outlet to save it. Get this wireless charging pad today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above for a cooler, better way to bring your battery back to life.Important: Please make sure that your phone is QI Wireless compatible with this charger before adding to the cart. If you are not sure, please contact us beforehand.  ","","19.95 USD" "477132095515","Washable Multi-purpose Sticky Gel Pads","https://supergadget.store/products/washable-multi-purpose-sticky-gel-pads","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-524055626_medium.jpg?v=1543480888","Stick anything to anywhere with this pair of multi purpose sticky gel pads. Especially suitable for mounting mobile phones to the wall, car surface or for watching movies, but suits many other purposes such as sticking glasses to surfaces so they don't get lost (e.g. in the car), mounting pens, cables, small plant pots and much more.Material: SiliconeMagnetic: Nobone sticker size: 13.5*5.5*0.35cmStripe sticker size: 15*3*0.5cmFeatures: washable stickers without glueSize: 15cm x 12cm x 3cm (5.91in x 4.72in x 1.18in)Package Weight: 0.07kg (0.15lb.)","","15.95 USD" "596930756635","Full Face Snorkeling Mask","https://supergadget.store/products/full-face-snorkeling-mask","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-683553809_medium.jpg?v=1559222489","Why limit your field of vision with old style swimming goggles?This newly designed full face snorkeling mask offers a much more complete field of vision, as well as an improved anti-fog and breathing tube mechanism. Features:180° field of vision. Arc-shaped surface for wider vision without blind spotsAnti-fog ventilating channel reduces foggingLeak-free breathing via quick water stop and filtering systemBuilt-in mount for Action-Cams ","","49.95 USD" "8889009233","Fix A Zipper","https://supergadget.store/products/6-x-broken-zipper-fixers","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-216550177_medium.jpg?v=1559319511","DURABLE & PRACTICAL – Works on most common zipper mishaps including split zipper tracks, broken sliders and up to 3 missing teeth. It fits for jeans, skirts, golf duffle bags, sleeping bags, purses, jackets, suitcases, tents, etc.MODERN DESIGN – Can be started in the middle of a zipper, zips forward and backwards. Easy to install. No tools required.SAFE MATERIALS – Made of nylon plastic and stainless Steel. BPA free and free from any other harmful and toxic chemicals.Instructions: 1. Select the Zipper size to fit the job at hand. 2. Position it centrally onto the zipper to be replaced. 3. Clip unit onto zipper teeth and snap closed, then simply drag the Zipper to open or close it.","","10.95 USD" "9765359121","Blue LED Digital Alarm Clock with Message Board & 4 Port USB Hub","https://supergadget.store/products/blue-led-digital-alarm-clock-with-message-board-4-port-usb-hub","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-90803700_medium.jpg?v=1559316624","Do you have to get up early in the morning? Do you always forget things? And do you need more USB ports in the house? Now, these questions might not seem related, but you’re about to discover how they are…This alarm clock isn’t your average time-tracking, loud music-playing machine. Although it’ll still wake you up at 6AM each morning, you won’t be angrily slapping the snooze button on this one. Why?For four reasons…First, it doesn’t have an easily accessible “Snooze” button. The snooze is on the back. But this ensures you get up on time each morning, instead of rushing out the door, late as usual.Second, this alarm clock has a fluorescent LED screen you can draw and write on! Perfect for those boring late nights where you struggle to sleep, just start drawing on this panel to quickly ease your pain and stress. Or leave a message for yourself, or for your family to see later. Then, switch on the backlight to illuminate what’s on the board.Thirdly, it comes with 4 USB ports! Making this the best alarm clock by your bedside to plug in and charge all your electronics. And of course, it automatically displays time, date, and temperature.Features:• Alarm clock has a square message board for leaving cute notes and drawings • Blue backlight illuminates what’s on the board when turned on• Displays time, date, and temperature• Conveniently supplies you with 4 USB charging ports on the back• Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)Package includes:1 x Alarm clock1 x PenRegular alarm clocks are a thing of the past. Not only does this one do everything your average clock does (and more), it serves as a nice display piece in any room. Get yours today by hitting the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","29.95 USD" "9820006673","Bicycle Handlebar Phone Holder","https://supergadget.store/products/bicycle-handlebar-phone-holder","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-224903797_medium.jpg?v=1559222894","If you travel everywhere on your bike, you’ll need to use your phone often. Whether to make an important call while riding, to use its GPS, or whatever else. But using a phone while riding is dangerous. It’s like driving and texting. And besides, you don’t want to drop and break your phone right?Of course not! That’s why this superb phone holder was created for you…Easily grip this to your bike’s handlebar, and clamp your phone in between the two claws. Perfect! Now, if you think this won’t hold up, give it a few whips to see if your phone falls out. And you’ll be shocked every time when it doesn’t!This phone holder also contains a 360º swivel head which allows you to position your phone in any way that gives you the best view.Features: Phone holder grips onto any handlebar size between 15-30mm (bicycle or motorbike)Compatible with phones that are as big as 6.3 inchesTwo-prong clamps + silicone support band ensure your phone won’t fall out (even during a bumpy ride)Installs onto your handlebar with its included screw for maximum safetyRide safer without having to look down at your phone or drive with one hand  Don’t take the risk of hurting yourself (or your phone) during a bike ride, especially when you can get this small phone mount today! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now to get yours!","","12.95 USD" "9791157713","2G Car GPS Tracker (Magnet+Waterproof)","https://supergadget.store/products/ultimate-car-gps-tracker-waterproof-magnet-standby-90-days","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-217122051_medium.jpg?v=1559224721","* Please note this item works on 2G networks only (does not work in Australia & Singapore!)Do you let your spouse or kids drive your car? Are you ever worried or curious about where they take it? Then this GPS tracker will show you everything you need to know (and more)…Only 3.5 inches in length and weighing just 6 ounces, once magnetically attached to any car, this little tracker can show you real-time location, movement, and history routes. You can even set up a geofence and be notified when your vehicle goes outside of a specific area. But this isn’t only useful for tracking a car…With its compact size, this is also perfect for safely placing in your child’s backpack to make sure they get back from school safely. As well as for an ill parent to keep in their pocket or belt so they don’t wander too far away from their home.This is all possible by easily creating a personal account on their mobile app (TKSTAR GPS) through your phone, or by visiting their website (www.mytkstar.net) on your computer! After you order and receive your tracker, there’ll be an IMEI number on the back of the cover for you to use and log in with the password. Features:Small size makes this perfect for tracking all types of vehicles, as well as people or valuablesGeofence feature notifies you whenever the tracker leaves your restricted areaTrack the history route of your device up to 6 months agoApp is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play StoreBuilt-in 3.7V 5000mAh Li-ion battery, standby time of up to 90 daysHistorical route playback on Google mapSo if you have someone (maybe a sneaky spouse or a bratty teenager), or something (your car or a valuable item) that you need to watch out for, get your tracker today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","69.95 USD" "121584451611","High Pressure Water Nozzle","https://supergadget.store/products/high-pressure-water-nozzle","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-802175712_medium.jpg?v=1558343828","A garden hose is just that — for your garden. If you want to use it for anything else, it’s nearly useless, or at least ineffective. This doesn’t have to be the case though…Garden hoses can be a lot more than just for watering plants and flowers. And all you need to do to transform it into a multi-functional hose is screw on this high pressure nozzle. Just twist it onto your garden hose, and instantly, water will start shooting out in a powerful jet stream! And the best thing is, this doesn’t require gas or electricity to operate — just this specially designed nozzle.Now, you can do many different things with your hose besides just using it for your garden.With this on, you can blast out dirt and mold in between your concrete floors, wash your car without having to do much scrubbing, and clean hard-to-reach spots like under the deck or patio, or even high up on your house!The possibilities are endless. And the best thing is, all you have to do is point and aim!Features: Turn your garden hose into a powerful jet stream of waterEasily wash floors, cars and other vehicles, and outside around your houseSimple handle switch for powering it on and offComes with two nozzle heads — straight or widespread streamMade of durable aluminum alloy, copper, and thermoplastic rubberLength: 46.5cm (18.3in)Make the most out of your garden hose by attaching this high pressure nozzle to it! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now to get yours today!","","28.99 USD" "9707449745","Wireless Wifi Range Extender","https://supergadget.store/products/wireless-n-wifi-range-extender","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-734191203_medium.jpg?v=1559317408","Does your WiFi cover a small area? Is one room slower than the other? Is there a spot in your house where you can’t get WiFi at all? Annoying isn’t it? Well, not when you have this…This WiFi repeater is like having a second router in your home!Easily installed with its adapter, you can boost the range of your existing WiFi by simply plugging this into an outlet. And with a 2.4G WiFi transmission rate, you can even cover the hard-to-reach areas.Whether it’s your garage, backyard, basement, or a room at the far end of your house, you’ll always have a strong connection and fast internet speed! With a built-in LAN port and included cable, not only is this compatible with mobile devices, but it also works with wired ones too, such as smart TVs and game consoles.Features: 4 Types of adapters — US, UK, EU, AUComes with user manual for step-by-step instructionExtend your WiFi connection to reach all areas of your homeBoosts your network’s range and speed of up to 300mpbsPlugs into an outlet for a space-saving and discreet designIncludes LAN cable for connecting to wired devicesWorks with any standard routerSave data and stay connected with this WiFi repeater! And experience what it truly means to be mobile, as you move throughout your home with a consistent and strong signal. Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","24.95 USD" "9828610065","Quick Laundry Folder","https://supergadget.store/products/quick-laundry-clothes-folder","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-388789662_medium.jpg?v=1559317159","If you’re still folding clothes with your own two hands, you’re doing it all wrong. That way takes too much time and effort. But what if you could perfectly fold a shirt or pants in just 2 seconds?Think about how much time you’ll save… And with this clothes folder, you can do just that in three steps! Designed with three flaps — left, right, and bottom — all you need to do is lay a piece of clothing on top, and flip over each one. And as a result, you’ll have a neatly folded shirt without doing any of the hard work! With this, you don’t have to worry about aligning the edges of a shirt together… You don’t have to worry about wrinkles or creases… Or anything else for that matter, except placing your clothes in the middle of this tool. This is perfect for when you have a pile of laundry that needs folding. Just take out this folder and you’ll breeze right through it, faster than you ever could before.Features: Perfectly folds clothes in a matter of secondsLeaves shirts, pants, towels, wrinkle-free every timeEasy to use by simply flipping over 3 flapsSaves you time and effort from having to fold clothes the regular wayMade of 100% plastic and folds up for storageNever waste your time folding clothes again! Make this chore a piece of cake by getting your clothes folder today. Just choose your favorite color above and click the “Add To Cart” button now!","","19.95 USD" "641215692827","Adjustable Laptop / Computer Stand","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-standing-desk-for-laptops","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/s-l640_medium.jpg?v=1559318983","Using a laptop can be uncomfortable on your back, especially when you sit hunched and slumped. But we all know you cannot work on a laptop while you stand. Until now that is...With this portable standing desk you can easily adjust the height to suit you while you stand up every once in a while.Sitting for hours hunched over your computer is terrible for your health, especially your back and spine. Normal standing desks cost hundreds of Dollars, but this portable one does the job and costs only a fraction of that.   Features:Fold-able & compact - perfect for travel or easy storing in your home or officeErgonomic sleek design is perfect for use on your bed, sofa, or the neighborhood cafeMade of highly durable ABS plastic and aluminiumEasily adjust angles and heightTwo black non-slip clips prevent the laptop from sliding offBuilt-in ventilation holes dissipate heat from your laptop Get this brilliant and affordable portable standing desk today. Just choose your favorite color above, and click the “Add To Cart” button now to grab yours!  ","","59.95 USD" "1457941512269","3-in-1 USB Charging Cable For iPhone Android Tablets And More","https://supergadget.store/products/3-in-1-usb-cable-for-mobile-phone-iphone-micro-and-type-c","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-699583047_medium.jpg?v=1559321051","So how often did it happen that a friend or family member was at your place and had to charge their mobile phone but ooops, no fitting charger? We can vouch for this never to happen again. How, you ask? Well, with this super useful 3 in 1 charging cable, that is. No matter if you have an iPhone, a Samsung or any other android operated mobile phone, pad, tablet, kindle or charging bank, these 3 different types of connectors will do the trick, and quick! Features: Simultaneous charging with 3 connectorsMade of durable woven nylon and aluminum alloy3.5A quick charging and 480mbps transmission rateEquipped with smart chip for over-voltage protectionEach cable has a different color for easy identificationThis great and super handy product is definitely a headache eliminator for many annoying scenarios. Get yours today and never leave a loved one without battery by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above!  ","","14.99 USD" "9791398225","Car Rearview Mirror Camera (Dashcam + Reverse Parking)","https://supergadget.store/products/car-rearview-mirror-camera-full-hd-1080p","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-123659157_medium.jpg?v=1558342606","Have you ever been in a car accident? And even though it wasn’t your fault, you still got charged? If not, you better prepare…There’s a reason why so many people keep dash-cams in their car now. But truth is, those aren’t perfect because they only show you one view — the front.  To capture all evidence, you’re going to need a recording of not just the front, but the back too. And with this one rearview mirror camera, you can do both…One camera is facing forward and is built-into the detachable rearview mirror. A second camera (optional) can be mounted at the rear of your car. The 4.3 inch LCD screen displays your recordings on the rearview mirror, making parking a breeze. All it takes is a few buttons to quickly navigate from clearly viewing the front camera, to viewing the back camera.Features: Mirror has a built-in camera to record the front, and a built-in LCD display screen with high resolution (1920x1080)Easy installation and straps right onto your rearview mirrorGet a clear 170º view directly on your rearview mirror to prevent accidents and injuriesCameras have a 6 blue layer lens to give you crystal-clear recordingsSaves all recordings on TF card (choose memory size in the drop down menu above)Accidents happen daily. And nobody wants to cause, or be in one. But you must be prepared when it happens by capturing as much evidence as you can. Start today and click the “Add To Cart” button above to protect you and your family now. Don’t risk it!Package contains:1 x DVR Mirror1 x Rearview Camera & Cable (optional)1 x Charger1 x User ManualSpecs:Item Type: Car DVR CameraInterface: AV-Out, Micro SD/TF, USB2.0Special Features: Super Capacitors, Anti Fog, Digital Zoom, SD/MMC Card, Real Time Surveillance, Time&Date Display, Cyclic Recording, Microphone, Led Display, Motion Detection, Anti Vibration, Wide Dynamic Range, In Rearview Mirror view, Anti Surge Voltage Impact, G-sensor, Dual LensOSD Language: Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Italian, German, Russian, English, KoreanBattery: Built-inView angle: 170°Number Of Lenses: 2Imaging Sensor: 1/3 Color CmosScreen Ratio: 16:9Max External Memory: 32GDisplay Size: 4.3 InchesTouch Screen: NoVideo Format: AVIVideo Code: MJPGMemory Card Required Reding Speed: Class 10Frames Per Second: 25Camera Resolution: 1920x1080 (full HD)","","49.95 USD" "9772374801","Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner (Wet / Dry Dual-use Super Suction)","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-car-vacuum-cleaner-wet-dry-dual-use-super-suction","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-264045396_medium.jpg?v=1500651109","When’s the last time you checked how dirty your car was? Just picture it now. What do you see?Crumbs all over the floor and in the cup holders, a sheet of dust covering your dashboard, a few hairs stuck to the headrests… And what’s that under your seat? A french fry from a few weeks ago?Yuck!You have a lot of cleaning to do! But with this powerful, handheld vacuum cleaner, you can clear up all the dirt and debris inside your car (without having to touch it with your bare hands)!Just plug this into your car lighter outlet and switch it on. No matter how dirty your car is, nothing stands a chance against the incredible suction of this vacuum. Whether it be small crumbs or particles, sticky substances, or even liquids, just hover this thing over it and it’ll get sucked right up and through the washable HEPA filter.Features:•   1X Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter (and an extra BONUS filter)•   1X Short Connector•   1X Long Connector•   1X Hose & Brush Attachment•   Powerful suction (can pick up an iPhone and iPad!) instantly cleans dry and liquid messes•   Plugs right into your car lighter outlet with a 5 meter cable to reach anywhere inside your car•   HEPA Filter is reusable and washable with just waterSo if you have a dirty mess in your car, or if you want to ensure you never have one, simply choose one of the 3 colors you like best, and click the “Add To Cart” button above to get your vacuum cleaner now! Specs:  Item Length: 35cmItem Height: 8.5cmSpecial Features: Wet & Dry dual-useExternal Testing Certification: CEItem Width: 9cmItem Weight: 0.8kgMaterial Type: ABScolor classification: Blue, Orange, Blackvacuum degree: 4000pavacuum cleaner type: 1-hand-heldpower: 120wpower cord length: 500cm","","35.99 USD" "8850294993","3-in-1 Crank Light / Radio / Phone Charger (best survival kit)","https://supergadget.store/products/3-in-1-solar-powered-radio-phone-charger-flashlight-a-must-for-any-survival-kit","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-532639519_medium.jpg?v=1542271300","How often can you depend on a flashlight? Flashlights randomly break, and their batteries run out unexpectedly, making most of them unreliable and unusable. And if you’re ever in an emergency, only to find your flashlight isn’t working, that’s not too great is it?But you don’t have to worry about that anymore, because this flashlight is 100% self-powered…No need for wires, cables, or even batteries! Although you can charge this flashlight with the included USB cable, you can also power it on by cranking the handle. Doing so winds up the internal alternator, and with a minute of cranking, your flashlight will shine for a full 30 minutes! But that’s not all… This flashlight also charges with the built-in solar panel. That way, you won’t even have to lift a finger!And this isn’t only a flashlight, it’s also an AM/FM radio player and an external recharging tool too! With a LED lifespan of 100,000 hours, you’ll be bringing this with you for the many years to come.Features:LED Flashlight has a built-in AM/FM radio and solar panel 3 Ways to charge — USB, cranking, and solar energy1 Minute of cranking gives you 5 minutes of radio play, 30 minutes of constant light and 5 minutes of cell phone talk timePerfect for outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, climbing or stored in a car trunk as well as any emergency kitIf you want a flashlight that will always be there for you, this is it. No more unexpected outages! Grab your self-powered radio flashlight today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","36.99 USD" "8812837905","USB / Micro USB Flash Drive (For PC & Android Mobiles)","https://supergadget.store/products/fast-speed-usb-flash-drive-for-android","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-312670073_medium.jpg?v=1559480443","You’re on your computer. The one you’ve used for years. But suddenly, it crashes. Everything you stored on it — pictures, files, documents, music, etc. — now gone! Poof! You never saw this coming… But luckily, you’re smart. And it’s not the end of the world because everything that just disappeared, you stored on this USB flash drive for safekeeping. And specifically for emergency situations like this where you need to back up your computer.But that’s not all this flash drive is good for…Unlike most, this flash drive contains an additional micro USB cable for plugging into your Android smartphone. So you can now store data from both your phone and computer inside an extra 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or even 64GB of memory!With high speed transfer, you can also quickly import and access pictures, music, videos, and other files on your phone, computer, and tablet almost instantly. Features:Capacities — 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB6 Colors — White, Black, Green, Red, Blue, YellowCompatible with Windows XP/Professional/2000/7/8/ME/Vista, and supports above Android 4.52 USB Port design — USB 2.0 and Micro USBUSB Flash drive provides extra storage, allows easy transferring of files, and backs up your computerWaterproof and shockproof for long-lasting durabilityThis one, tiny external hard drive could be what saves you from losing all the files and data on your computer. Don’t take the risk! Get your USB flash drive today by choosing your preferred memory and color above, and by clicking the “Add To Cart” button now!","","12.95 USD" "9835429841","Smart Fitness Bracelet: Xiaomi Mi Band 2","https://supergadget.store/products/best-value-for-money-smart-fitness-bracelet-xiaomi-mi-band-2","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/2_175fc506-90a4-41d1-a7f1-723f954f2695_medium.png?v=1559319790","Staying in shape just got easier! And you can do it in fashion and style. All with this tiny electronic device that’s nearly the size of your thumb! This little guy shows you several stats to guarantee you crush your fitness goals. With a built-in pedometer and an improved algorithm, you can accurately track how many steps you take each day, while filtering unrelated and unnecessary movements.Also, with its heart rate sensors, this wristband lets you know how hard you’re pushing it. So now, you can adjust the length and intensity of your workouts for more effective training — just by a quick glance at your wrist! To take it a step further, you can even connect this to the Mi Fit App which is downloadable on your phone. On there, you can find even more information on how healthy you’re becoming!Features: Multi-functional wristband contains time, a pedometer, a heart rate sensor, and a motion sensorConnects to Mi Fit App (Apple App Store/Google Play) for tracking running speed, sleep quality, and moreAlso serves as a call and message reminder for your phoneIP67 Waterproof material for withstanding moisture during exercise and showersComfortably wraps around your wrist and is smooth to the touch20 Day stand-by timeWith smart technology, this wristband will coach you towards living a healthier life. Get yours today by choosing a color above, and by clicking the “Add To Cart” button now!","","58.99 USD" "9726723409","Snap and Grip Wrench Set","https://supergadget.store/products/flexsteel-2pc-multi-function-universal-wrench-set-snap-and-grip-wrench-set-9-32mm-for-nuts-and-bolts-of-all-shapes-and-sizes","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-277639405_medium.jpg?v=1559480658","The Wrench that fits all sizes of bolts!The Snap and Grip Wrench boasts self-adjusting technology for different sizes and shapes of bolts and nuts. With its known durability, it can be used to loosen or tighten your valves, pipes, radiator boilers and wheels. It's practical and lightweight, you can tighten anything by just using one hand. Basically, it's the best, most user friendly wrench money can buy.  Features:  Material: Carbon SteelFeatures: Double End,Non-slip,MultifunctionalType: Universal WrenchSize: 9-32MMMaterial: Carbon SteelSurface: Chrome PlatedHardness: 45-48HRC","","29.95 USD" "9431391953","Natural Lemon Juice Spray Bottle Dispenser","https://supergadget.store/products/natural-lemon-juice-spray-gadget-turns-any-lemon-into-a-spray-bottle-dispenser","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/Manual-lemon-juicer-fruit-juice-sprayer-air-fresh-spray-bottle-green_medium.jpg?v=1559322273","This gadget turns any lemon into a lemon juice spray bottle.Most people love a bit of lemon in their food, but hate the hassle of having to cut open a whole lemon to do this. Instead of having to chop up a lemon each time you want a little zest, try using this lemon spray gadget! It screws directly into the top of any lemon and can turn it into a spray bottle that sprays lemon juice onto whatever you like. To use the sprayer, cut a small piece horizontally off the top of the lemon, then simply screw the gadget into the area you just cut off. You can then push the top button to spray the juice from inside the fruit on whatever dish you like. You can also use it to spray some lemon juice onto your hands for that yummy fresh smell, or use it on oranges, limes and other citrus fruit... Features: Type: Fruit & Vegetable ToolsCertification: CIQ,EEC,CE / EUPlastic Type: PPFruit & Vegetable Tools Type: Squeezers & ReamersFeature: Eco-FriendlyMaterial: Plastic","","6.99 USD" "9820014289","Building Blocks Mug For Master Builders","https://supergadget.store/products/building-blocks-mug-for-master-builders","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-675324409_medium.jpg?v=1559319939","Do you drink a lot of coffee? And want a nice looking mug? If so, then here’s a perfect one for you… Most mugs are boring. You know that already… Almost all of them contain a piece of text, and that’s it. But this coffee mug on the other hand, is 100% customizable with one of your favorite childhood toys — building blocks! Not only is this perfectly safe for drinking your 12-ounce brew of coffee each morning (made of BPA-free plastic), it’s also great for getting creative and designing your own personal mug! Compatible with the leading brands of kid’s building block toys, you can get super fancy and build almost anything. You won’t believe the amazed look on people’s faces when they see this on your office desk or coffee table… Almost like magic, they’re drawn to it because it brings out their child-like spirit. And they won’t be able to help but ask, “Where can I get one too!” Features:  12-ounce coffee mug has one side for customizing your own designCompatible with leading brands of building blocksMade of BPA-free plastic (not microwave-safe)Perfect for kids to play with, parents to drink out of, and as a display pieceShow your personality and creativity with this customizable coffee mug. Just choose your favorite color above, and click the “Add To Cart” button now to get yours today!","","14.99 USD" "9770512849","Beard Champion - Hair Clippings & Shaving Apron","https://supergadget.store/products/beard-king-the-official-beard-bib-hair-clippings-catcher-grooming-cape-apron","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-248486890_medium.jpg?v=1542269801","It’s time to sharpen up! Grab that handy razor of yours and turn it on to start buzzing away. But if you’re still leaving shavings on your sink, you’re doing it all wrong!Not only will you have to clean up those scattered little hairs, but you can also expect your spouse to force you to (and ensure you don’t miss a single one either).But you now have a solution…A shaving apron!This apron, made of soft waterproof material, comfortably ties around your neck. And with its two suction cup hooks on the opposite end, firmly sticks to your mirror. Now, every time you go to shave, this apron gently dangles under you like a hammock, and catches every bit of hair that falls down.Leaving you AND your sink tidy and clean!Features: • Catches all head/facial hair from falling onto your sink when shaving• Made of soft, waterproof pongee material for comfortable wearing• Contains two suction cup hooks to firmly stick onto your mirror• Easy to clean after each use• Size: 116cm X 73cm (46in X 29in)Save yourself the time and cleanup (and angry wife/girlfriend) with this apron today. Or gift it to a friend who can use a shave by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","12.95 USD" "3610288586829","Non-Slip Memory Foam Seat Cushion","https://supergadget.store/products/non-slip-memory-foam-seat-cushion-for-car-back-support-sciatica-tailbone-pain-relief-pillow-wheelchair-office-chair-cushion","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-956893956_medium.jpg?v=1561081932","Stuck in an office chair for more than 8 hours? Chances are, you are already suffering from lower back pain, restless legs, tailbone pain, sore butts, tight hips, and more. Why suffer when there's an easy way to get rid of these discomforts without quitting your day job? This memory foam cushion will turn any chair into a premium seat! Unlike ordinary pillows that offer bum support for all of 5 seconds, this one is made of high-density memory foam. This means it'll retain its shape for far longer and provide superior comfort all day long!What makes this different from a normal seat cushion? Besides the material, it has a cut-out rear design that effectively relieves pressure off your tailbone. This promotes proper spinal alignment and improves your posture to reduce the pain on your lower vertebrae and lumbar nerves.If you think airport lounges, long drives, and lecture halls are nightmarish, you're in for a treat. Focus on the task at hand or enjoy the moment without suffering from a debilitating back ache!Features:100% durable and high-density memory foamOffers relief for coccyx / tailbone pain, back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, Piriformis Syndrome, and pregnancy related sciatica Promotes a healthier posture, spinal alignment, and relieves pain associated with sitting for long hoursIdeal for office chairs, car seats, movie theaters, classroom, church, trucks & RVs, recliners, and moreEasy to carry while travelling, it is perfect for road trips, camps, sporting events, meditation, long flights, etc.Featuring a premium rubber texture and non-slip bottom so it stays in placeMachine washable  zippered cover that is both soft and durableNote: Memory Foam is temperature sensitive. Firmness or softness for all memory foam products changes with temperature. Your cushion will feel softer in warm temperatures and firmer in cold temperatures.Package includes:1 x Non-Slip Memory Foam Seat CushionSpecs: 3D air layer fabric with memory foam Inside case: PolyesterPillow core: PolyurethaneDimension: Approximately  45 x 37 x 10/7 cm (17.7 x 14.6 x 3.9/2.8 in)Weight: about 650gColors: Navy, Gray, Sky Blue, PinkSitting for long hours doesn't have to be a pain in the butt. Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","39.99 USD" "3534106034253","Slim Carbon Fiber Credit Card Holder","https://supergadget.store/products/carbon-fiber-credit-card-holder-carbon-fiber-slim-minimalist-wallet-front-pocket-wallet-credit-business-card-holder-with-money-clip-for-men-black","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_a31e53cb-6380-4955-8490-1a413488f571_medium.jpg?v=1556606603","Person A: "Who still stashes a wallet in their backpocket?"Person B: "People who enjoy being pickpocketed". Really though, we're at an era where you can pay for everything with cards and yet you still see guys lugging around a bulky wallet. It's not like it's falling apart at the seams due to a thick wad of cash either. Nope, it's just crammed full of papers and non-essentials. Seriously, it does nothing but put a huge, unsightly bulge in their pants and make them an easy target for thieves. If you're one of these guys, it's about time to ditch the ugly billfold for a sleek, functional credit card holder! We did the homework for you and got something that trumps most conventional money clips. This one looks way cooler and has an RFID blocking protection to keep your credit card and personal information away from thieves' scanning devices!The perfect wallet for the real minimalist who only needs his license and a few cards on him. Plus, this is made from high-quality carbon fiber so expect it to last pretty much your whole life. Features: Made of premium quality carbon fiber - extremely slim, durable, scratch and wear-resistantDesigned to hold up to 10 cards and 8 bills while maintaining it's thin profileEasily slips into the front or back pocket of your jeans, suits, or shortsQuickly and easily slide your cards in and out with its C-shaped notchCan easily accommodate cash, cards, and receiptsEquipped with RFID - Blocking Wireless Theft to protect you from  electronic pickpocketing or skimmingExcellent gift idea for the men in your life on Father's Day, birthdays, holidays or just becauseLet that cracked and frayed wallet go. Click the "Add To Cart" button now and get an upgrade with this slim carbon fiber credit card holder!","","25.99 USD" "8831242001","3-in-1 Grooming Gadget (Nose Hair / Eyebrow / Sideburn Trimmer)","https://supergadget.store/products/electric-nose-ear-hair-trimmer","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-126842976_medium.jpg?v=1559323238","Nose hairs getting noticeable? Eyebrows too bushy? Sideburns a mess? Then this will be the only tool you’ll ever need…Introducing, this 3-in-1 grooming instrument!With three detachable heads — nose hair trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, sideburn cutter — freshening up couldn’t get any easier. Simply attach the one you need onto the aluminum alloy base, and switch it on.Designed with curved stainless steel blades, trimming nose hair (and ear hair) is safe and pain-free! And with a “skin-shield” designed on the eyebrow trimmer, the razor will never get in contact with your skin. Plus, with a straightedged sideburn cutter, you can also use it for shaping and tidying up your facial hair!Powered with its built-in rechargeable battery, you won’t have to deal with any cords or wires (only when charging). This way, your trimmer won’t get tangled or caught up during use, preventing accidental snips and cuts.Features:3-in-1 Grooming Tool — Nose hair trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, sideburn cutterDetachable heads for quick switch of operationStainless steel blades for fast, crisp, and pain-free groomingComes with cleaning brush for removing trimmed hairs in each detachable headBuilt-in rechargeable battery (12 hour charging time) for wireless performanceCharges with the included adapterOperation time: 60 minutesDon’t waste your money on a separate nose hair, eyebrow, and sideburn trimmer. Not when this single tool provides each one! Start grooming at home now by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above to get your trimmer today!","","24.95 USD" "48238723099","Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earpiece & Microphone","https://supergadget.store/products/mini-wireless-bluetooth-earphone-microphone","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/image_20_medium.png?v=1559481002","If you’re always on-the-go or super busy, you’ll need a Bluetooth earphone. They’re the most convenient tool you’ll ever use when traveling, especially this one, and for many reasons. But first, a disclaimer…You may notice this doesn’t look like most Bluetooth headsets. But don’t worry, there’s a reason for this.This Bluetooth earphone has a powerful 50mAh rechargeable lithium battery which can last up to 120 hours in standby time. And is only possible with its unique shape. But there’s more…This also allows for secure in-ear wearing. Built in the shape of a water drop, it matches the exact grooves of your ear to give you an almost “invisible” and comfortable fit.Easily connected to your phone without the use of any wires, you can now answer incoming phone calls with just the push of a button! Features: Compatible with all Android devices or iPhonesHands-free pick up with a built-in microphoneRechargeable battery only takes 2 hours for full chargeBluetooth lasts up to 4 hours talk time, and 120 hours standbyUnique design makes for comfortable and “invisible” wearingDimensions: 3cm X 1.7cm X .2cm / 1.19" X 0.67" X 0.48"Package includes:1 x Bluetooth Headset (5 Colors — Blue, Black, White, Gold, Pink)1 x User Manual1 x Charging CableHeadphones get in the way. And taking your phone out all the time is annoying. Grab one of these convenient Bluetooth earphones today by just clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.Specs:App required: NoActive Noise-Cancellation: NoSupports Apt-x: NoSupports Memory Card: NoConnectors: NoneModel Number: S530XSensitivity:  80dBIs wireless: YesFrequency Response Range: 20-20000HzVolume Control: NoWaterproof: NoWith Microphone: YesResistance: 32ΩWireless Type: Bluetooth","","19.99 USD" "2465217249357","Tiny Refillable Perfume Spray Bottle","https://supergadget.store/products/tiny-refillable-perfume-spray-bottle","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/perfume-spray-blue_medium.jpg?v=1554624836","This little gadget will help you avoid one of the more annoying things about travel: Getting your expensive perfume confiscated at the airport OR finding it broken inside your checked-in luggage.","","12.99 USD" "184569987099","Beanie Hat With Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Earphones & MIC","https://supergadget.store/products/beanie-hat-with-built-in-wireless-bluetooth-earphones-mic","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-177042382_medium.jpg?v=1559323558","If you’re still using headphones and earbuds in the winter, you’ve been missing out…Because this lovely knitted beanie isn’t just for keeping your ears warm, but it also has a Bluetooth speaker built inside to play your favorite music.So instead of having gigantic bulky headphones on top of your head, or little earbuds poking inside your ear, just throw this fashionable hat on for an extra touch of style and audio enjoyment.Plus, because these speakers are thin and flat, they lay flush beside your ear — NEVER in it. Providing comfort and warmth to protect your ears from the brutal winter weather. Simply connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, and you’ll get to experience up to a full 3.5 hours of non-stop music on your skiing or snowboarding holiday, on your way to work, while you travel or exercising out in the freezing cold.Features: Multiple designs all made from an elastic knitted material for maximum comfort and warmthRechargeable Li-ion battery with included USB cable (2 hours)Flat Bluetooth speakers lay gently beside your ear like normal overhead headphonesExternal control buttons / panel for easy use while skiing or snowboarding without fuss Built-in MIC for hands-free call answeringBeanie is easily washable by removing the speakers firstPerfect for keeping your ears warm and as a fashionable accessory to your winter wardrobe Rock a cool beanie while rocking out to music! Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.Specs:Sensitivity: 123dBSupport APP: NoWire Length: NoneActive Noise-Cancellation: NoCommunication: WirelessVolume Control: YesSupport Apt-x: NoSupport Memory Card: NoWaterproof: NoIs wireless: YesConnectors: USBVocalism Principle: Hybrid technologyWith Microphone: YesResistance: 9ΩWireless Type: BluetoothFrequency Response Range: 2.4026GHz-2.480GHz","","29.95 USD" "597071757339","Super Portable Document Scanner","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-document-scanner","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-180378088_2000x_fb569ed9-0eae-4dfd-8080-20bf310e3622_medium.jpg?v=1559629434","This ultra compact scanner is ideal for home use or whilst on the go. Simply swipe it over any image or document, save it and then print it via any PC. It's a super easy and much cheaper way to scan documents quickly and saves lots of space compared to bulky flat bed scanners. Features: Compact and lightweightEasy to useScans in color or black & whiteScan images or documents easily and quicklySuitable for businessmen, students, travelers and amateur archivistsScan images with up to 900 DPI resolution and save them directly to a micro SD memory card (not included)Comes with Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) software so you can convert and edit your scansGet rid of your old bulky scanner and get this portable one instead by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button above now.","","69.99 USD" "9880904913","MPOW MBH6 Cheetah Wireless Sports Headphones","https://supergadget.store/products/mpow-mbh6-cheetah-wireless-sports-headphones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-203871598_medium.jpg?v=1559324362","Transfer music from your phone, directly to your ears (WITHOUT any wires)! It’s true, and you can try it for yourself…After you order your pair of wireless headphones, tear them out of the package and grab your phone. Sync it via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to go!Wrap the earphones around the back of your neck. And let it sit there. Can you feel how light it is? Weighing just 13 grams, you probably can’t feel a thing.Now, place them in your ear. But not like you typically would with regular headphones. Those aren’t that great. These, however, are designed to go behind your ear and are curved to ensure the most comfortable grip. Fitting like a glove, you find them perfect.Time to test it out… Play a song from your phone. And with the headphone’s aptX stereo system, experience what it’s like to be able to hear every little sound in crystal-clear HD quality! Features:5 Colors — Black, Green, Blue, Pink, YellowEarphones conform to your ear and head shape for a discreet and comfortable designPerfect for exercising as the headphones will never get in your way, and are sweat-proofBehind-the-ear wearing ensures these stay in place and never fall outAptX stereo sound delivers clear and crisp audioCan use for music AND answering phone calls with its built-in micPackage includes:1 x Wireless Bluetooth Earphones1 x User Manual1 x Micro USB Charging Cable4 x Earbud TipsStop dealing with wires! Listening to music should be as enjoyable as possible. Get your pair of wireless headphones today by choosing a color above, and clicking the “Add To Cart” button now!Specs:Active Noise-Cancellation: NoCommunication: WirelessSensitivity: 103±3dBSupports External Memory Card: NoSupport APP: YesVolume Control: YesPlug Type: USBFrequency Response Range: 12-22000HzWaterproof: NoResistance: 16ΩStyle: NeckbandLine Length: 0.4mConnectors: USBWith Microphone: YesControl Button: YesWireless Type: BluetoothBluetooth Standard: Version 4.1Operation Range: Up to 10 Meters (30 Feet)Talk/Playing Time: Up to 8 HoursStandby Time: Up to 180 HoursColor: 5 Colors (Black, Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue)Compatible with : All Bluetooth smartphones (iPhone & Android)Use: Sport","","49.95 USD" "9831831377","Tiny Speaker Radio (With USB / SD/ TF Slots)","https://supergadget.store/products/tiny-speaker-radio-with-usb-sd-tf-slots","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-877180867_medium.jpg?v=1546785786","Share your music with everyone! Not from the weak speakers on your phone or tablet — or worse, from your headphones— but with this powerful, mini radio speaker that fits right in the palm of your hands!Super small in design, this speaker is perfect for taking everywhere you go. That way, you can easily listen to music with friends without having to share an earbud, or stick your heads near the phone’s speaker.With a powerful sound system, this little guy can blast crisp, quality audio for everyone to enjoy! Coming with one USB cable and one AUX cord, you can plug in a variety of devices like your phone, tablet, MP3 player, and more. Or if you want to go wireless, you can also play music from an inserted micro SD/TF card. As well as listen to AM/FM radio!Features: Mini speaker can play AM/FM radio, or music from micro SD/TF card, USB, and AUXCompatible with multiple different devices so anyone can use itSurround sound speakers play music loud and clearButton Functions — On/Off switch, Menu, Previous Song, Next Song, Play/Pause, Volume ControlDimensions: 50mm X 50mm X 50mm / 2in X 2in X 2inPackage includes:1 x Mini Portable USB Speaker (4 Colors — Green, Red, Blue, Silver)1 x 3.5mm AUX Cable1 x USB Charger CableUpgrade the way you listen to music with this mini radio today! Just choose your favorite color above and click the “Add To Cart” button now for a speaker so tiny you can place it in your pocket!","","20.99 USD" "49950162971","Digital Kitchen Thermometer","https://supergadget.store/products/digital-kitchen-thermometer","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-293257819_medium.jpg?v=1559323884","Forget the kitchen timer! What you need is the correct internal temperature of what you’re cooking. It’s the safest and most effective way to ensure you destroy dangerous bacteria, while getting your desired tenderness and juiciness! But you won’t be using any regular thermometer for this. You’ll want to get this stainless steel kitchen probe instead! And here’s why… With a range from -50ºC to 300ºC (-58ºF to 572ºF), this thermometer covers all required temperatures for cooking large joint meats like a whole chicken or turkey, as well as beef and fish steaks. Just stick the tool into the middle of what you’re cooking, and wait for it to give you a digital readout. Whether you use the metric system or imperial system, this can show you both Celsius and Fahrenheit. And because the thermometer is made of a thin stainless steel, you won’t have to worry about contaminating your food, or ruining the presentation with large poked holes. Features: Stainless steel thermometer for cooking perfectly succulent meats every timeDisplays temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit (-50ºC to 300ºC / -58ºF to 572ºF)Long and thin design leaves invisible marks when inserted into foodsComes with a plastic case for easy and clean storagePowered by 1 LR44 battery (included) Cooking doesn’t have to be hard. Especially when you have a kitchen thermometer around! Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","12.95 USD" "96183418907","Q18 Smart Watch for Android & iOS","https://supergadget.store/products/q18-smart-watch-for-android-ios","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-544781767_medium.jpg?v=1558956772","Carrying a phone isn’t convenient. Nowadays, they’re big, bulky, and everyone’s afraid of dropping them. But here’s what you can do…What if you were able to wear your phone on your wrist? That would make everything easier wouldn’t it? All the controls, functions, and features will be right there just by raising your arm! But you’d probably look ridiculous doing this with your actual phone.That’s where this smart watch comes in…With this, you’ll have a cool and fashionable way to access your common phone needs like answering calls, looking at messages, playing music, taking pictures, recording video, and more, without ever having to take your phone out!Yes! Just sync it to this via Bluetooth, and you’ll instantly have a mini smart phone wrapped around your wrist at all times. Easily operated with its HD touch screen, it’ll be just like using your regular phone! Features:Smart watch pairs to your phone via Bluetooth for easy accessPerform simple functions like calling, text messaging, playing music, taking pictures and videoFeatures different apps like a pedometer, sleep monitoring, anti-theft alarm, and a stopwatchHD Touch screen for simple tap and scroll operationPrevents you having to constantly take out your phone for little things Please Note: This smart watch has limited functionality on iPhone. Only the following functions work on iPhone: SYNC calls, Pedometer, Calendar, Stopwatch, Calculator, Alarm Clock, Music (Bluetooth)This smart watch comes in handy as a convenient way to use your phone, as well as a fashion statement with its sleek and simple design. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!     ","","39.95 USD" "597204664347","Portable Projector Screen (60 inch 16:9)","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-projector-screen-60-inch-16-9","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-522733508_medium.jpg?v=1559629063","Features:Ultra portable projection screen for both business presentations and home theater applicationsExpandable screen displays up to 60 inches (diagonal)Accommodates widescreen (16:9) displaysSpecs:Format: 16:9Size: 60 inchPortable: YesScreen Type: Portable ScreenMaterial: Matt WhiteStyle: Wall Mounted","","39.95 USD" "9808684369","Mini USB Wireless Keyboard + Touchpad for all Android Devices","https://supergadget.store/products/mini-usb-wireless-keyboard-touchpad-for-all-android-devices","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-221941080_medium.jpg?v=1500652081","Watch movies on your TV-connected laptop or game console? Then this might sound familiar…You connect your laptop to your TV and play a movie. Your friends and family are all watching and having a blast. But someone needs you to pause it for a second because they have to go do something…So now, after already lying down comfortably on your couch, you now have to get up and walk towards your laptop just to push a button. How annoying! Don’t you just wish you can pause the movie without needing to move? Well, now you can…This complete wireless keyboard with a built-in trackpad, allows you to swiftly navigate and easily control your laptop, game console, tablet, cellphone or HTPC from up to 10 meters (33 feet) away! Powered by just 2 AA batteries, simply plug the receiver into your USB port, and you can start using it instantly while relaxing on your couch or bed. And with its compact, hand-held design, it’s as easy as typing from a normal computer. Only this time, you don’t have to constantly hunch over your laptop all day.Features: Dimensions: 14.5cm X 9cm X 1cm / 5.7in X 3.54in X 0.39inPowered by 2 AA batteries (not included) Complete keyboard and responsive trackpad for simple browsingSmall build for comfortable navigation from up to 10 meters (33 feet) awaySupports HTPC, PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360, and Android Package includes:1 x 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard & Trackpad1 x USB Receiver1 x Instruction ManualGive yourself a break, and have a better time by using this wireless keyboard to type and browse from anywhere in your room. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","25.95 USD" "121820413979","Clip-On Garbage Bag Holder","https://supergadget.store/products/clip-on-garbage-bag-holder","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-391386224_medium.jpg?v=1559629996","Chances are, you only have one garbage can in the kitchen. Most people do. But this is a huge mistake…Think about it. If you have a bunch of scraps after washing and cutting fruits, vegetables, or meat, wouldn’t it be much easier to throw it out if the trash was right beside you? Instead of having to walk over to it and risk dropping everything on the floor?Of course it would! But getting a separate trash can would take up too much room (and money). That’s why you might want to get this…This garbage bag holder conveniently clips right onto one of your kitchen drawers. And with its design, holds the bag wide open at all times. Can you imagine how cleaner your kitchen can be with this?Now, you can safely hang a garbage bag right beside your “work station”! Never again do you have to pick up and carry waste to toss it out. Just slide it off the counter directly into this pouch!Features: Garbage bag holder allows you to clip it onto any kitchen drawer or cupboardSimple 2-piece design holds bags securely with its mouth wide for easy disposingCan hold any garbage bag or plastic bagPrevents having to walk back and forth to your trash canDimensions: 12.5cm X 22cm / 8.66in x 4.92inKeep your kitchen clean and organized! Grab your garbage bag holder today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","9.95 USD" "3577053610061","Retractable Car Dashboard Sunshade","https://supergadget.store/products/car-window-sunshade-retractable-foldable-windshield-sunshade-cover-shield-curtain-auto-sun-shade-block-anti-uv-car-window-shade","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-903971573_medium.jpg?v=1559392037","Notice how there isn't much difference between your car's interior and an oven on a hot summer day? This is especially true if you happen to park under direct sunlight because, well, that was the only available parking spot. The trapped air quickly heats up and can make your car interior your  very own personal hell on earth. To say that it's agonizing to sit down and drive again is a downright understatement. Everything gets heated. Your seats, steering wheel, your GPS device, the center console, the phone you were charging, and of course, your emotions. Why compromise your health, comfort, safety, and your car's upholstery and leather? Get this retractable car window shade and keep your car significantly cooler even on sunny days. No complicated set-up needed! Simply install with the built-in bracket and strong suction cups then stretch like a curtain! It's that easy!Features:Reflective aluminum foil gold material offers better sun protectionInsulation cooling guarantees lower temperature inside the car Protects your car's upholstery and leather from peeling and fadingPrevent electronics from overheatingKeep's everyone cool and comfortable inside the car especially your kids and petsWave folding design - it can be stretched, adjusted, and cut Reinforced bracket and suction cups so it won't fall off the windshieldMicro-matted so it's fingerprint and smudge-proofEasy installationThis automatic retractable sunshade has a universal fit that is suitable for most car models - from small cars to SUV's to trucksClick the "Add to Cart" button above and save your sanity and your car's interior from sun damage!* For a perfect fit, choose from various sizes in the drop down menu above. You can also cut the aluminium foil easily.** To order a sunshade for your rear window please choose the 46cm version from the drop down menu above. ","","29.99 USD" "8813118993","2-Port USB Phone Car Charger","https://supergadget.store/products/2-port-mini-usb-car-charger-adapter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-77965852_medium.jpg?v=1500884317","Output: 5V/2.1AUSB Ports: 2Output Interface: USBQuality Certification: FCC,CE,RoHSPower Source: Car Lighter SlotType: Car ChargerInput: 12-24V/2.4ASupport Quick Charge Technology: NoStyle: Universal USB Car Phone ChargerConnectors: Car Lighter Slot & USBColor: Black, Blue, Silver, Gold, RedName: Car Phone ChargerShell Material: Aluminium AlloyCompatibility: UniversalBattery Capacity(mAh): 2001-3000","","9.95 USD" "9442408977","Pet Deshedding Glove","https://supergadget.store/products/truetouch-pet-deshedding-glove","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-616707720_medium.jpg?v=1561096136","The ultimate solution to reduce your pets fur shedding!If you are reading this you probably love your pet but don't love your furry friends fur all over your couch, bed and carpets. The TrueTouch De-Shedding Glove works like a brush while at the same time giving your pet a nice grooming and stroking session, thereby significantly reducing the amount of hair your pet sheds every day. Just put on the glove and start petting/grooming/brushing their excess fur away, then throw the loose hair trapped by the glove into the rubbish. Now you don't need to endure the hairy mess, or use painful brushes. You get a tidier home easily and your pets will love you more for this! Features:The glove is covered with soft little silicone grooming tips, which collect excess hair while being much less painful for your pet compared to metal brushes.The glove is one-size-fits-all - just adjust the velcro strap based on your size preference.Designed to feel exactly like a human hand, so your pet won't shy away as it may from a brush.Suitable for all cat or dog breeds(Pro tip: Regularly grooming and brushing your pet improves their skin for a healthy & shiny coating on their fur) ","","9.99 USD" "1425264574541","Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver","https://supergadget.store/products/onever-wireless-bluetooth-aux-audio-receiver-adapter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-879834174_medium.jpg?v=1560575601","Are you tired of the tangled wired mess in your car or at home, surrounding your surround system? Well, with this portable, sleek designed wireless bluetooth adapter, your tangled mess can be a thing of the past! You can use it in your car or at home, simply connect it to a speaker outlet and any bluetooth supported device and pump up that volume! Features:  Supports hand free calls Easy to operate4.1 bluetooth technologyPortable mini design with clip for on the goSupports iPhone, Android and other smartphones with Bluetooth A2DP functionCompatible with home stereos / speakers, car stereos or headphones that have an 3.5mm audio inputYou can use it while charging or go wireless with batterySo, if you want a safer driving experience or you're just tired of wired technology, simply click the "Add to Cart" button above and update your connectivity today! ","","15.95 USD" "9812136337","Roto Sweep - The Magic Broom with Rotating Brushes","https://supergadget.store/products/magic-broom-with-rotating-brushes","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-531893143_medium.jpg?v=1559630272","Don’t you hate sweeping? Are you bad at it? Then you won’t believe what this “broom” can do…This isn’t your average broom. In fact, it shouldn’t even be considered one! Why? Because you don’t have to do anything but push it back and forth like a vacuum. But here’s the best thing about it… you don’t need batteries or electricity to use it!Simply attach the mop stick to the broom’s base, and you’re ready to start cleaning.The secret to this amazing device is the two built-in 360º brushes on the bottom. As you move the broom forward, the brushes spin and sweep in the mess that’s on your floor, directly into its trash compartment!See some scraps of paper or food lying around? Push this over it! Find some loose hair tangled on the floor? Push this over it too! Then watch as your mess almost magically disappears and reappears inside your broom’s container. And when you’re finished, simply open the backend to dump everything out!Features: Broom automatically sweeps dust, particles, and dirt from the floor (except carpet) when pushed over itNo batteries or electricity needed Acts as a broom, dustpan, and trash can all at onceDesigned with 3 brushes (two brushes rotate) for efficient cleanup Adjustable 360º handle, made of strong aluminum alloy, so you don’t have to bend overEasily clean brushes by removing and placing them in hot water, or by blow dryingMake cleaning your home fast and simple, while also saving money on your electricity bill with this self-rotating broom! Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","39.95 USD" "1330563645517","Portable Travel Adapter With 4 USB Ports Cable & Extension Cord","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-travel-adapter-with-4-usb-ports-cable-extension-cord","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-675117115_medium.jpg?v=1559631177","If you go traveling you need to pack various chargers, travel adapters and cables. It can be quite a hassle, especially if you are a gadget aficionado. Not any longer! This neat little portable travel adapter has 4 USB outlets, as well as 2 universal sockets for most plugs and an extractable cable - it will cover all your travel needs - at least as far as your cables and adapters are concerned.Features:Combination of 2 universal power sockets + 4 port USB charger59" power cord can be wrapped around for your convenienceBuilt-in hook lets you secure the power cord in placeCompact and light weight - great for home and travel useClick the 'Add to cart' button now to get this neat travel companion!","","29.99 USD" "9595119249","Anti Snore Nasal Cones","https://supergadget.store/products/anti-snore-nasal-cones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-200335525_medium.jpg?v=1500651816","Did you know that you are 5X more likely to snore or suffer from sleep-disordered breathing when you have any type of nasal obstruction? Studies prove that nasal obstruction predisposes both snoring and sleep apnea.These simple, easy-to-use and comfortable, stop snoring nasal aids maximize nasal breathing; this permits full, deep easy breathing through the nose and relieves dependency on mouth-breathing, which can be the source of loud snoring noise.Anti Snore Nose Cones maximize nasal breathing volume to gently relieve deviated septum and stop snoring. Soft, Sinus Cones effectively stent open nasal airways to remedy sinusitis, clear nasal sinus congestion, relieve blocked nose and collapsed nasal airways for deep, peaceful sleep.Anti Snore Nasal Cones are the most effective anti-snore aid to stop snoring with ease and convenience.Advantages:Made by soft and enhanced Medical Grade Comfortable SiliconScientifically designed to maximize airflow through the nasal passage.Effective snoring solution. Reduces symptoms of dry mouth.","","19.99 USD" "300997050395","Astronaut USB LED Lamp","https://supergadget.store/products/astronaut-usb-led-lamp","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-187991938_medium.jpg?v=1559633895","Let this nice little USB powered LED astronaut light up your night! Features: Flexible goose neck cable can be adjusted to different angles to light up specific areasTurns on / off by opening and closing the astronaut's helmet visorLittle power consumption, very energy efficientSpecs:Material: ABS+PCInput: DC 5V 500mAPower: USBSize: Approx. 5.5x2x1.7cm/ 2.17" x 0.79" x 0.67"Wire Length: Approx. 31cm/12.2"","","6.99 USD" "8769113041","Super Strong Metal USB Flash Drive","https://supergadget.store/products/suntrsi-usb-flash-drive-64gb-metal-pendrive-high-speed-usb-stick-32gb-pen-drive-real-capacity-16gb-usb-flash-free-shipping","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-317863388_medium.jpg?v=1546171490","** Please choose the desired storage capacity and color from the drop down menu above before adding this item to cart. **Features:The metallic flash drive is both stylish and durable and incorporates 5-Proof Technology that makes it waterproof, shockproof, temperature-proof, magnetic-proof, and X-ray-proof.Super-speed 2.0 technology gives you transfer speeds of up to 14 MB/s, so you can transfer and back up large files from your computer in seconds.PIP technology keeps your important files safe thanks to its durable metal casing and Flash technology.The drive has a hook design that makes it easy to grip and use, and it includes a large key ring hole, so you can easily attach the drive to a bag and take it with you anywhere.Simply insert into the computer USB port and share photos, video, music & documents. Specs:Interface Type: USB 2.0Chip Material: UDP black colloidalUSB Body Material: high-quality metalPerformance: 16G maximum read 14M / S maximum write 4M / SOperating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista.7 Mac OS 10.3 and above","","9.99 USD" "315855929371","International Travel Adapter With USB (US / EU / UK / AU)","https://supergadget.store/products/international-travel-adapter-with-usb-us-eu-uk-au","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-693213958_medium.jpg?v=1559633784","If you don’t travel often, you won’t find this very helpful. In fact, you probably won’t even know what this is for. But if you’re constantly going from country to country, continent to continent, having this will be a lifesaver.As an avid tourist, you know different countries have different outlets. And if you go unprepared, be ready to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone and laptop, while surrounded by hundreds of foreigners speaking a language you can barely understand.No need to worry for you though! Because with this universal plug, containing four major plugs from across the world, this will come in handy in almost any country you land in.Cleverly designed to fit all within this one tiny adapter, in a second you can go from plugging this into a US outlet, then in an instant, stick it in a EU outlet, a UK outlet, or even an AU one. What’s more, you can plug those same four types of adapters into its single socket!Features: Universal plug gives you worldwide access to different outlets across the globeContains four major adapters — US, EU, UK, AUContains 2 USB ports making this perfect for devices, tablets, and laptopsEasy to use with its built-in locking device switch for holding the adapters stillDon’t ruin your trip! Grab your universal adapter today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to get settled into a new country without having to worry about your phone dying!","","19.99 USD" "3627638095949","Reusable Vacuum Silicone Food Bag Sealers (4 pcs)","https://supergadget.store/products/4pcs-set-reusable-vacuum-silicone-food-bag-sealer-freezer-milk-fruit-meat-storage-bags-fridge-food-containers-refrigerat-bags","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_732feac3-9ea1-4adb-80cd-342726a0cccc_medium.jpg?v=1561976174","Sure, we also love the convenience of disposable plastic zip bags. We use them on pretty much anything, packed lunches, sandwiches, storing leftover food, sauces, and a thousand other uses. For a family with kids going to school and two working adults though, you know what that means? Tons of plastic filling up the oceans, waterways, and landfills year after year. Help save the environment (and your wallet!) with this set of reusable silicone bag sealers! Perfect for storing leftovers, soups, snacks on-the-go, and even breast milk, you can heat these bags straight out of a freezer! It's all you want in a plastic food bag and then some! It's airtight, leak-proof, non-toxic, BPA-free, spill-proof, and odor-free. Unlike other silicone bags that are a pain to use, this one features a slider across the top for effortless opening and closing. Plus, these can stand on their own so you won't have to do hand gymnastics to keep the bag open while filling it up! When you're done with it, simply toss into the dishwasher, hang it up, and it's ready for the next day!Features:Made from food-grade siliconeGenerously sized 23 x 18cm and holding 1000ml per bag, ideal for liquid and dry foodsThis set comes with 4 silicone food storage bags in varying colors for ease of content identificationHelps declutter your fridge racks and freezer  Perfect for sous vide cooking and on-the-go snacksNon-toxic and FDA-Approved, zero fillers, coating, BPA, BPS, BPF, PVC or phthalatesDurable slider for fuss-free opening and closingGuaranteed airtight seal, tasteless, no smell, leak-proof, and spill-proof Heat and cold resistant (-40C to 240C), non-stick and dishwasher safeWon't cause freezer burnReusable with an impressive lifespan of 30 years!Package includes:4 x Reusable Vacuum Silicone Food Bag SealersSpecs: Material: SiliconeSize: 20 x18 cm (1000ml) Color: white, red, green, blueTemperature resistance: -40C to 240CGo green and say yes to a more convenient and enjoyable way to store, cook, and prepare your food! Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","25.99 USD" "3647004672077","Foldable Reading Glasses In A Keychain Case","https://supergadget.store/products/no-leg-clip-nose-reading-glasses-portable-reading-glasses-for-both-men-and-women-mini-key-chain-presbyopia-glasses","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_4e0a6b64-8375-48d4-9da8-5c47e6de1f89_medium.jpg?v=1563177451","Do you need a pair of reading glasses when you're out and about? Maybe you needed them to read a business card or scan the menu. Bulky and annoying, somehow, they are never on you when you need them most... With these foldable reading glasses, you won't have to struggle reading fine prints anywhere! These are so small and compact, they can be stored in a tiny carrying case on your keychain. When you need it, simply push the slider forward, pop the glasses out, slide them onto your nose, and read away!Unlike your previous reading glasses, these actually stay on your nose. No need for those silly anti-slip sleeves or nose pads. Thanks to its innovative Flex-Grip technology, the titanium alloy bridge can bend without breaking while the independent-suspension nose pads allows for an ergonomic fit. Featuring shatter-proof polycarbonate frames and optical-grade polycarbonate lenses, this pair of reading glasses is extremely lightweight and built to last. Super practical, it sure beats having to carry around traditional, bulky prescription glasses.. Features:Ultra-flexible titanium alloy bridge that bends at will but never breaksOptical grade and shatter-proof polycarbonate lenses Crystal clear lenses with no light distortion for superior visual clarityShatterproof stainless steel and polycarbonate keychain case Flex-fit technology guarantees a comfortable fit and secure grip whether you wear your glasses up or down your nosePackage includes: 1 x  Foldable Reading Glasses In A Keychain CaseSpecs: Material: Titanium, Polycarbonate, and Stainless Steel Strengths: +100, +150, +200, +250, +300 (choose yours in the drop down menu above)Available in 7 colors: Black, red, gray, blue, purple, transparent, brownTired of having to squint your eyes to read the tiny print on the restaurant menu? Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","29.99 USD" "1327930081357","Alarm Clock With Hidden High Definition Camera Built-In","https://supergadget.store/products/alarm-clock-with-hidden-high-definition-camera-built-in","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-660523389_medium.jpg?v=1542270656","Want to know what really goes on in your bedroom? Worried someone will come into your bed - or living room without your knowledge?This regular looking alarm clock has a built-in high definition (1080p) camera, making it the ultimate surveillance tool for when you're not around. Features:Remotely connects to your mobile phone or tablet so you can see what goes on in your room without anyone else knowing about itThe lens is completely hidden within the clock, making it totally undetectable even during filmingBuilt-in infrared night vision lights, to ensure decent images even during low lightComplete Digital Clock FunctionWifi IP Network FunctionSupports PC Computer View and ControlRecords and charges at the same timeBurglar alarm / motion detection function (energy saving)Get your Bond on with this nifty spy gadget. Just click the “Add To Cart” button above to get yours now! ","","61.99 USD" "3532986155085","Pressure Point Therapy Neck Massager","https://supergadget.store/products/dropshipping-plastic-pressure-point-therapy-neck-massageador-massagem-3-colors-neck-massager-for-neck-shoulder-trigger-point","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/2_2ed8d5d0-7320-4801-b183-d5a09e082be7_medium.jpg?v=1559736772","Hey, we totally get it! You're skeptical of any device that claims to relieve you of your chronic neck pain, shoulder tension, and back pain that have plagued you for years on end. But what if we tell you that this device does all that and more?Have we not discovered that even massage therapists get this tool for themselves, we won't be making this bold claim. Yup, it really is the kind of gizmo you have to try to believe!There's really no need to spend spend a hundred dollars on a 30-minute session with your therapist when this device works a whole lot better. Using this Pressure Point Therapy Neck Massager is akin to having a deep tissue massage. The big difference? It gives you a lot more control.Equipped with an ergonomic handle, it lets you control the firmness of the massage and goes deep into hard to reach places that would've been impossible to get to by hand, much less by yourself!The two golf-like balls are soft yet firms and simulates a massage therapist's hands. Unlike a session with a therapists though, you can do it multiple times even as you watch TV at night!If you feel your muscles, ligaments, and tendons getting all bunched up, sore, and achy, this device easily access those points and offer relief in just 60 seconds!Features: Can deliver deep tissue massage better than a masseuse anytime, anywhereFeaturing two silicon balls that deeply penetrate and knead tight muscles to relieve neck strain, chronic neck pain, tension buildup in your neck and shoulders, tension headaches, migraines, stiffness, and moreIdeal for those who love deep tissue massages or trigger point workThe handles make it easy to manipulate the pressure, pace, and direction as well as use it on other parts of your body, thigh, legs, back, and moreEasily access spots in your neck and back that's difficult to massage by yourselfHelps stimulate blood flow and circulation to relieve soreness, fatigue, and moreWorks fast and easy, targets problem areas by applying direct pressure and massaging away your pain, tension, and discomfortGive yourself a relaxing deep massage in the comforts of your own home, in the office, car, airport, plane, and more. Easily stows away in your bag, glove box, luggage, etc. No need to drive 30 minutes to the nearest spa and wellness center. Click the "Add To Cart" button now and enjoy a relaxing deep tissue massage right where you are! ","","25.99 USD" "478868766747","Super Bright Triple LED Headlamp (Waterproof & Rechargeable)","https://supergadget.store/products/waterproof-rechargeable-headlamp-9-000-lm","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-813464177_medium.jpg?v=1559729056","This is not your run-of-the-mill headlamp. This is a monster.  It's both waterproof and rechargeable - perfect for camping, hiking or any night time activity outdoors and with its 3 LED lamps it will illuminate anywhere you look, unlike any standard headlamp out there. Just check out the video above to see how bright this light shines!Features:Produces an ultra bright beam of light via 3 separate LED lampsRechargeable battery 4 modes - switch between 1 LED only / 2 LEDs / 3 LEDs / Strobe light effectExtensive Lifetime (10,000 hours)Adjustable headband, very comfortable to wearSplash / Waterproof design (not suitable for diving / swimming)Output brightness: max 15000 Lumens [lm]How to open the sensor mode?1.Long press the switch until the back light turns to blue, the sensor mode will open;2.Wave your hand before the light, light turns on;3.Wave again, light turns off.If you're gonna go outdoors over night you will want this torch with you. Click the 'Add to cart' button now to get yours!","","39.99 USD" "3699100745805","Double Sided Acrylic Magic Tape","https://supergadget.store/products/home-improvement-double-sided-tape-nano-transparent-no-trace-acrylic-magic-tape-reuse-waterproof-3m-adhesive-tape-cleanable","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/nano_tape_medium.jpg?v=1565591193","Are your walls now pockmarked with unsightly nail holes, screw holes, and plaster adhesives?  Well, you can now say goodbye to screws, nails, rivets, and Elmer's glue! This double sided transparent nano tape lets you hang almost anything without having to drill another hole or jab pins into your wall.Features:Made of Nano PU gel material which is non-toxic, recyclable, and eco-friendlySecure as nails - can hold items up weighing up to 2.2 lbs (1kg)Also doubles up as a carpet tape and car gel padsQuick and easy to apply - no drilling, welding, noise, messy liquid, or harmful fumeWashable and reusable for more than 600 times! When tape becomes dirty and loses its stickiness, simply wash with warm water, dry, and reuseEasy to remove and will not leave any residue or damage your walls/surfacesSticks to any smooth, clean, and non-porous surfaces without slipping - cut to your desired size to suit different needs and usesWide range of uses, it is perfect for kitchen household items, decorative patches, car mount, wall decor, picture frames, pens, small tools, solar lights, deck lights, and moreIdeal for home, office, garage, bathroom, car, workshop, and other placesPackage includes: 1 x Double Sided Acrylic Magic TapeSpecs: Material: Nano PU GelColor: TransparentWidth: 3cm (30mm)Length: 1m, 3m, 5m (select from the dropdown menu) Keep your walls pristine appearance while keeping things organized! Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","9.99 USD" "476973170715","7 in 1 Phone Camera Lens Kit","https://supergadget.store/products/7-in-1-phone-camera-lens-kit","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-298378988_medium.jpg?v=1559633137","This is a 7 in 1 camera lens kit, which includes 7 different lenses - perfect for any smartphone photographer!Portable and detachable, you can take incredible photos with your device - any time, anywhere.  This set of lenses works on most mobile phones that are not wider than 13mm or have a dual lens.The Flash Light will be blocked when the lens is in use.Package includes:1 x Fish Eye Lens1 x Wide Angle ( Marco Lens)Wide Angle Lens = Wide Lens + Marco Lens1 x 2X telescope lens1 x Super wide1 x CPL1 x Kaleidoscope lens1 x Lens Cap1 x Universal clip1 x EVA bag1 x Cleaning cloth1 x User manual1 x Retail box  Features: 0.36X Super Wide Lens:Angle: 145 degreeMagnification: 0.36XLens Construction: 3 elements in 3 groupsMax Diameter: 25mmLength: 15mm198° Fisheye Lens:Angle: 198 degreeMagnification: 0.28XLens Construction: 3 elements in 3 groupsMax Diameter: 25mmLength: 15mm 0.63x Wide Angle Lens:Magnification: 0.63X Lens Construction: 2 elements in 2 groupsMax Diameter: 20mmLength: 5mmFull screen, nearly no dark circle 15x Macro Lens:Magnification: 15X Lens Construction: 1 element in 1 groupMax Diameter: 20mmLength: 6mmThe shot distance is between 10~23mmNote: when you get the item, the wide angle lens and macro lens are screwed together, you can unscrew it to get one wide angle and one macro lens2x Telescope Lens:Magnification: 2X Lens Construction: 2 elements in 1 groupMax Diameter: 20mmLength: 11mm CPL Lens:Lens Construction: 2 elements in 2 groupsMax Diameter: 20mmLength: 8mmKaleidoscope Lens:Lens Construction: 1 element in 1 groupMax Diameter: 20mmLength: 8mm  ","","49.95 USD" "8812855825","Touch-Screen Gloves For Smartphones","https://supergadget.store/products/touch-screen-gloves-for-smartphones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-175021047_medium.jpg?v=1553645776","When temperature drops, does that mean less time texting and using your phone? I don't think so! Sure, your frigid fingers can make it difficult but not when you're wearing a pair of these touch-screen gloves designed specifically for mobile phones!Made of knitting and wool material, this will keep your hands warm and toasty. It has a good grip too so you won't have to worry about your phone slipping down in the snow!Unlike regular gloves, these are made with conductive fibers. This means you won't have to take your gloves off when you need to skip that playlist or send a text! Feel free to comfortably swipe and scroll all winter long!Features:Conductive yarn material makes it easy to navigate your phone without baring your handsLightweight, warm, and comfortable to wearOne-handed phone navigation with its excellent gripMade of durable fabric that won't lose its shape or fade over time. Handwash with cold water and hang to dryAvailable in multiple colors, its classic design will suit both casual and formal outfitNo need to suffer from frostbitten fingertips and numb hands! Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above!","","9.99 USD" "124448768027","Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones","https://supergadget.store/products/wireless-bluetooth-bone-conduction-headphones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-820342237_medium.jpg?v=1543480883","This is a special earphone. It might look a bit futuristic, but so are its features. And after trying these on, you’ll never want to listen to music another way again…Comfortably and securely wrapping around the back of your head and over your ears, these stay in place at all times. But unlike your usual headphones that you have to shove into the cavity of your ear, these sit right beside it.With its special innovative bone conduction technology, these headphones transmits sound by the vibration of the bones on your skull, instead of sending it directly into your eardrum. Preventing future hearing loss, as well as having to deal with uncomfortable headphones!How does that work?It’s no different from when you’re eating a cookie. When you bite into it, you can hear the crunch. This happens by the vibrations sent through your teeth and bones. It’s the same thing with this headset.Plus, with your ears wide open now, you can simultaneously listen to music or talk on the phone, all while being aware of what’s going on in your surroundings! Making this the perfect headset for when you’re talking and driving, and when you’re exercising outside. Features:Special bone conduction technology for ear-free listening and preventing ear damageWireless Bluetooth headset & Dual noise-reduction microphones for hands-free phone callsAdjustable headband adjusts to the shape of your head for comfortable wearingSweat-resistant coating for extra protection during exercise and runningUniversally Compatible - Suitable for most Bluetooth-enabled devices (iPhone & Android)Grab your headset today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to get awesome sound quality, without damaging your ears!","","59.99 USD" "1369031376973","The Incredible Self Stirring Mug","https://supergadget.store/products/the-incredible-self-stirring-mug","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-279728142_medium.jpg?v=1559634507","Are you a morning person? Because most of us aren't. As far as we're concerned, the morning is tough enough without having to stir your boiling cup of coffee or tea. Introducing The Incredible Self Stirring Mug!Stir no more! Watching this mug stir your morning brew into a hot swirling vortex at the touch of a button is guaranteed to cheer you up. Better yet, make an instant soup and watch in glee as your dehydrated croutons run laps around the rim. Ah, it’s the little things in life...How does it work you ask? A tiny battery-powered impeller at the bottom of the cup spins rapidly at the press of a button to swirl the liquid around. This has to be the ultimate gift for those super lazy hot-beverage-drinkers in your life. Yes, of course you will still need a teaspoon for adding coffee, or removing the teabag and yes, it will still need to be washed up. So in fact it's no more time-saving than using a regular mug and giving it a stir, but it's just so much cooler...Features:Press the button on the handle and cup will stir itself!Insulated design keeps drinks hot for a long timeLarge capacity (400ml) Includes travel lid with drinking holeTo clean, just pour in soap and press a button to stirStop stirring your own tea. Let the machines work for you by pressing the 'Add to cart' button now!","","19.95 USD" "296289042459","Outdoor Survivor Solar Fire Lighter","https://supergadget.store/products/ultimate-survivor-solar-fire-lighter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-407957230_medium.jpg?v=1519749277","You’ve seen it in movies and TV shows. People starting fires with the sun. It’s almost too good to be true, but now, with this tool, you can do the exact same! And it won’t take any hard work on your part… All you need is a small stick of wood and this unique gadget which reflects the sun’s rays into one single spot — the attached coil. That’s also where you’ll insert the piece of wood. Once placed in, set the entire thing down and let the beaming hot rays of the sun work its magic. Within minutes, you’ll begin to see slight fumes of smoke linger into the air. Now go check it out. What you’ll find is the bottom of the stick has a beautiful glowing red ember, making it ready to be tossed in with the rest of your tinder. This isn’t only good for fires though… If you look at the coil, you’ll notice it’s perfectly sized for a cigarette. That way, while you’re out in the wild (or if you’re just relaxing at home) you can enjoy a smoke, toasted by the natural elements of the glorious sun!Features:  Fire starter reflects the sun’s rays onto one spot to heat up anything in contact with itAttached aluminum coil holds pieces of wood, tinder, and even cigarettesWindproof and waterproof makes this a better (and cooler) way to start a fireCoil can be folded down to prevent damage and make for easy carryingPerfect for camping, hiking, hunting, or anywhereTry for yourself! Grab this solar lighter today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","9.95 USD" "49742413851","Funny (and Noticable) Bike Taillight","https://supergadget.store/products/funny-and-noticable-bike-taillight","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-103113510_medium.jpg?v=1541929546","A bike taillight is necessary. In some places, it’s the law. But other than that, it’s for your own good and safety. This taillight you see here isn’t necessary though. But you can probably imagine how much better it is at getting you noticed (and the cracks of laughter it gives others).With a nice little hook on the top, you can easily attach it underneath your bike seat. To turn it on, simply press the power button in the center. Or press it again to have it blink. Or press it once more to slowly flash.Now, as you ride through the night, you never have to worry about cars on the street because with this taillight dangling behind you, drivers won’t be able to help but notice!And not only because of its bright lighting, but also because it jiggles around as you bike over bumps and dips...Features:  4 Colors — Blue, Green, Red, Changeable3 Light Modes — Bright, Quick Flash, Low FlashFunny shaped LED bike taillight ensures your safety on the streetConvenient hook makes installation secure and easyMade of a waterproof silicone for biking through the rain Dimensions: 14.5cm X 6cm X 3cm / 5.7in X 2.4in X 1.2in If you want a good laugh, or a bit of extra protection when riding at night, or if you know a bike fanatic who needs it, this is probably the best taillight you’ll ever find.Get your hands on it today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","15.95 USD" "8831301137","Anti-Snore Chin Strap","https://supergadget.store/products/anti-snore-chin-strap","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-76868673_medium.jpg?v=1500652166","One of the most helpful prevention methods to stop snoring and curtail associated complications has recently been shown to involve nightly use of a jaw supporter. A Japanese study by the Kochi medical center recently found that the use of a jaw supporter had a marked improvement in rest rates for patients with obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.For some snorers, the jaw opens during sleep, which makes the tongue move towards the back of the throat. This obstructs the airway and limits the space air can flow through. The air that does make it through the partially blocked airway makes the noisy vibration we all know as snoring.Wearing a jaw supporting chin strap, the muscles and tissues of the tongue, inner mouth and throat are all kept in place, making sure that the airway is open at all times during sleep and thereby preventing snoring.Advantages:The device is easy to put on and solves snoring issues immediately for most people.You do not have to deal with the feeling of having a snoring mouthpiece in your mouth.The chinstrap is machine washable.Unlike mouthpieces, this chin stray is suitable to be worn by individuals with dentures, bridgework, braces, and missing teeth.","","19.95 USD" "296309456923","Tiny Multifunctional Steel Pliers","https://supergadget.store/products/tiny-multifunctional-steel-pliers","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-83396143_medium.jpg?v=1559729177","When it comes to tools, you’re often forced to carry tens of them. What’s worse, each tool does only one thing — a screwdriver screws and a knife cuts. It’s because of this, that you always have to carry a giant toolbox. This doesn’t have to be the case though…Thanks to these new portable and multi-functional stainless steel pliers, you’ll be able to carry more tools in the palm of your hands than you could ever imagine.For one, it’s a regular pair of pliers. But hidden within each handle, is an additional two bonus tools which fan out! A Philips screwdriver and knife on the left, and a flathead screwdriver and file on the right. That’s five different tools in one.And to top it off, there’s a handy keychain hooked onto it for safekeeping and convenience. Whether you’re doing handiwork, or out camping, this is the tool you’ll want to have on hand at all times. And because of its compact foldable design, this won’t be a problem at all.Features: 5-in-1 Multifunctional pliers reduces need for carrying multiple toolsContains pliers, Philips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, knife, and fileMade of stainless steel for efficient performance and durabilityFolds up into a ball for the ultimate space-saving designIncluded keychain for safekeepingToss out your one-dimensional tools. And upgrade to these multi-functional pliers today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","15.95 USD" "9771553617","Ultimate Kitchen Tool: 6-in-1 Bottle + Can + Jar Opener","https://supergadget.store/products/6-in-1-bottle-can-jar-opener-ultimate-kitchen-tool","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-249648599_medium.jpg?v=1529408645","Buying individual kitchen tools cost extra money. But not only that, they also take up too much space. Good news is, you can solve both these problems with just this one simple tool. Only about 10 inches long, this contains several practical functions for your everyday needs…Knife going dull? Use this!Have a can that needs to be opened? Use this!Can’t twist the cap off your soda bottle? Use this!Want to pop open a nice fresh beer with the buddies? Guess what? Use this!Think about it… In just this small utensil is multiple different tools you would’ve originally bought by themselves. And again, not only that, but this tool is also designed to be compact, so you can save more room and keep your kitchen organized!Features:All in one, this contains a knife sharpener, can opener, bottle opener, beer opener (and more)Saves you money from buying multiple kitchen toolsFeatures 7 built-in tools for prying open other types of containers and tinsSmall, compact, and portable for ease of use and travelingAre you beginning to realize how much money you can save with this one device? Don’t spend another dime on a knife sharpener, can opener, or beer opener. Get this today at a fraction of the price, with all the same functions by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","14.95 USD" "121786269723","Two Stage Ceramic Knife Sharpener","https://supergadget.store/products/ceramic-knife-sharpener","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-78255314_medium.jpg?v=1506436759","Cook often? Then this might sound familiar… You’re in the kitchen and you have a bunch of vegetables to dice up. So you take out what your favorite knife and start chopping away. But like always, as you’re cutting just a simple tomato, you find your knife can never finely slice through it in one stroke. It always takes several times going back and forth to finally carve out an average piece. Now you might think this is normal, but as you’ll see after using this, it’s not… This two-stage knife sharpener contains a unique sharpening wheel design for both coarse and fine grinding. All you have to do is hold it down by the handle, and take your lovely (but weak) knife and run it through one of the slots. And after a few seconds, you’ll end up with a knife as sharp as a top-level chef’s! Now, take it back to the cutting board and test it out on that same tomato. What you’ll find is in one smooth motion, the blade instantly sinks straight through for the perfect slice!Features: 3 Colors — Green, Grey, RedTurn any dull knife into a high-quality one like that of a professional chef’sSharpening wheel design makes sharpening fast and easyTwo-stage design for either coarse or fine grindingBuilt-in handle for keeping your hands safe from cutting yourselfDimensions: 190mm X 50mm X 55mm / 7.5in X 2.0in X 2.2inDon’t throw out your whacky knives just yet! Transform them into quality ones by grabbing your knife sharpener today. Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","15.95 USD" "9800040145","Star Wars Lightsaber with Light & Sound Effects","https://supergadget.store/products/star-wars-lightsaber-with-light-sound-effects","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-300596650_medium.jpg?v=1559729550","May the force be with you — not with just one lightsaber, but with two! Whether you want to wield one in each hand (Jar’Kai method) like Ahsoka Tona did, or combine them to form a double-bladed lightsaber (also known as a saberstaff), created and used by Darth Maul himself, you might want to get this set! ","","29.95 USD" "8831923281","Mini Bluetooth Headset with Mic for iPhone or Android Devices","https://supergadget.store/products/stereo-mini-bluetooth-headset-with-mic-for-iphone-or-android-devices","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-104578380_medium.jpg?v=1515413292","Are you often on the phone while driving? Even though you know it’s risky and dangerous?Don’t worry, the police won’t be notified. But you might want to get this headset for your own safety (and to prevent getting pulled over)…With its earbud and ear-hook design (depending which model you choose), this comfortably stays on your ear during the entire car ride. You won’t even remember that it’s there! Now, just sync your phone via Bluetooth to start answering incoming calls by pressing the button on the headset. With its built-in microphone and automatic noise reducing technology, you and the person you’re speaking to can hear each other crystal-clear!Never again do you have to hold your phone in one hand, while driving with the other. This single headset provides you with wireless and hands-free talking!Features:Compatible with iPhone and Android devices2 Sleek colors with ear-hookHeadset allows hands-free pickup to ensure safety while drivingBuilt-in microphone and noise reducing technology for HD quality soundComfortably fits in either ear Operating Range: 10 meters (33 feet)Battery lasts up to 6 hoursComes with USB charging cable (1.5-2 hour charge time)Don’t risk getting in an accident or getting pulled over just because of your phone. Prevent both of those from happening to you by getting your headset today! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","9.95 USD" "62692524059","Credit Card Style USB Flash Drive","https://supergadget.store/products/credit-card-style-usb-flash-drive","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-522550343_medium.jpg?v=1519749055","** Important: Please choose your design and storage capacity in the drop down menu above before adding this item to the cart!**Flash drives contain important files. It’s everything you can’t afford to lose. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens…We lose them. It’s not entirely your fault though. Most flash drives are super tiny. And there’s almost never a good place to keep them. Until now…These credit card flash drives guarantee it never gets lost.Designed like a real-life credit card, you now have a safe place to hold them — your wallet! And just because they look like a credit card, don’t think for a second that these can’t perform like a real flash drive…With six different credit cards to choose from, they all have a hidden built-in USB on the left side. And depending on your needs, can store up to 128GB in memory! Features: 6 different realistic credit card flash drive designsHolds either 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GBBuilt and designed like an actual credit card so you can keep it in your wallet Never lose your flash drive again,keep important files handyHidden USB flips out for usageWeighs only 37 grams (1.3 ounces)Your flash drive is important. Get this credit card one today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button now to make sure you never lose it again! Just make sure you don’t take this out at the cash register ;-)** Important: Please choose your design and storage capacity in the drop down menu above before adding this item to the cart!**","","14.95 USD" "1385319759949","2-in-1 Car Anti-Glare Day And Night Visor","https://supergadget.store/products/2-in-1-car-anti-dazzle-day-and-night-visor","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-728773889_medium.jpg?v=1561083303","Are you sensitive to the reflections caused by the sunlight or the lights of passing headlights in the night? Or would you just like to improve your visual clarity and security while driving?With this day and night visor, rainy days, the night, sunlight and other nuisances will eliminate eye fatigue and help you stay focused!Features: Easy to install and removeUniversal, compatible with most vehicles360-degree rotationCan be adjusted horizontallyAnti-UV lightInstalled directly on front of the car CD plateThe design and installation does not affect the use of the original CD board behind the mirror functions This visor does not change the colors of what you see, it only makes everything more vivid and clear. Also, once folded back into place, the space it takes up is minimal. No more night blindness or light sensitivity!  Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above and start dimming those bothersome headlights or sunlight in your eyes!","","29.99 USD" "2416076030029","Ergonomic Memory Foam Leg Pillow (Wake Up Without Back Pain!)","https://supergadget.store/products/memory-foam-knee-leg-pillow-bed-cushion-wedge-pressure-relief-sleep-support-aid","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/HTB1Hbd0aozrK1RjSspmq6AOdFXa5_medium.jpg?v=1551947309","Do your sciatica, back pain, knee and hip problems keep you awake all night? No amount of tossing and turning will ease your pain!How about you try this memory leg pillow? People who sleep on their side know that placing a pillow in between your legs can make all the difference. It keeps your head, neck, spine, hip, and pelvic area in neutral alignment and thus reduces stress on your hips and lower back. It also keep your knees from grinding painfully together! While not all pillows are created equal, this one simply ticks all the right boxes! It'll stay in place all night, won't go flat over time, and won't cause additional heat!A simple solution without spending thousands of dollars on chiropractic sessions, this pillow could make a huge difference to your aching back. Features: Made of 100% high-quality Visco-elastic memory foam, it is durable, comfortable, and hypoallergenicThe hourglass shape holds both of your legs in place even as you roll or change position throughout the nightThe high memory foam follows the natural curvature of your legs so after a while, you won't even notice its thereIt promotes proper spine alignment to prevent stress on the back, hips,  and pelvic region and alleviates tension in the hamstrings and calvesRelieves pain and discomfort caused by sciatica, low back strain, scoliosis, bursitis, knee problems, and moreMay also assist with restless leg syndrome, post surgery recovery, or for pregnant womenComes in a breathable and machine washable zippered cover for easy cleaningRecommended by Physical Therapists, Doctors, Sports Trainers and ChiropractorsSay goodbye to aching backs and restless nights! Click the “Add To Cart” button now, improve your sleep quality and your body's natural sleep posture.","","24.99 USD" "9778447313","Multi-Functional Car Jump Starter Survival Kit","https://supergadget.store/products/new-design-16000mah-super-capacity-multi-function-12v-car-jump-starter-4usb-power-bank-compass-sos-lights-car-battery-charger","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/car_medium.jpg?v=1559736364","Drive a car? It might be more dangerous than you think — and this isn’t just about car accidents… But real-life emergencies.Whether that be your car breaking down and you can’t start it, or you get lost in the wilderness with your gas on empty (or even when your phone dies), these can all be dangerous. Especially if you’re not prepared and have no idea what to do.Luckily, in each of these situations (and more), you can be ready at anytime with just this one huge power bank.Not only does this have 4 built-in USB ports for bringing your phones and laptops back to life,  but with an incredible battery capacity of 16,000mah, you can jumpstart your car too! Simply by using this power bank and its included jumper cables, you’ll never be stuck in the middle of the road again.But that’s not all! With a built-in hammer and blade for emergency escapes, a powerful flashlight for vision and signaling, and a compass for direction, think of this power bank as your complete car survival kit. Package includes:1 x Car Jump Starter Battery (includes jumper cables)1 x Charger Plug (LED lights indicate how charged your battery is)1 x Car Charger Adapter (can be charged in the car)1 x 4-in-1 USB Charger Cable (charges phones, MP3 players, car refrigerators, and more)1 x Storage Battery Wire Clip1 x 8-in-1 Laptop adapter1 x User Manual (for simple instructions)1 x Bag (for safe and easy carry)Also contains 4 built-in USB ports, a hammer, blade, flashlight, and compassYou never know when you might be stuck with your car broken down, with no one nearby to help. And if you often go hiking, camping, or on road trips, this is a must-have! Stay safe and get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!Specs:Special Features: Cigarette Lighter Starter,USB,Lighting,Warning Light,SOS LightingExternal Testing Certification: CEItem Weight: 1-1.2kgNumber Of Built-in Batteries: 4Voltage: 12V","","99.95 USD" "597159247899","Crocodile-Grip Universal Car Phone Holder","https://supergadget.store/products/crocodile-grip-universal-car-phone-holder","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_8f74760a-a2ff-4e74-982b-13afc61427ae_medium.jpg?v=1559728794","Features:The reusable gel pad sticks to flat & curved dashboards (May not work on leather dashboards).Mounts phone LANDSCAPE ONLY with 2 different viewing angles.Car mount holder with sleek design Easily insert and remove phone with one hand.Compatible with ALL smartphones, including iPhone X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6S/6S Plus/Galaxy Note 8/S8/S8 Plus/S7 Edge","","21.99 USD" "8831696337","Super Soft & Snuggly Mermaid Blanket","https://supergadget.store/products/195x95cm-yarn-knitted-mermaid-tail-blanket-super-soft","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-203440845_medium.jpg?v=1559736631","Super cozy & comfy snuggle blanket for you or your child. This mermaid tail blanket works like a sleeping bag and there is enough room to comfortably wiggle your feet. Durable and great quality, this will make the perfect gift for any aspiring mermaid or Merman! Please choose your desired color and size in the drop down menu above before adding this item to the cart.","","19.95 USD" "9799818065","Remote Controlled Racing Speed Boat","https://supergadget.store/products/high-speed-skytech-h100-rc-boat-2-4ghz-4-channel-30km-h-racing-remote-control-boat-with-lcd-screen-as-gift-for-children-toys","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-319921381_medium.jpg?v=1559730117","Do you love speed boats? And wish you can ride in one?Then this toy is for you…Unlike real speed boats that cost you a fortune, you can still get the same excitement and adrenaline rush with this high speed RC boat.With a powerful motor and professionally designed propeller and steering rudder, this boat can dash off in seconds and reach speeds up to 19MPH (30KM/H)! And with its easy-to-use remote control, you don’t have to worry about crashing or wiping out either. Besides, even if you do, this boat is completely waterproof! Protecting all electrical equipment built and stored inside the cockpit, your boat will safely run until the battery’s out.Just gently set it down on water, pull on the throttle trigger, and before your eyes, it’ll speed away into the distance... REAL FAST!Features:High speed racing boat can go up to 30km/h!Doesn't capsize (flips automatically)Transmitter has left / right hand throttle switch function for both right and left handed usersCool design and simple operation makes this the perfect gift for advanced or beginner racers  Although extremely fun by itself, it’s even better when you have two boats to race each other! Just imagine how fun that will be… So if you want to get yours today, just click the “Add To Cart” button above now to experience a boat ride like never before!","","59.95 USD" "476908978203","Flexible Phone Holder and Charger (For iPhone or Android)","https://supergadget.store/products/flexible-phone-holder-and-charger-for-iphone-or-android","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-414597274_medium.jpg?v=1559777878","We all know about phone mounts and holders. You probably own one. But you’ve probably never seen a holder like this one…This holder isn’t just any ordinary holder. It’s also a phone charger!Yes! On one end is a USB port, and on the other end is a port for either your iPhone or Android smart phone (please choose the suitable plug type in the drop down menu above). Just like a normal charger, but only this time, the wire is covered in a flexible  aluminum alloy material for extra durability and stability. Able to be molded and bent into any position you want, this holder is perfect for connecting to your car to turn your phone into a GPS, or for connecting to your laptop when you’re Facetiming.And while you’re looking at the map or laughing with your friend, you never have to worry about your phone accidentally dying because it’ll be charging the entire time!Features: Compatible with any phone (choose your plug type in the drop down menu above)  Phone holder securely holds your phone up to use as a GPS, tripod, or for video callsAllows you to charge your phone at the same time so you never get lost or disconnectedIncluded car clip makes sure your phone holder doesn’t bounce or move aroundStrong, flexible aluminum alloy material lets you position your phone in any way you like Upgrade your phone. Get this flexible phone holder today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","14.95 USD" "1328475996237","4-in-1 Type-C Hub / Card Reader","https://supergadget.store/products/4-in-1-type-c-hub-card-reader","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-506175156_medium.jpg?v=1559771014","This 4-in-1 Type-C Hub boasts any slots you could possibly need in one convenient handy adapter. Features:Supports the following inputs: TF / MICRO SD / Micro SDHC / Micro SHXC / Micro-USB / Regular USBLight and convenient","","19.95 USD" "1372261220429","2 Piece Silicone Folding Colander Set","https://supergadget.store/products/2-piece-silicone-folding-colander-set","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-541143549_medium.jpg?v=1559401540","Are your kitchen tools piling up and cluttered? Well, clutter no more! If you want to save some much needed space or just want to be more organized then this modern, easy to wash space-saving-design colander set is the solution in any kitchen big or small. Made of durable, flexible silicone, these colanders will get you years of use!Features: Collapsible, folding, space-saving-design Collapsed colander is less than 2 inches high!Made of high quality nonstick food grade siliconeEasy to clean and dishwasher safeHeat resistantDesigned with your convenience in mind, this set will make your time and space in your kitchen easier, simpler and healthier - starting now!Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","15.95 USD" "1395133284429","Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Straws (4pcs)","https://supergadget.store/products/4pcs-stainless-steel-reusable-drinking-straws","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-815608520_medium.jpg?v=1561134673","Have you become more of an environmentalist lately? Or do you just feel that plastic straws suck? Either way, here is a small solution that can change our environment, a whole lot!Last year, in America alone, about 390 million plastic straws were used a day! But with these stainless steel reusable straws, we can make a difference. Re-invent the simple pleasures of drinking from a straw without polluting the planet or risking your health, since these straws are made of high-quality stainless steel, these dishwasher-safe, reusable straws will last a lifetime!Features: Food Grade 18/8 stainless steel, non-toxic, BPA and lead free, no metal aftertasteEco-friendlySafe and reusable (Note: Be careful with hot drink while using this straw.)Anti-rust and corrosion resistant without harmful chemicals Hard to breakEasy to clean with included cleaning brushPlease note: The straw box needs to be purchased separately. This small product has a massive impact!! It can give you all the fun and flexibility of drinking from a straw with none of the health or environmental concerns. Get yours today and make a difference by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","9.95 USD" "1353954820173","Super Comfortable Travel Pillow","https://supergadget.store/products/super-comfortable-travel-pillow","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-898272401_medium.jpg?v=1559770743","Think back to your last flight or train ride. Maybe it was a long one, or maybe a short one. But there’s one thing we can all agree on that makes traveling terrible…And that’s not being able to sleep!Despite having a pillow or not, it’s still nearly impossible to sleep comfortably on a plane or train. It almost always ends up with an aching neck! But not when you have this…This specially designed travel pillow is better than any regular pillow you’ll use.Made of a 40 thread count, poly-cotton blend material, this soft travel pillow comfortably wraps around your neck like a scarf. And with its internal support system, your head will be kept in a natural position for quality sleep.So instead of you having to awkwardly bend your neck to lean your head against the hard surface of the window, you can wrap this on, sit back, and go to sleep knowing you’ll never wake up in pain again. Features:5 Colors — Gray, Black, Brown, Navy, RedTravel pillow guarantees easy, pain-free sleep when travelingMade of a high-quality, poly-cotton blend that’s soft to the touchWears like a scarf to prevent waking up with stiff neck and aching shouldersInternal support system holds your head upright in a natural positionCompact and lightweight for bringing on long plane, train, and car ridesDon’t give up sleep! Grab your travel pillow today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to experience a sleep on the road like you’ve never had before.","","22.99 USD" "596868628507","Magnetic Wrist Band for Holding Screws Nails & Tools","https://supergadget.store/products/magnetic-wrist-band-for-holding-screws-nails-tools","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-367835273_medium.jpg?v=1559773840","Magnetic wristbands are great for handymen who need to store small metal bits and screws on their wrists as they do repairs at home or on a construction site. They effectively provide you with a 'third hand'.​Ideal for gripping nails, bolts, screws, and smaller tools, they are often employed by home repairmen, wood workers, carpenters, auto mechanics, plumbers, and general contractors.  ","","14.95 USD" "1419618385997","Staple-Free Mini Stapler","https://supergadget.store/products/7-sheet-capacity-staple-free-mini-stapler","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-514714117_medium.jpg?v=1559773257","How frustrating is it to run out of staples and then having to look around for new ones? Or what about getting a stack of stapled papers and then trying to take them apart with your fingers because no one knows where the staple wire remover is? Of course, you end up hurting your finger with the sharp wires. We've seen it all! You need not suffer from these daily annoyances at home or in the office anymore! Eliminating the need for staple wires makes this safe and convenient for kids or anyone who has trouble handling sharp, pointy objects, and the design is super cool. It works the same way as your old stapler. Just insert paper sheets and press it down. It will slice the paper and create a little flap, binding it effectively. That's it, no force needed! Features: Eco-friendly - staple-lessErgonomic design Palm-sized and safe for kids Easily staples up to 5 paper sheets Time and money saving - no need for staples or remover!This staple-free stapler is perfect for school, home, shop, office and many others. Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","19.95 USD" "9846278225","Waterproof USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight","https://supergadget.store/products/usb-rechargeable-led-flashlight-high-quality-powerful-mini-cree-led-torch-xml-waterproof-design-pen-hanging-with-metal-clip","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-108543504_medium.jpg?v=1500819829","The power’s out! There’s a big storm outside. And you better find a flashlight quick.You tear down the house for hours. Then finally find a small silver one in the drawer. You switch it on and it shines bright. Great! But you remember that the batteries haven’t been changed for a while. And just as you realized, the flashlight flickers and powers off. You go look for extra batteries, but you’re fresh out! Luckily, with this pen-shaped electric torch, you won’t have to worry…Because now, instead of needing to constantly buy new batteries, this flashlight has a built-in one that’s rechargeable with its included USB cable. Making this extremely reliable during power outages (or when camping) since you can turn it on by plugging it into your laptop, power bank, or car.With a powerful brightness of 1200 lumens, and lifetime of 10,000 hours, this will last you for many years to come. And you’ll never have to buy batteries again!Features: Rechargeable flashlight with included USB charging cableLED bulbs shine a bright moon-shaped light at 1200 lumens Waterproof & Made with a durable aluminum alloy in a shiny silver colorDesigned with stainless steel pen clip for keeping on your shirt, belt, and pocketLasts a lifetime of 10,000 hoursPerfect for home, work, and during outdoor activitiesDimensions: 130mm X 13mm / 5in X 0.5inDon’t waste your money on a flashlight AND batteries! Get this waterproof rechargeable one today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","15.95 USD" "641205796891","World Travel Scratch Off Map","https://supergadget.store/products/world-travel-scratch-off-map","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/2_a8f707cc-3a9c-4792-baf7-77cc30523bb0_medium.jpg?v=1559737534","Have you ever wondered which countries in the world you have already visited? Sometimes it's hard to keep track... The best way to track your travels, however, is with this World Travel Scratch Off  Map. This interactive map has a gold top foil area, much like a scratch ticket, so that you can scratch a country off the map whenever you return from your visit.Features:High quality world mapShow off to friends and families where you've been travellingComes packaged in a tube, making it a perfect gift for travel aficionados","","19.95 USD" "1314778808397","Outdoor Motion Sensor Light (Solar Powered)","https://supergadget.store/products/solar-powered-motion-activated-outdoor-led-light","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/ms3_1024x1024_c9c53f8b-42fb-4f7d-b194-b224f9020dd5_medium.jpg?v=1543840393","Outdoor lights can be very costly and require tedious installation, cables and drilling. Illuminate your outdoor space with this innovative Motion-Activated Outdoor LED Light that is charged by the sun. This is the perfect lighting solution for your garden, garage, stairway or patio.","","25.95 USD" "474760675355","LED Flame Flicker Lightbulb","https://supergadget.store/products/flame-lamp-fire-light-bulb","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1509661352095500241_medium.jpg?v=1559737905","Instantly give your home a more relaxing and cozy atmosphere with this special lightbulb! Everybody loves the soft fire of a candle. It’s soothing and captivating. But not many people use them anymore because they always need to be replaced. This single lightbulb is changing that forever though…Without needing gas or actual fire, it still lights up and moves like a real flame. As long as it’s powered on, it’ll flicker and dance non-stop, filling the bulb with a warm orange blaze. And your room, with a romantic vibe like how real candles do. Only this time, you don’t have to worry about the flame ever going out.This lightbulb also works like a normal one. To switch between the two modes, just power it on and off. Perfectly suited for the bedroom, bathroom, dining table, or even special occasions like birthdays and family gatherings, you don’t want to miss out on an extravagant light like this one! Just watching the lively flame imbues you with a warm, soft feeling inside.Features: LED Lightbulb gives off a realistic flame effectContains two light settings — flame, normalMade of a durable PC shell to resist temperatures of up to 221ºF (105℃)Can be powered on for a long-lasting total of 50,000 hoursSpice it up! Get your fire lightbulb today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to enliven your home when you’re feeling fancy.","","19.95 USD" "9795623889","Toy Walkie Talkie for Awesome Outdoor Play","https://supergadget.store/products/toy-walkie-talkie","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-343310177_medium.jpg?v=1559772453","** Please make sure you select the right frequency for your country: EU frequency for European countries only. For all other countries, choose US frequency.Children love talking and chatting. And if yours do, you won’t believe how much they’ll play with this thing once you buy it for them…Walkie-talkies are made for communication. But if you’re creative enough, you can turn these into a fantastic game for your kids.Especially designed so they’re easy to use and easy to carry, just show them how it works, and watch as your child figures out a fun way to play with these handheld radio transceivers. Like a real walkie-talkie, these are nearly the exact same. Simply match the channels, and hold onto the “Talk” button to chat. All it takes is 3 AA batteries (not included). Now, whether you’re out camping, hiking, around your yard, or even inside your home, with its wide communication range, you can always put these to good use. Perfect for a parent and their child, but a lot more entertaining to see two kids play together.Features: • Easy two-way communication by matching channels on walkie-talkie• Fun and creative way to keep in touch with your children, or to have them play together• Small and lightweight for easy carrying — can clip onto belts or pants• Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)• Communication Range: Up to 700 meters (outdoors)Take a step back from all the advanced electronic games. And have your children play outside with a highly intensive and interactive toy that focuses on building their communication and imagination skills. Simply click the “Add To Cart” button above to get yours now!","","29.95 USD" "1421768818765","Ultimate Travel Organizer Bag Set (6+1)","https://supergadget.store/products/6pcs-organizing-nylon-handbag-set-with-travel-bag","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/Screen_Shot_2018-08-29_at_1.32.11_PM_medium.png?v=1559772917","Are you planning a luxurious vacation any time soon? Or do you frequent the gym? Either way, you must get organized ASAP, and we can help! This superb 6pcs bag set will make sure you're tip top on the packing front. It's multifunctional purpose can not only be used as a clothing storage bag but also as a cosmetic bag, stationary bag, candy bag, shoe bag, book bag and so on.Features: Space saving by separating clean and dirty clothes, towels or cosmetics50% Bigger than normal size bags available on the market Meticulous stitching and beautiful outlines, smooth two-way zippers, breathable mesh tops that allow for excellent visibilitySturdy lightweight handleOur 6 pcs set comes with 3 cubes (foldable) and 3 envelopesThis awesome set is Ideal for active lifestyles including traveling, backpacking, camping, gym life, beach, kids organizing or yoga. Plus! We added an extra travel bag, just cause we thought you might need it.So, if your'e in need of a great organizing item, then click the "Add to Cart" button above today! ","","29.95 USD" "699676721179","Replacement Purifying Mineral Beads For Shower Head","https://supergadget.store/products/replacement-shower-head-beads","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-310491402_medium.jpg?v=1559773591","Tourmaline beads in the handle release negative ions promoting a fresh and vibrant shower experience. They soften the water and help reduce bacteria. The tiny micropores in the shower head also reduce water consumption, nebulize the water and help reduce chlorine in the water, leaving hair shiny and soft.","","9.95 USD" "9803941649","Interactive Electronic Dog Toy","https://supergadget.store/products/interactive-electronic-dog-toy","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-191962076_medium.jpg?v=1519749104","For children who always beg you for a pet dog… this toy will (temporarily) satisfy their wishes.As parents, you can’t always afford to have a dog. And it hurts to see your child cry about it. But don’t worry because this interactive electronic toy moves AND sounds just like a real pup (and doesn’t need feeding or walking either)!Just plug in 4 batteries, and watch it spring to life!These dogs all contain a soft, pet-able fur that your child simply can’t resist. And when you give the pup a good pet on the back, it’ll instantly react to your touch! Or if you call your dog over (or make any noise), it’ll respond too!With realistic barking noises, and 8 different movements — such as bow, crawl, beg, etc. — this plush dog will keep your kid entertained for hours on end because there’s no telling what your new pet will do next…Features:• 7 different realistic dog breeds• Responds and interacts to touch and sound• Makes barking noises, and contains up to 8 different movements• Comes to life with just  4 batteries (not included)Fulfill your child’s one biggest wish today, with this soft furry creature. Just pick your favorite breed, and click the “Add To Cart” button above now! I wonder what your kid will name him…","","39.95 USD" "65736015899","Head Massage Tool","https://supergadget.store/products/head-massage-tool","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-276273306_medium.jpg?v=1559772046","Do you think you’re suffering from stress? And need a nice massage or relaxing treatment at the end of your hard-working days? Then you might not want to bother your partner, or waste money at an expensive spa because this weird looking tool can soothe your mind, send tingles down your spine, and have you completely relaxed in seconds.It’s a head massager. And you don’t need anyone else, but just your hand to use it. It might look weird and a bit freaky at first, but these thin octopus-like “tentacles” give your head an unbelievably relaxing scratch. Just hold the device above your head, and slowly run the wires down your scalp. Feel each rounded tip rub against your skin. It might tickle a little. But as you continue to move the massager back and forth, you’ll find yourself with your eyes closed, unable to stop because of how calming it feels.Your friends might think you’re crazy. But let them have a try, and they’ll be in just as much shock as you were.Features: 12 Flexible wires to massage and conform around your headHelps release tension and stress after a long dayIncreases blood flow and circulation to relieve aches and painsCompact size makes for simple and safe use anywhere you goCan also be used for knees, elbows, ankles, and other jointsBefore you go and spend hundreds on a spa treatment, you might want to give this a try. Just click the “Add To Cart” button above to get yours now!","","9.95 USD" "650199334939","GANZO G202B MultiTool (Black)","https://supergadget.store/products/ganzo-multitool","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-534208337_medium.jpg?v=1559771875","Whether you want to upgrade your camping or survival gear - this plier multitool will take care of all the tough jobs. This practical multi-tool fits conveniently in your pocket for easy carry. The thick-gauge, extra-durable stainless steel construction makes it a sturdy tool for performing all required outdoor functions. Run of the mill problems will be no match for this tough tool.Features: Pliers & Steel wire-cutterCan/bottle openerFine edge bladeSerrated blade (cuts easily through cord)Serrated blade (wood saw)Bit reamer (with hole)Flat screwdriverScissors12 Screw Driver Set (1-3# cross screwdriver, 7/5/3mm flat screwdriver, 6/5/4/3/1.5mm hexagonal screwdriver)Can openerFits conveniently in your pocket, purse, or glove boxIncludes protective case for your wallet or purse ","","39.95 USD" "8831548817","Awesome Rubber Band Hand Gun","https://supergadget.store/products/awesome-rubber-band-hand-gun","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-830926148_medium.jpg?v=1547726817","Easy to load and shoot! This Rubber Band Gun Pistol can load up to 9 rubber bands. The hand grip features easy access to the trigger so even small hands can easily operate the gun.Fully assembled… just pull it out of the box, line up little army men targets, plastic bottles or whatever, load up the rubber band gun with ammo, and start shooting away!Shoots rubber bands semi-automatic style. Each trigger pull releases a separate rubber band. The faster you pull the trigger, the faster the rubber bands are released. Maximum range is around 20 feet.Includes 1 rubber band gun pistol Great for ages 8 and older. Adult supervision recommended.","","14.99 USD" "2442560503885","In-Ear Portable Hearing Aid","https://supergadget.store/products/high-quality-new-hearing-aid-portable-small-mini-personal-sound-amplifier-in-the-ear-tone-volume-adjustable-hearing-aids-care","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-305406113_medium.jpg?v=1553425904","Do you or anyone you know suffer from hearing loss? Accepting the fact that your hearing isn't as good as it used to be is never easy, not for you nor the people around you. Once you've faced up to your new reality though and start to look around for hearing aids, it becomes even more overwhelming. Why? For starters, there's a gazillion of hearing aids out there, and they all cost a lot of money - it's daylight robbery!Now, we believe that good hearing doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. This is why we are offering this pair at a discounted amazing price of $39.99, 33% less than an already significantly affordable price of $59.99. We want to give you back the ability to hear your loved ones voices without breaking the bank!Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can get one delivered to your door for less than $50? We urge you to try it out and see if it improves your standard of living or give it to a loved one as a thoughtful gift!Features: Made of premium quality plastic material that is both durable and comfortable to wear Good sound quality and reduced noiseEarplugs are available in 4 different sizes designed to fit both earsCutting-edge mini micro processor technology with anti-drop and anti-shock qualitiesExtremely portable and easy to carryDiscreet and lightweightComes with a storage case and a user manualPerfect for watching a movie, attending a class, shopping, or just talking to your friends and family on a day to day basisEasy to operate, ideal for those with mildly impaired hearing abilityNo one likes to keep repeating themselves over and over again! Click the "Add to Cart" button above and improve your hearing ability! ","","29.99 USD" "3521292697677","Portable Foot Hammock","https://supergadget.store/products/smelov-wholesale-portable-chair-office-home-foot-hammock-travel-outdoor-indoor-mini-foot-feet-rest-hammock-black","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/image_14_medium.png?v=1555839674","Getting on a long haul flight can be nightmarish. You sit trapped for hours with your legs uncomfortably bunched together, your feet cramped in your own tiny little space. With not much room to move around, finding a comfortable place is nigh impossible. The result? Muscle and joint pain, lower back ache, numb legs, stiffness, and sitting fatigue. Take the pain out of plane travel with this portable foot hammock!Simply hang it up on the arms of the tray table and presto! A gently swaying foot hammock that allows you to elevate and cradle your feet the entire flight. No more twisting side to side, no more cramping and restrained stretching. Now you can enjoy the rest of your flight comfortably so you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go!Features: Ideal for long journeys (plane, bus, trains), the office, or simply for lounging at homeMade of soft polyester with memory foam for your ultimate comfortDimensions: 43 x 22 cm, highly recommended for those 5'10" or shorterDiscreet, lightweight, and compactDesigned to easily fit into your carry on luggageOffers feet, leg, and lower back supportPrevents lower back pain, knee pain, stiffness, leg and foot swelling, varicose veins, and DVT Adjustable strapsNo complicated setupWashable Not enough leg room? Click the "Add to Cart" button and create your own first class seat!","","14.99 USD" "330193436699","Military Style Tactical Watch - Water & Shockproof","https://supergadget.store/products/military-style-tactical-watch-water-shockproof","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-266228052_medium.jpg?v=1559778237","This is for the down and dirty, rough and gritty. Ones who get straight to business. They don’t waste time, and they’re always on time. If that sounds like you, this watch, both in function and appearance, will suit you perfectly.First, with a stronger and bulkier design (and if you’d like, with a bold color), you can feel the natural power of its essence on your wrist. After all, military watches like this one were made, as you can guess, specifically for the courageous men in the military. Featured with no more and no less typical watch functions, you can expect straightforward and to-the-point time telling. But what separates it from the rest, is its larger band and case. Not only does this ensure better durability and superb long-lasting wear, but allows for extra features like a bright backlight, a week display, and a water-resistant construction.Features: Military watch displays both digital and analog clocks on a large dial for precise time readingsLED backlight function for easy reading in the darkContains a week display so you stay on top of schedule at all timesSecond hand with Japanese quartz movements and second counter for pinpoint accuracyMade of 30 meter water-resistant and mud-resistant rubber case with hardened glass for extra durability You can never go wrong with a classic military watch like this one. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!Specs:Water Resistance Depth: 3BarBand Width: 21mmCase Material: PlasticDial Diameter: 48mmCase Thickness: 17mmBand Length: 22cm","","29.95 USD" "1338360102989","Tidy 4-In-1 Kitchen Roll Dispenser (Plastic Wrap / Paper Towels / Aluminum Foil / Baking Paper)","https://supergadget.store/products/tidy-4-in-1-kitchen-roll-dispenser-plastic-wrap-paper-towels-aluminum-foil","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-414465769_medium.jpg?v=1559773516","If you love a tidy kitchen then you need this neat kitchen roll dispenser! Neatly stores and dispenses plastic wrap, tin foil, paper towels or baking paper...","","35.95 USD" "8831386833","11-in-1 Multi-function Bike Repair Tool","https://supergadget.store/products/coolchange-11-in-1-multi-function-bike-repair-tool","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/CoolChange-11-in-1-Multifunzione-Strumenti-di-Riparazione-Della-Bicicletta-Ciclismo-Catena-Rivetto-Estrattore-Chiave-Esagonale_medium.jpg?v=1542270978","Did your bike ever break down during a bike ride? Forcing you to trot the rest of the way? Or head to the nearest shop to get it repaired? Then you’re making the same mistake as most people…What’s that? They’re leaving the house completely unprepared! But with this 11-in-1 bike tool, you’ll be ready for any random break downs, accidents, or unexpected jams. Small and compact this is, you won’t have to ride around carrying a huge toolset. This fits directly in your bike bag or pants pocket! Plus, because it weighs just 6 ounces (170 grams), riding will still be as comfortable as usual.This multi-functional device consists of 7 hex keys, a flathead screwdriver, a cross screwdriver, a T25 Torx, and a chain tool — all made with a high-quality, durable plated carbon steel, held together with an aluminum alloy covered handle!Features:11-in-1 Multi-functional mechanic tool for general bike repairs and maintenanceConsists of 7 hex keys (2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm), flathead and cross screwdriver, T25 Torx, and chain toolPortable toolset for easy carrying in your bag or pocket during every bike rideWeighs only 6 ounces (170 grams)Dimensions: 75mm X 45mm X 20mm / 3in X 1.8in X 0.8inNow just bring this with you the next time you head out, and you’ll be prepared for any emergency bike repairs. Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","19.95 USD" "300958023707","Portable Flint & Kerosene Fire Starter","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-flint-kerosene-fire-starter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-338027908_medium.jpg?v=1559778519","Going camping, hiking or hunting? You don't want to get lost and be stuck without a fire... But you don't have to worry when you have this portable fire starter. It could turn out to be a life saver on your next outdoors adventure.This useful lighter can be used anywhere under any condition, including rainy weather or freezing temperatures. It's made out of light weight steel and the small design mean you can easily take it with you anywhere.All you need to do is add a little gasoline or kerosene into the container and then use the flint body to light a small piece of paper, dry grass or bark.Features: Made out of high quality steelSmall & lightweight mean you can carry it with you anywhereWorks under any conditionCan be used over 15,000 timesPackage includes: 1x Match Lighter (Fuel not included)Don't go outdoors without this useful fire starter! Get yours by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","9.95 USD" "72763473947","Mini Magic Pen Inductive Vehicles","https://supergadget.store/products/mini-magic-pen-inductive-vehicles","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-913545906_medium.jpg?v=1559779296","Kids love playing with toy cars and racetracks. But most of them take up huge amounts of room. And usually end up broken after a few weeks.Not this set, however.Unlike those toy racetracks that you have to spend time snapping each piece into place, all you need for this is a piece of paper, a marker, and some imagination.Here’s how it works…With the included marker (or any black marker/crayon), simply draw out a racetrack. It can be small, large, round, straight, squiggly, anything you want. Then when finished, start up your car.Powered by four AG 13 button cell batteries (not included), once turned on and placed on your handmade racetrack, it will magically speed down the track on its own. The secret is in its built-in optical sensors underneath the car. Features: Inductive toy car follows your drawn path with a marker or crayonCustomize your own track to be as long or as short as you wantBuilt-in sensors allow the car to stay on trackOnly needing a marker and paper, this can be played with anywhereCar is powered by four AG 13 button cell batteries (not included)Now, instead of buying a pre-made racetrack like you normally would, when you have this set, you can make as many as you want. Everything’s up to you! Grab your set today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","19.95 USD" "1353982312525","5 x Spare Batteries and USB Cable Set For JJRC H20 Mini RC Hexacopter Drone","https://supergadget.store/products/5-x-spare-batteries-and-usb-cable-set-for-jjrc-h20-quadcopter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-604668649_medium.jpg?v=1529408701","JJRC H20 RC Quadcopter Spare PartsSpecs & Details:Battery: 3.7V 150mAh 20CSize of battery: 26*15*6mmOutput cable length: 30mmFlight time: 4.5-5.5minsCharging time: 30-40minsWeight: about 5.2gFor JJRC H20 RC QuadcopterPackage includes:5 x 3.7V 150mAh battery1 x USB cable1 x Red-black cable","","25.95 USD" "2327320952909","Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights (55 ft)","https://supergadget.store/products/solar-powered-led-fairy-lights-55-ft","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-823641335_medium.jpg?v=1543847421","These Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights will bring the most festive ambiance to your home or garden, without the need for annoying extension cables or expensive electricity. Features: 100 super brilliant LEDs in various colors (choose yours in the drop down menu above). ","","16.99 USD" "1449902080077","Remote Control Excavator Tractor","https://supergadget.store/products/8-channel-remote-control-rc-excavator-tractor","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-698933230_medium.jpg?v=1559774337","Are you looking for the perfect gift for a little one this holiday season? Or maybe a really cool birthday gift? Search no more! We've found the ultimate gift for any child, big or small. Operated by an 8-channel wireless remote control, whether rotating left or right, going forwards or backwards or excavates, this surely looks like the real thing! Features: Made of sturdy metal and environmentally friendly plastic, safe and non-toxicBattery operated (Included for body, not remote control)Up to 10 m control rangeHelps kids practice their hand-eye coordinationCharged by USB cable (Included)Recommended for children aged 6+Also, it is equipped with an independent digging boom and a shovel with flexible joints that can lift up and down separately, but the awesomeness doesn't end here, it also features working sounds and flashing lights! We're hooked, if you are too then get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above and get your little loved one the ultimate gift no matter the occasion!  ","","59.99 USD" "49591189531","Rechargeable Electronic Foot File For perfectly Smooth Feet","https://supergadget.store/products/rechargeable-electronic-foot-file-for-perfectly-smooth-feet","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-35317459_medium.jpg?v=1505644365","Take a look at your feet. Do you see rough, dry, or dead skin? Not so pretty is it? Wouldn’t you love to have better looking (and feeling) feet? Chances are, you’ve tried scrubbing, rubbing, and aggressively working on it. But it just seems to never go away. Most of us cannot afford to have a pedicure every other week either, or simply don't have the time.So what do you do?Get our simple and efficient electric foot care tool! This little gadget allows you to do almost nothing, but watch it do the dirty work for you! Just flick the switch up to power on the motor. And instantly, the detachable roller will spin at an amazing 40 revolutions per second! Now, place it on the rough, jagged edges of your feet, and let it work its magic. This device offers the winning combination of power and finesse. In a few seconds, you’ll get to feel the softness that was hiding underneath your tough skin all along.Features:Fast and painless remover of callouses, corns, and rough skin on feet Easy to clean by rinsing roller heads under waterTwo types of roller heads for both tender and tough spotsFully rechargeable and easy to usePackage includes:1X Rechargeable Electronic Foot File For perfectly Smooth Feet11X Attachable Roller Heads (6 Soft, 5 Rough)1X Soft Cleaning Brush1X Power adapter 1X User Manual Having beautiful feet shouldn’t be a chore (or a money-waster)! This fast and powerful pedicure tool will do the trick. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.Please note:* Before you use this device at the first time, or if it hasn’t been used for a long time, please charge it for at least 10 hours** This device is only suitable for use on feet and heels. Do not use this device on any other place of the body ","","29.95 USD" "296351072283","25-in-1 Specialized Screwdriver Set for Any Small Screw","https://supergadget.store/products/25-in-1-specialized-screwdriver-set-for-any-small-screw","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-455876029_medium.jpg?v=1519748880","Want to fix your glasses, phone, or camera, but don't have the right screwdriver?If you’re still using screwdrivers that only have one head, you have no idea what you’ve been missing out on…As you know, not all screws are made the same. That’s why there’s so many different screwdrivers you have to buy. But what if you only needed one screwdriver that can be used for all kinds of screws?Think about how much easier that would be. But more importantly, think about the money and space you can save.That’s what this complete 25-in-1 screwdriver set can do for you…All securely packed into one lovely case are 25 differently shaped and sized screwdriver heads. And to use any one of them, just attach it to the handle. Now, the next time you need your phone fixed, your watch fixed, your glasses fixed, your camera fixed, or even your computer fixed, just yank out this entire set instead of spending hours searching for each individual screwdriver!Features:25-in-1 Screwdriver set lets you only need one screwdriver to use on many different screwsIncludes hexagonal, Philips, straight, pentacle, and triangular screwdriver headsTiny screwdriver heads are suitable for most digital products, computers, mobile phones, cameras, glasses, watches and more. All heads are made out of high-end chrome vanadium steel for durability and hardnessEasily swap screwdrivers by sticking a new one in the handleBeautiful compact wallet-like case to hold everything in one placeThis is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a bit of DIY. Get all the screwdrivers you need today in one purchase by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","15.95 USD" "1455827058765","125DB Door Stop Security Alarm For Home And On The Go","https://supergadget.store/products/door-stop-security-alarm-for-home-and-traveling","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/image_11_ddd78123-a2fa-46c0-81c6-444242d269aa_medium.png?v=1559991870","Do you feel like installing a security system in your home but the prices, oh the prices? Or maybe you want to increase your security whilst staying in foreign hotel rooms?With this compact yet genius door stop security alarm, feeling safe in your bed room never felt better, or so affordable. It is compact, lightweight and super easy to install and use, but once activated, it will let you know about any intruder, and deter them at the same time!  Features: Low, medium and high sensitivity levels125 Decibel alarmUse as common door stop when switched offHas rubber non-skid padGreat for hotel rooms, rentals, office, dorm rooms and for travelsSo, if your daughter starts college, you're in a different country or you've moved to a new neighborhood, we definitely think this little stopper will make you feel more secure again. Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","19.99 USD" "1427220365389","Water-Resistant Smart Watch With Touch Screen & Heart Rate Monitor","https://supergadget.store/products/universal-sport-smart-watch-with-touch-screen-heart-rate-monitor","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-925226310_medium.jpg?v=1560568417","Is there anything this watch can't do? We think not! Bluetooth call, pedometer, sleep monitor, multimedia social reminder and heart rate monitor are just a fraction of what this multi-functional intelligent smart watch can do. It can also answer and reject phone calls from your phone, control your phone's camera and can take a full selfie from a distance! This watch can give you really good insight into your health status and can help you monitor your daily activities and physical condition. Features: Sensitive and easy to operate touch screen with spherical tempered glass, translucent, clear, sturdy and scratch resistantPerfect Personal Health Tracker: sleeping monitor, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen monitor, calorieUltra-long Battery Life: it consumes less power and can generally standby for  150 daysData Synchronism: download APP named  Hey Band to save and sync the data to achieve your healthy goal  Compatible for iOS 9.0 and above, Android 4.4 and aboveIP67 waterproof ratingSo for all the athletes, fitness lovers, swimmers, climbers and those that wish to monitor their health, get this sleek and awesome smart watch today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above and start tracking away!   ","","69.95 USD" "1399021731917","Prank Toy Remote Control Cockroach","https://supergadget.store/products/remote-control-cockroach-kids-toy","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-522815200_medium.jpg?v=1559862552","Do you really feel like teasing a friend or family member? Or Imagine all the fun you can have scaring your cat! This seriously awesome cockroach will definitely turn any calm vibe into a blast! It can crawl like a real cockroach with the help of an infrared remote control which has only two buttons, a forward and a backward/turn right button. And not only that, but it looks super realistic with illuminating eyes. Features: Convenient to use with a remote control (Included) Playing time: 10 minsRemote control distance: <10 metersSo, get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above and start pranking whoever is around!  ","","17.95 USD" "1338304725069","2-In-1 Vent-Clip Car Phone Holder + Wireless Charger","https://supergadget.store/products/2-in-1-vent-clip-car-phone-holder-wireless-charger","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-584407123_medium.jpg?v=1559864294","If you have a phone with wireless charging technology (such as the newer Apple or Samsung models) you're in for a treat!This incredible new phone holder both conveniently holds your phone in place and charges it wirelessly at the same time. And you don't have to do any complicated installing either. Just clip it into your air vent, attach the charging cable to the mount and voila - your phone can now easily be attached and will charge without you having to do anything else. Features:Easy installation via air vent (please check the images to make sure your car has the right air vent for this phone mount)Suitable for most air ventsWireless charging without any cable attachments to your phoneCharging indicator light shows you when your phone is being chargedNon-slip grip for perfect phone mountingIf your phone supports wireless charging, get this phone holder by clicking the 'Add to cart' button now to make full use of this cool new tech!","","37.99 USD" "121741344795","KW18 Smart Watch for iPhone or Android OS","https://supergadget.store/products/kw18-smart-watch-for-iphone-or-android-os","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-283911374_medium.jpg?v=1559781170","It’s not often you find a smart watch that looks like an actual watch. But if you want one that does, this one is for you…Coming in three classic colors of black, silver, and gold, strapping these on with any outfit will always be a good look. And with masterful craftsmanship, this watch is designed to be thin and robust, with its metallic-like finished watchcase and smooth round display screen.Compatible with both iOS and Android systems, simply sync this to your phone and you can start taking advantage of the many features this watch has to offer.Whether you need to answer calls, look at messages, monitor your sleep, or set an alarm, this does it all. Or if you want to know your heart-rate, this watch can do that too! Thanks to its mini heart-rate sensor that can be found on the underside.So not only is this watch perfect for everyday wear and use, but it’s also good for health-conscious people that need to stay on track.Features: 3 Colors — Black, Silver, WhiteCompatible with iOS and Android phonesLuxurious smart watch for fashionable wear and convenient functionLife Waterproof and dust-proof design for extra durability (not for swimming/bath)Features different apps like calling, text messaging, sleep monitoring, anti-theft alarm, pedometer, and heart-rate sensorCan insert both TF Card & SIM cardWatch provides convenient access to your phone needs all on your wrist Give your phone (and yourself) a new friend! Grab your smart watch today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to keep up with the times.Specs:Hardware Specification:CPU MTK2502CRAM 128Mbit+64Mbit; support 16GB TF maxDisplay 1.3 inch round screen IPS LCD; resolution: 240*240 pixel; 260000 colorsTouch screen OGS Capacitive Screen, non-air-gapBluetooth Ver. 4.0Battery 340mAh Polymer battery; Bluetooth connection standby :>5 days; Normal use: > 1 daysG-sensor Yes, support pedometer, sedentary alarm, sleep analysis, gestureMotor YesMic YesSpeaker Yes, enclosed speakerButton Side power buttonSIM card Mini SIM cardConnector Magnetic charger and data transmissionMain function:Phone function GSM:850/900/1800/1900 quad-bands; Dial hands-free, call logs, contactsBluetooth phoneSMS Local SMSBluetooth SMSEntertainment Local MP3bluetooth musicPhone calls reminding Ring and vibrationClock face Fashionable clock faces; Click to switchAnti-lost Anti-lost alertBidirectional searchHeart rate monitor Pedometer Step records, Calories calculation, Distance calculationSedentary alarm Sleep analysis Alarm clock Calendar Stopwatch Calculator Bluetooth synced information.","","79.95 USD" "9771092945","Rule the Rave - Sound Activated LED T Shirts (14 Designs)","https://supergadget.store/products/sound-activated-led-t-shirt","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-664130254_medium.jpg?v=1559781839","If you’ve ever wanted to be the life of the party, this is how…Instead of wearing regular plain t-shirts, and ones with graphics that everyone else has on, set yourself apart with one of these sound-activated t-shirts!These soft t-shirts, made with some of the finest quality cotton, contains a cool visual that lights up whenever music is playing! Making this the perfect garment to wear to parties, at the club, on your birthday, or any other fun occasion.Designed with the wearer’s comfort and appearance in mind, throwing this on feels like wearing any other t-shirt. And the battery pack that powers its LED lights is cleverly hidden within an inside shirt pocket. All it takes is 2 AAA batteries, a quick flip of a switch, and you’ll be getting all the attention no matter where you go!Features:• T-shirt is sound-activated and lights up whenever music is playing• Made with high-quality cotton to ensure maximum comfort all party-long• Dry clean and hand-wash only (remove the design panel, battery pack, and power cord before doing so)• Easy to set up and start wearing• Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included)Specs:Item Type: T-ShirtGender: MenCollar: O-NeckSleeve Length(cm): ShortMaterial: CottonHooded: NoSleeve Style: short sleeveFabric Type: WovenGender: t shirt mensize: S-M-L-XL-XXL-3XLStand out from the crowd and steal the show by grabbing one of these t-shirts today! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above and you’ll be the life of the party in no time.","","39.95 USD" "1457950326861","Women's S3 Bluetooth Smartwatch With Heart Rate Monitor For Android Or IOS","https://supergadget.store/products/womens-s3-bluetooth-smartwatch-with-heart-rate-monitor-for-android-or-ios","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-814748071_medium.jpg?v=1559780568","Are you looking for a respectable and gorgeous gift for your mom or any other significant lady in your life? This elegant smartwatch will win her over! So what does it do? Actually what not? A heart rate monitor, step counter, distance measurer, calorie consumption manager, sleep monitor, event trigger (water drinking, taking medicine, meeting etc'), call reminder, clock sedentary reminder, anti-lost (positive and negative direction lookup), remote camera and a vibrating alarm clock.Features: IP67 grade waterproof and dust proofSupports IOS 8.0 or Android 4.3 and above, APP operatedThe language is English, but the APP is compatible with various languagesOLED display screen with one touch toggling7 days standby modeMade of flexible silicone and ABS durable plasticWhether for hiking, swimming, tennis, running or just for leisure, this smartwatch definitely is a showstopper when it comes to beauty and function. So if you haven't found that holiday season gift yet, click the "Add to Cart" button above and make the lady in your life very happy!  ","","59.99 USD" "293466308635","Scientific Microscope Lab Kit (1200X) - Best Educational Gift","https://supergadget.store/products/scientific-microscope-lab-kit-1200x-best-educational-gift","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-161629836_medium.jpg?v=1519748771","You know this already. You learned it in 3rd grade… The world is made up of small molecules, which is made up of smaller atoms. And it’s always a shock to see what ordinary things look like when you’re able to zoom in a thousand times closer.Take a piece of an onion. Normally, it’s just something you toss on a cheesy burger. But up close? You see it for what it really is… A brick-like wall of cells!Or try some snow, which just looks like a white speck of dust. But when you zoom in up close? You see the symmetrical beauty, in all its shapes and sizes, of a single feathery ice crystal!And that’s all possible (plus, much more) when you have this microscope at home!Able to zoom in up to 1200 times closer, everything you place under the magnifier will nearly transform into a completely, never-before-seen object! Try other pieces of fruits and veggies, or something as simple as a piece of paper! You never know what will pop up.Features:Scientific microscope gives you super magnifying vision into the invisible worldEncourage your child's scientific investigation and discoveryCan zoom in 100X, 400X, or even 1200XGives you unlimited possibilities of what you can take a closer look atPowers on with 2 AA batteries (not included) Comes with glass tiles, blank label, plastic container, collection bottle and tweezersDimensions: .211mm X 115mm X 70mm / 8.3in X 4.5in X 2.8inSee for yourself! Click the “Add To Cart” button above now to get your microscope today. Give your child the best gift for scientific investigation & discovery!","","25.95 USD" "9759305105","Professional 5500 DPI Gaming Mouse with 7 Buttons","https://supergadget.store/products/professional-5500-dpi-gaming-mouse-with-7-buttons","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-77304583_medium.jpg?v=1500652124","Game’s on! You and your team are at virtual war. And you’re their trusted sniper. You search for a shady spot, lay close to the ground, and look into your scope. You spot an enemy. He too, is a sniper. You both stare at each other, locked down and ready to fire. This is the moment…You try to steady your aim. But your crosshairs sway back and forth. You get anxious. And before you even press your mouse to shoot, you’re killed.Frustrated and angry as this is your 10th death, you bang the keyboard and yell, “How?” The secret? Is it because of their skill? Is it because they cheated? No…They just have a better computer mouse than you. One designed for high-level gamers that gives them more precision, faster movement, and even extra buttons. Allowing them to play at a competitive level you only wish you could.Until now…With this gaming mouse, you’ll be on the winning side of almost every computer game you play. Designed to ensure hand comfort in long hours of play, and with a range of 5 DPI settings (1200/1600/2400/3200/5500 DPI), this is the perfect mouse for games that require accuracy and focus, as well as for fast-paced and on-the-run games. Features:• Compatible with Windows 7/8/2000/XP/Vista Mac OS or latest• Long Switch Life: 10 Million• 7 Buttons: Scroll wheel, Left click, Right click, Advance, Retreat, DPI Switcher, Fire key• 5 DPI Settings (1200/1600/2400/3200/5500) for optimal performance in all types of competitive gaming• Powered by a wired USB cable• Specially designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hands for maximum comfort and long hours of playSo if you want to take your online game to the next level, and start WINNING more instead of losing, (and to get back at that sniper) you might want to get this professional gamer mouse today. Just hit the “Add To Cart” button above! Specs:Hand Orientation: Both HandsOptical Resolution: 5000 DPIType: WiredTracking Method: OpticalStyle: 3DGross Weight: 120GPackage: YesInterface Type: USBDPI: 5500Number of Buttons: 7Number of Rollers: 1Optical Resolution: 5500DPI: 1200/1600/2400/3200/5500Switch Life: 10 million cycleButtons: left, right, scroll wheel, DPI, fire key, advance, retreatVoltage Rating / electric current: DC 5V / 100mAMaterial: ABS","","19.95 USD" "1385554018381","Mini Reverse Folding Umbrella","https://supergadget.store/products/automatic-windproof-reverse-umbrella","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-703339667_medium.jpg?v=1542271366","We've all been there - that unfortunate moment your umbrella flips upside-down in the wind, or even worse, when you try to enter your car in the pouring rain, but that wet umbrella just won't cooperate and you get even more soaked.With this Tiny Automatic Windproof Umbrella, rainy days never seemed dryer!And the design concept? Inside out! You can open this inverted umbrella as you open the door or car and not get wet. When closed, the wet side of the umbrella turns into the inside with the dry side exposed, so no more wet clothes, car interiors or floors! Features: Light and waterproof pongee fabric A high-quality stainless steel frameAutomatic handleLightweight and durableWater repellent fabric and slip resistant handleSmall in size, will fit into any tote, backpack and othersPrepare yourself to never get soggy again with this outstanding piece of protection! This feature gives you quick rain and sun protection, making sure you have a wonderful time outdoors, no matter the weather! Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!    ","","39.99 USD" "316047884315","40x60 Telescope With Clip-on For Smartphones","https://supergadget.store/products/40x60-telescope-with-clip-on-for-smartphones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-312717694_medium.jpg?v=1519748990","We all know this. Smartphone cameras work exceptionally well. But there’s one thing that’s holding it back from becoming the best camera it can be. And now, you can fix that problem and transform your phone into a mini DSLR!How? With this high-powered lens that clips directly onto your phone.If you ever tried capturing a picture of something that’s far away, chances are, the picture came out blurry and a bit pixelated. But never again will that happen once you use this…Coming with a powerful magnification lens like that of a telescope, your phone will be able to make things 10 times larger without sacrificing the overall quality of the camera. Think about it. Remember the last time you saw a beautiful sunset or scenery, but when you took out your phone to snap a picture, it just didn’t look all that great? Well, try it again with this attached on, and you’ll see what a wonderful difference it makes. Your pictures will look almost exactly like how you saw it with your own two eyes!Features: Powerful telescope lens enhances your phone’s camera quality and zooming abilityCapture crystal-clear pictures of anything and everything no matter how far they are from youClips directly onto your phone’s lens and instantly magnifies everything by 10 timesComes with a mini tripod for advanced, professional photo-takingDesigned with a metal frame for long-lasting durability on all travelsNever miss a picture-perfect photo opportunity again! Grab your telescope lens today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","49.95 USD" "3549004136525","Magnetic Switch Table Lamp","https://supergadget.store/products/lightme-creative-smart-balance-magnetic-switch-led-table-night-light-lamp-for-halloween-christmas-lights-decoration-usb-powered","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-892505699_medium.jpg?v=1557736439","In recent years, table lamps have undergone a welcome change from the tired, old boring lighting fixture to modern ones with a fresher and bolder look. If you've had the same old-fashioned lamp for years, then it's time for an upgrade!The right lighting can instantly affect the ambiance at home. If you're going for a modern vibe, this table lamp can enhance your decor AND get people talking!How? First off, the design is absolutely stunning. Unlike the traditional switch, this lamp features two balls embedded with magnets. Lifting the lower ball draws the upper ball and remains suspended in midair. This triggers the switch causing the lighting element embedded in the frame to light up.A fresh and interactive way to illuminate your space, we're willing to bet you and your guests have never seen anything like it!Features:Dimension: 40 x 22 cm / 15.7 x 8.66 inchesThe sleek structure is embedded with premium quality beads, no flicker, no dazzle!Expected life span is a whopping 5000 hoursThe soft lighting creates a warm and cozy atmosphere to any spaceIt has a seemingly complex design but is really easy to operateThe gently curved frame looks very modern and minimalistColor temperature: 3500KComes with a USB plug so you can use it anywhere you want!Why settle with a boring generic lamp? Click the "Add to Cart" button above and lend a touch of modern to your contemporary home!","","49.99 USD" "1442565128269","3D Skull Silicone Ice Cube Mold","https://supergadget.store/products/1pc-skull-silicone-ice-cube-mold","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/image_29_medium.png?v=1559865340","OMG! There's nothing cooler than halloween, and its just around the corner! are you stacked up on those scary goodies yet? This skull silicone ice cube mold is just what you need for this years festivities! It's scary yet elegant, and it will surely be a conversation starter no matter the occasion. Great for house parties, bars and restaurants and holiday events. These long-lasting ice cubes are great for whiskey, cocktails, ice coffee and tea, juices and many more. But it's uses don't end here, you can also use it as a mold for chocolate, soap, candy making as well as baking! Features:  FDA approved100% BPA Free, non-toxic, food grade, Leak-free siliconeMicrowave, oven and dishwasher safeLid includedDurable and flexible so it won't crack like plastic ice traysEasy to fill, remove and cleanWe're obsessed! If you are too, then get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","10.99 USD" "338654855195","Baseus Micro USB Cable For Android (Fast Data Sync & Charging)","https://supergadget.store/products/baseus-micro-usb-cable-for-android-fast-data-sync-charging","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-397210713_medium.jpg?v=1519749140","* Please choose your color and cable length in the drop down menus above before adding this item to the cart. Baseus are known to be one of the strongest brands for Mobile Accessories. This super tough, fast charging and syncing Micro USB cable will not let you down if quality is what you're looking for.Type: Micro USBBrand Name: BASEUSCompatible with: Samsung S6 S7 S5 S4 / Sony / HTC / Various Android PhonesFeature: Super Tough / New Knitting TechnologyMaterial: Aluminium + ClothFunction: Fast Data Transmission & Fast Charging (only for compatible phones)Color: Red Coffee Navy Blue","","6.95 USD" "9800248209","Magnetic Building Set","https://supergadget.store/products/magnetic-building-set","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-145431005_medium.jpg?v=1553652758","These magnetic plastic “blocks” take no effort to put together. And best of all, are specially designed to ensure safety after AND during play. On each “block,” (which are simply different types of shapes) are a permanently built-in magnet. Making these super simple to build with. All you have to do is move them near each other, and they’ll snap right into place! With a set of eight different shapes, and a bit of creativity and imagination, you and your child can build almost anything! Whether it be a funky looking car, a Ferris wheel, a tall building, your favorite animal, or a futuristic robot, these colorful magnetic pieces of plastic can bind together to create them all! Features:•   Four Sets: 64 pieces, 92 pieces, 128 pieces, 158 pieces, 164 pieces•   Comes in 8 different colorful shapes, a stand, and a pair of wheels•   Self-locking blocks with built-in magnets snap onto each other•   Specially designed with smooth, curved edges, and a thin build to prevent any possible injury•   Multiple shapes allow you to create anything you can imagine•   Perfect toy for improving a child’s creativity and imagination Choose the size you want above, and click the “Add To Cart” button now, to experience this revolutionary toy today!","","33.99 USD" "8889088337","Beach Pop-up Tent (super quick automatic opening)","https://supergadget.store/products/beach-pop-up-tent-for-1-2-people-quick-automatic-opening","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-471905687_medium.jpg?v=1558956010","Take your beach experience to a whole new level with this user friendly pop up tent!All you have to do is take it out of it's bag and it will open in no time so you can chill with a beer in the shade and relax. Suitable for up to 2 people. Features:Innovative pop-up design - no assembly required.Special silver coated fabric offers UV protection (but you should still always use sunscreen ;-)Built-in sand pockets and 4 fixed bands to protect against windConvenient carry bag for easy transport & storage ","","49.95 USD" "293878366235","Ultimate Survival Water Filtration System","https://supergadget.store/products/survival-water-filtration-system","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-112161075_medium.jpg?v=1559864771","If you camp or hike, you just found the single best thing you need to bring on your next trip. When out in the wild, finding clean drinking water is the hardest (and most important) thing to do. You can bring your own but what happens once you’re out? You can also try boiling river water but what if you can’t start a fire? Well, with this drinking straw, you don’t have to worry about any of that.Because once you have this on hand, you can start drinking clean, purified water no matter where it comes from! Find a lake? Whip this out.Find an ocean? Whip this out.Find a puddle after a hard rainy day? Guess what? Whip this out.With a built-in ultrafiltration system made of medical-grade material and pore sizes of 0.1 micron, this straw can remove up to 99.9% of all bacteria and germs found in water.Able to attach to most water bottles, buckets, hydration bags and packs, not only can you use this straw to drink straight from the ground, but it also doubles as a dispenser!Features: Water filter uses a 0.1 micron ultrafiltration membrane to filter out 99.9% of bacteriaCan be set up to a bucket, bag, or standard 28mm water bottle for convenienceNo pumping or electricity required, ready to drink straight out of the boxLasts up to 2000 liters of filtrationCompact handheld size makes it easy to bring while camping, hiking, fishing, and during survival situationsKeep yourself hydrated at all times! Grab this incredible water filter today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","39.95 USD" "9832428369","Rechargeable Waterproof Hair Clipper","https://supergadget.store/products/rechargeable-waterproof-hair-clipper","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-248603823_medium.jpg?v=1558343607","A set of clippers that only needs two guards! And can cut short, medium, and long hairstyles!With this clipper, you can easily cut your own or someone else’s hair, in a short amount of time. While keeping perfect precision, accuracy, and a sharp cut!Thanks to its minimal design, changing cutting lengths is very simple to do. Built onto the clipper itself, is a dial of five increments. The further you turn it, the longer the length becomes, and vice-versa.Plus, with just two guards, not only does this save a tremendous amount of space, but you won’t have to keep switching different sized heads to get the length you want.And the best part of all… This clipper is 100% waterproof! Preventing any possible short-circuits during use, as well as making the entire clipper easy to clean and wipe down. With a rechargeable battery, you also don’t have to worry about tangled wires or being limited in movement. This clipper can cut at any angle without any interruption!Features: Clippers’ dial changes guard to 5 different cutting lengthsSmall guard cuts from 4mm, 7mm, 10mm, 13mm, to 16mmLarge guard cuts from 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mmWaterproof design allows for safe operation and easy cleaningCharging Time: 8 hoursWorking Time: 40-60 minutesPackage includes:1 x Rechargeable Hair Trimmer (with two heads)1 x Charging Adapter1 x Cleaning Brush1 x CombThere’s no need to buy a bunch of different clipper guards. That’s a waste of money and a waste of space. Use this minimalistic and easy to use hair clipper today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to get yours!","","35.95 USD" "495324790811","Electric Screwdriver With 18 Bits","https://supergadget.store/products/electric-screwdriver-with-18-bits","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-434033311_medium.jpg?v=1519749172","This will change how you use a screwdriver forever. As simple as screwing a screw is, it’s still easy to mess it up. Especially when the screw is microscopic or extremely hard to twist on. But here’s your solution…Introducing, our new mini electric screwdriver!It works just like a normal one, but luckily for you, it does all the hard work. All you have to do is press a button and it’ll start spinning automatically.When you get yours, it’ll be packaged safely inside its sleek, futuristic looking case. Along with the screwdriver, you’ll also find 18 different replaceable heads. From your typical cross, to your slot, Phillips, and everything in between. This way, no matter what you’re fixing up, whether it will be a pair of glasses, your camera, or phone, all you need is this single screwdriver. And if needed, you’ll also have a handy extension bar to get into those hard-to-reach places. Features: Mini electric screwdriver automatically twists in screws with the push of a buttonComes with 18 screwdriver heads to meet all your needsExtension bar helps you reach screws located in tight spotsPowered by two AAA 1.5V batteries (not included) to quickly rotate 100 times per minuteEverything is securely packed inside one fitted caseYour old tools are a thing of the past. Grab your electric screwdriver today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to take it easy on your hands and wrist!","","49.95 USD" "350009884699","Colorful LED Shower Head With Purifying Mineral Beads","https://supergadget.store/products/colorful-led-shower-head-with-purifying-mineral-balls","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-454464498_medium.jpg?v=1559866708","Chances are, your shower-head is like everyone else’s — plain grey color, round head, perforated to let streams of water shoot out… How boring! But with this shower-head, you can turn streams of water into a clean, purified, waterfall of light!With its temperature-responsive LED lights, the color of your shower-head automatically changes depending on how hot or cold your water is. Amazing! So not only will you be sprinkled with colored droplets, but you can also tell when it’s warm enough to jump in.If the water’s cold, it’ll shine a bright green. If warm, a soothing blue. And if hot, a bold red.But that’s not all… Filled inside its handle are dozens of purifying mineral beads. What for? To purify and remove chlorine from your tap water, all before it reaches your skin so you can feel refreshed, cleaned, and rejuvenated after every shower!Features: Shower head transforms streams of water into a majestic waterfall of lightLights automatically turn on and changes color depending on the temperature of your waterCold water is green, warm water is blue, hot water is red, and extremely hot water will flash redPurifying mineral beads filter and purify tap water for a cleaner and more refreshing showerEasy installation with no batteries or power supply needed Give yourself and your guests something to be amazed at! They won’t believe it when they turn on your shower-head and are greeted with colorful streams of water. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","25.95 USD" "121711067163","BOBO Z4 VR Headset with Built-in Headphones","https://supergadget.store/products/virtual-reality-headset-with-remote-headphones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-277258731_medium.jpg?v=1559864964","Virtual reality is just a headset away! You don’t need to purchase any complicated equipment to enter different worlds on the internet. All you need is your smartphone and this fully immersive headset.If you have a VR Compatible phone that’s 4-6 inches in length, you can take advantage of this technology. Here’s how it works…Just slip in your phone with a video playing into the front compartment, and plug the headset into its audio jack. Place this over your head and adjust it so that it’s secure and comfortable. Then, also adjust the retractable headphones to fit it directly over your ears.Now sit back and enjoy!Wrapping around your entire head and field of view, you finally get to experience a world that’s almost as real as the one you're in now! With a quality stereo system blasting in your ear, and nothing else but the video playing before your eyes, you might lose yourself in this wonderful 3-D experience that you’ve been dying to try out.Features:VR Headset turns normal videos into a fully immersive experienceRetractable headphones with an incredible sound systemExtra padding for comfortable wear and crystal-clear displayWorks with any compatible phone between 4-6 inches in length Take your smartphone to another level! And grab this VR Headset today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to watch awesome VR videos!","","39.95 USD" "316096086043","9-in-1 Outdoor Survival Kit","https://supergadget.store/products/9-in-1-outdoor-survival-kit","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/outdoor-9-in-1-professional-outdoor-survival-kit-2_medium.jpg?v=1519748791","Just take a look inside this 9-in-1 survival kit.Completed with several different tools that are almost all multifunctional, just after finding out about this you’re probably realizing how much money and time you would’ve wasted searching and buying each one individually. Well, it’s a good thing you stumbled upon this fully featured pack of equipment because this contains what every survivalist needs to stay alive and safe in the wild.For one, it has a mini foldable knife for your everyday general needs. That needs no explanation. But what you’ll also find are unique tools that do a lot more than just one thing, like the army knife card and defense pen.Whether you’re a survival expert or beginner, a set like this is hard to come by. Especially when everything is also safely packed and fitted inside a waterproof and shockproof storage box!Features: 9-in-1 Survival kit gives you more with less by carrying both essential and multifunctional toolsContains a handheld saw, knife, SOS flashlight, army knife card, window-breaking pen, mini key lights, compass, whistle, and a storage boxSaves you more room and reduces carrying heavy loads of equipmentMultifunctional tool card acts as a screw and nut driver, can and bottle opener, saw, and knifePen functions as a normal pen, as well as for bursting cans, bottles, and windowsA true money and space saver. Grab your handy survival kit today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","39.95 USD" "1395042222157","7-in-1 Portable Electric Facial Massager And Cleaner","https://supergadget.store/products/7-in-1-portable-electric-facial-massager-and-cleaner","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-503559321_medium.jpg?v=1561136663","Have you been searching for the perfect facial care kit for forever without any success? Or even worse, have you tried various products but none seem to be THE ONE? Well, search no more cause we have found the perfect all-in-one facial care system for you!It includes seven different heads composed of a full range of cleansing brushes and sponges, exfoliating pads and a massaging head. Not only that, but it's also water resistant! No need to worry about water getting into the mechanism and ruining it when you use it in the shower!Features:7 pcs functional massaging heads to meet your different needsInnovative design, light weight and compact, ideal for home and on the goWater resistantCleanses, massages and exfoliates Usable with any facial cleanser or essential oils 2 rotation speeds (high /low)In only a few minutes, you can have a healthier, elastic and shiny skin! Enjoy a spa-quality facial with it's portable and easy to use design at home or while you travel!Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","19.95 USD" "1388529188941","Finger Pulse Oximeter And Heart Rate Monitor","https://supergadget.store/products/finger-pulse-oximeter-and-heart-rate-monitor","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-605890826_medium.jpg?v=1561128115","Are you a sports enthusiast, mountain climber, skier, cycler or pilot and want to measure your oxygen levels on a daily or as needed basis? Or perhaps your health care practitioner recommended for you to monitor your heart rate more often? No matter the reason, this oxygen meter is designed to measure your blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate on the go and is suitable for all ages.This comfortable 6 cm wide device instantly reads your measurements using your finger, giving you accurate data on blood oxygen levels via large, easy-to-read numbers and a pulse wave while you are at home or on the go.Features: Reliable accuracyTwo color OLED display modes Low voltage and power indicatorAutomatic power off when no signalCompact design and light weight, easy to carryPowered by 2 AAA batteries (not included) Usable not just as a precaution but also as a preventative measure for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases! Get your pulse oximeter today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","25.99 USD" "1398964060237","LED Light Strip (Waterproof + Remote Control)","https://supergadget.store/products/waterproof-led-strip-lights-with-remote-control","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_8ab7c8d4-dc1b-4fd3-8468-fca7a353368a_medium.png?v=1559865721","Do you have a party coming up? Or does your garden or patio need a makeover? Either way, we have an awesome way to brighten up any area of the house, whether inside or out! These waterproof LED strip lights come with an adhesive sticky back, are flat and flexible and can easily be mounted onto most flat surfaces. Its small size and low voltage makes this lighting ideal for a wide range of applications including garden, swimming pool and patio lighting, mailbox lighting, party lighting as well as many other indoor and outdoor applications for any purpose.Features: Low power consumption Super-bright but low temperature, children safeSelf-adhesive back for secure and easy applicationLong lifespan of over 50,000 hoursCuttable at every 3rd light according to need But that's not all! These lights are 5 meters long, come in 16 different RGB gradient hues as well as 6 different lighting effects: Strobe, flash, fade, smooth, dim and brighten. In addition, a remote control is supplied for easy handling. So, if you're as impressed as we are, click the "Add to Cart" button above today and start brightening up your home! ","","29.95 USD" "119076421659","Electric Hair Straightening Brush","https://supergadget.store/products/electric-hair-straightening-brush","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-407732946_medium.jpg?v=1506425049","** Important: Please choose the right plug type for your country in the drop down menu above before adding this product to the cart! ** If you want to straighten your hair, this is what you’d probably do. You wash, dry, brush, then straighten. But chances are, this takes way too long. And if you have somewhere to go, this is a problem.Luckily, there’s an alternative…Instead of buying an individual brush and straightening iron, this combines the two together. Allowing you to do both at the same time, while still giving you the luscious, flowy hair you’re looking for.Here’s how it works. When you get yours, just plug the adapter into an outlet and switch the brush on from the handle.Instantly, the panel of the brush will quickly heat up to a safe temperature. And don’t worry, this brush has an overheating protection feature so it never burns.Once heated, just run it through your hair like you normally would with a brush.And within minutes, you’ll be left off with untangled and straightened hair!Features: Electric hair straightening brush for faster results Works with all types of hair — curly, wavy, thick, thinPowers on with its built-in 360º power cordOverheating protection for safe and effective straightening Min. / Max. Temperature: 180ºC — 200ºCDimensions: 230mm X 60mm X 40mm / 9.0in X 2.4in X 1.6inThe old ways of straightening hair are over. Grab your electric hair straightening brush today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to shortcut your way to a beautiful, salon-like head of hair.","","25.95 USD" "8783257425","Stainless Steel Travel Kettle (Plugs Into Your Car's 12V Socket)","https://supergadget.store/products/stainless-steel-travel-kettle-plugs-into-your-cars-12v-socket","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-136267416_medium.jpg?v=1500649448","Don’t you hate when your coffee or tea gets cold in the car? Especially when you’re trying to stay awake? Or when you go camping or on a long road trip but there is nowhere near to get a decent cup of tea? But what if you were able to make your own hot beverage at all times, no matter how cold it is? Well, with this travel kettle you can!It's custom design fits into most vehicle cup holders. With the built-in safety lid, your drink won't spill. Features:• Instantly warms up any drink such as coffee, tea, water, and even soups• Safely plugs into your lighter socket and heats up the coil within seconds• Small and portable (750ML) for ease of use and travelNever drink a cold cup of coffee or tea in your car again! Click the “Add To Cart” button above to start making delicious hot drinks whenever you're out and about.","","49.95 USD" "596702363675","Portable Dog Water Dispenser","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-dog-water-dispenser","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/rBVaEVeXMgiAUd6AAAJFktTqqkA062_medium.jpg?v=1519748985","If you're still hydrating your dog by pouring water from your bottle into its mouth then you know this is not the ideal way. You'll be wasting quite a bit of water doing it this way, or your dog will lick your bottle - cool or gross? That depends on you...  ;-)There is an easier, more efficient way. This simple portable water dispenser is spill-proof and makes sure nothing is wasted. It's really the best way to keep your pooch hydrated on the go. Ideal for walks, hikes, car rides, camping, and trips to the beach. No spills! No hassles! No leaks!Features: Easy-to-use, hand held design includes a plastic bottle and dispenser tray/cover.Simply snap the bottle upright into the tray and squeeze the bottle to dispense water into the tray for your dog to drink comfortably.Bottle folds into tray for easy portability when not in use.Available colors: Blue, Red or PinkHolds 250 ml (small) / 500ml (large)  ","","9.95 USD" "9219622801","Multi-Purpose Garden Gloves with 4 Plastic Claws","https://supergadget.store/products/multi-purpose-garden-gloves-with-4-plastic-claws","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-235750142_medium.jpg?v=1559867397","WITH THESE SPECIAL GARDEN GLOVES, THERE IS NO NEED FOR ANY ADDITIONAL GARDENING TOOLS!The claws on one of the gloves are made from super strong ABS Plastic and will protect your fingers and nails perfectly while allowing you to dig, rake, and grab soil, dirt, and rocks. With the other non clawed hand you can grab and hold plants while the clawed hand does all the "dirty" work. Gardening was never this easy! This amazing set of gloves is durable, yet light-weight and breathable!Features: Fully Waterproof and Flexible designOne Size Fits AllGloves contain natural rubber latexPuncture Resistant To Protect your handsBuilt in Claws make gardening fun & easySpecs: Weight: 70-100gOuter Material: LatexThickness: Medium ThickMaterial: Rubber, Polyester, ABS Plastic ","","12.95 USD" "596814856219","Magnetic Micro USB Adapter for Android Phones","https://supergadget.store/products/magnetic-micro-usb-adapter-for-android-phone-chargers","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-441850981_medium.jpg?v=1519748662","Instead of connecting your Android phone to your charger via Micro USB, this adapter does it via a magnet, thereby reducing wear tear and making charging and data transfer more convenient. ","","12.95 USD" "3666435866701","Heavy Duty iPhone Case","https://supergadget.store/products/heavy-duty-protection-doom-armor-metal-aluminum-phone-case-for-iphone-6-6s-7-8-plus-x-4-4s-5s-se-5c-shockproof-dustproof-cover","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-699321090_medium.jpg?v=1564063612","iPhones don't come cheap. However, if you're fond of the outdoors or work outside in all weathers, it's bound to take some beating at some point. How do you protect your investment?If you're looking for a rugged and sturdy phone case that can take the knocks, look no further. This heavy duty metal armor phone case can protect your phone against whatever Mother nature throws at it - snow, water, dust, dirt, sand, and other elements. It has a multi-layered design and 360-degree protection that can take the sting out of any impact. Go hiking, canyoneering, fishing, camping, and more. No need to keep your phone inside a ziplock bag or wrap it in clingfilm!Features:Anti-drop and shockproof. Made from premium soft and durable TPU and metal materials for maximum shock resistanceFull body rugged military protection with its two-tiered architecture and 360-degree dual layer case (scratch-proof, vibration-proof, shock absorbent, shatterproof)Built with an integral dust plug to prevent dust from entering the caseFully accessible and responsive buttons, ports, and controlsDesigned with a rope hole if you want to attach it with a strapCase sits 1.00mm higher than the camera to protect the lensIP54 water resistance ratingRugged design is perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts, soldiers, truck drivers, and morePackage includes: 1 x Heavy Duty Metal Armor Phone CaseSpecs: Material: Aluminum Alloy+Silicone Cover+Tempered GlassWeight: 170-250 gramsAvailable in 7 colors: Camouflage Green, Black, Red, Gold, White, Silver, and YellowCompatible with iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, Plus, X, 4, 4S, 5S, SE, 5C (Choose your model from the dropdown menu above)Protect your phone from all elements. Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","24.99 USD" "3654544883789","Relaxing Neck Hammock For Pain Relief","https://supergadget.store/products/smelov-fashion-portable-neck-pain-relief-relaxing-hammock-neck-massager-foam-napping-sleeping-pillow-cushion-for-home-office","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/neck_hammock_medium.jpg?v=1563791290","Do you often feel pain or discomfort around your neck area? Is it starting to interfere with your sleep, posture, ability to work, or your free time with family and friends? Don't let the pain ruin your quality of life! If you have 10 minutes a day, the solution for you could be really simple. Try out this newly designed neck hammock! Simply attach it to your door or railing (or even a sturdy tree branch), lie back and relax.This cervical traction device gently stretches the neck muscles and its surrounding area while reducing compression in your neck's vertebral column. This results in better blood flow and proper alignment, which in turn relieves tension headaches, pinched nerves, and overall nerve pressure.Who knew that neck and shoulder pain could be tamed in less than 10 minutes? Features:Easy setup: The long strap wraps around any railing, door handle, or polePortable daily neck pain treatment, ideal for use at the office, hotel or at homeAlleviates pain and discomfort from compressed discsRelieves stress and boosts energyImproves sleep qualityReinforced design for greater durability, can hold  up to 40 lb of tensionHigh-quality cotton filling and breathable fabricErgonomic design - comfortable pads for ears and base of head, foam wraps around contours of the headIncludes a spandex bag for easy storagePackage includes: 1 x Hammock1 x Bungee Cord1 x Hook-Clip1 x User GuideSpecs: Material: Cotton, polyester, leather, velvetProduct weight: 240 grams, net weight 155 gramsProduct length: 51cm / 20in width: 23cm /9inElastic band : 100cm / 39inAdjustable shoulder strap Short 42 cm /16.5in Extended 75 cm /29.5inAvailable in 2 colors: Black or whiteAffordable neck pain relief that you can take everywhere? Get yours here! Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","27.99 USD" "3602457624653","Electric Butterfly Massager","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-wireless-electric-butterfly-massager-full-body-waist-back-vibrating-slimming-muscle-pain-relief-massage-pad-device","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/sku_518107_1_medium.jpg?v=1560758990","After a long day at work, a relaxing massage sounds heavenly, right? However, with massage therapists charging so much, you might as well just head home and open a bottle of beer... Now you can indulge in an invigorating massage minus the guilt! This electric butterfly massager uses a low frequency treatment that sends electronic pulses deep into your muscles tissue, causing it to contract and relax. This process helps to improve blood circulation, relieves stress, exercises your muscles, enhances your nervous system, and relieves pain in your shoulders, waist, back, and other parts of your body.Extremely compact with multiple intensity and massage options, it's really like having your own professional masseuse at home!Features:6 massage modes and 10 intensity options Expands and contracts the muscle in targeted areas such as abs and thighsA safe and convenient way to relieve pain in your shoulders, back, waist, legs, and moreSuperbly quiet and easy to usePortable and can be used anywhere, anytimeHelps alleviate stress and fatigueIdeal for those with chronic lower back pain, neck pain and cervical vertebra, stiff shoulders, menstrual disorder, rheumatism, and moreHelps to promote better blood circulationPackage includes:1 x Electric Butterfly MassagerSpecs: Material: ABSColor: Sent at random (either light blue or pink)Dimensions: 6.5 x 6 x 4 cm / 2.56 x 2.4 x 1.57 inchesChrome plated buttonsPower: 1 CR2025 battery (not included)If you want to make every day feel like a spa day, click the "Add to Cart" button now! ","","14.99 USD" "49710759963","Super Funky LED Charging Cable","https://supergadget.store/products/super-funky-led-charging-cable-for-android-or-iphone","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-884868402_medium.jpg?v=1559133812","If you’re on the phone a lot, you might want to get this…It’s a charger. But with a special feature... Unlike your typical phone charger, these have multiple LED lights built in throughout the wire. And when plugged into your phone and outlet, it illuminates the trail of your charger so others can clearly avoid tripping over it and because it looks super cool, like this: Features: 1 Meter LED Micro-USB / Type C / iPhone Charger (choose yours in the drop down menu above) - efficient for charging and syncingVarious Bright Colors — Blue, Green, White & Pink Lights up on each end, as well as throughout the entire wirePrevents people from tripping or getting caught on the cableColorfully illuminates your room when used Toss out your boring and dull phone chargers. And grab a pair of these bright LED ones today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now. It will look awesome in your room!","","15.99 USD" "1374955176013","Cordless 4-in-1 Shoe Shine Polisher","https://supergadget.store/products/electric-shoe-shine-polisher","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/Screen_Shot_2018-07-09_at_10.07.10_PM_medium.png?v=1559872312","Are you tired of getting your hands dirty while polishing your shoes? Well, with this super lightweight, time saving and workload reducing electric shoe polisher, what used to be a messy ordeal can now be a thing of the past! This electric shoe polisher gives you a perfect cleaning performance for your leather shoes, belts, bags and many other leather goods, with 4 different brush types and functions that can meet your different requirements.Whether on the go or just before an important meeting, this great kit is practical in any household and will keep your appearance smart and shiny. Features:Cordless, battery powered 4 Different functions 2 Speed settingsSmall size, light weight, easy to carry, suitable for travelingComes with a small box for convenient storageShine your shoes like a professional, quickly and easily! Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","24.95 USD" "9800208593","Army Special Forces Building Block Set","https://supergadget.store/products/army-special-forces-building-block-set","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/soldiers_medium.jpg?v=1500652075","Get ready for combat! We’re going to war!This complete building block set gives you everything you need to fight off your enemies.  Coming with four professionally trained and armed soldiers, you never have to worry about losing! Just toss each one your preferred weapon of choice, whether an assault rifle, rocket launcher, sniper, or machine gun, these Special Forces will always have your back.Now, it’s time to set up base. Pitch a tent, lay out the barricade, set up the cannon, and build your watchtower before it’s too late! You want to make sure you’re well protected. But you’re not finished yet…Enemies can be sneaky and show up where you least expect them. So don’t forget to build your water raft, motorcycle, and the rest of your heavy artillery just to be safe.And of course, please don’t forget to feed your military dog each day!Features:•   Complete military building block set•   Comes with various different types of buildings, weapons, artillery, vehicles, soldiers, and other army-related items (plus, a dog)•   Easy to build and lock each block into place•   This set is compatible with the leading brand in children’s building blocksWhether or not you have blocks at home already, this set has everything you need to easily start building. With detailed drawings and construction on each block, you don’t want to miss out on this! Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","29.95 USD" "1449458335821","Adjustable Travel Carry On Luggage Bungee Strap","https://supergadget.store/products/adjustable-travel-carry-on-luggage-bungee-strap","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-392441831_medium.jpg?v=1559875936","Isn't it a drag to carry all of your items separately, trotting around the airport or train station picking up your bags behind you? Well, we've put an end to this by finding you the perfect little accessory! Traveling and keeping your stuff together and as well as your sanity has never been easier with this adjustable bag bungee! Connect two items as one, fix one bag, laptop case or other items to your wheeled travel luggage and voila, get going! Features: Can be used on a single or double pole handleAdjustable to various luggage and bag sizesSmall in size and lightweightMade of durable NylonRoll towards your destination in style with the ease of knowing that your luggage is safely tied together as well as un-snatchable. Traveling hands free is the newest trend being spotted all over the world and you should not be left behind, so get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","9.99 USD" "3637525446733","Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support","https://supergadget.store/products/tecknet-gaming-office-mouse-pad-mat-ergonomic-mousepad-build-in-soft-sponge-with-gel-rest-wrist-support","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-772713805_medium.jpg?v=1562593169","Does your wrist hurt when you spend hours at your computer? Considering that people spend around 8 hours a day on their computers, this is one of the most common problems!Quit ignoring the discomfort and get this ergonomic mouse pad with wrist support. It'll be a lot less expensive compared to seeking medical help in the long run!Designed for people suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome, this mouse pad is designed to reduce the pain, numbness, tingling sensation, and soreness in your arms, hands, and elbows.Made of breathable material that is soft and non-irritating to the touch, this mouse pad is ideal for any type of mouse. It is also just the right size for office work, browsing, online shopping, coding, or even gaming!The gel-filled memory foam cushion is soft but firm enough to provide ample wrist support. It contours beautifully to your wrist's natural curves and movements to reduce hand and wrist stress. It will also keep your hand and keyboard at the same height to further reduce the pressure on your median nerve and eliminate pain and fatigue!Still looking for that perfect mouse pad that covers all the bases? This one certainly does and more! Superior tracking surface, non-skid rubber base, excellent grip, waterproof coating, and a nicely textured surface for precise mouse movement and effortless glide!Features:Made of breathable rubber material that won't trap heat and is odorlessSlow rebound gel-filled memory cushion conforms to your wrist for a comfortable yet firm supportThe reinforced edges are not prone to curling up, deformation, or damageSilk processed fabric guarantees smoother movementA textured surface offers a more precise and smoother mouse tracking Excellent non-slip rubber base for a firm desktop gripWave-like ergonomic designPackage includes: 1 x  Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist SupportSpecs: Material: Silk processed fabric and foam rubberColor: black, blue, or purpleDimension: 8.46 x 9.44 x 0.86 inchesMake the switch from that uncomfortable "flat board" type mouse pad and see the difference! Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","24.99 USD" "3615048400973","Memory Foam Lumbar and Back Support","https://supergadget.store/products/memory-foam-lumbar-support-back-cushion-firm-pillow-for-computer-office-chair-car-seat-recliner-lower-back-pain-sciatica-relief","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-864337327_medium.jpg?v=1561283734","If you're a truck driver or an office worker, you know the horrors of sitting for more 8 than hours a day. Lower back pain, neck tension, sore muscles, tight shoulders, stiffness in your hips and knees, pins-and-needles in your body. How long are you going to let yourself suffer? Besides doing some neck and shoulder rolls, an ergonomic chair would be nice, right? Now "ergonomic" doesn't have to mean expensive! Rather than splurging on a name-brand chair, get this memory foam back and lumbar support instead. Most of the time, stiff neck, an aching back, and other pains associated with sitting for long periods of time is because of bad posture. This 3D wrapped cushion helps enhance your posture, correct your spine alignment, increases blood flow, prevents muscle fatigue, and will take some pressure off your lower back. All of these will help alleviate the pain so you can be more productive during the day and sleep better at night!Features:Made of 100% slow-rebound premium memory foam that supports the natural contour of your backComes with a breathable mesh cover so you'll never feel hot nor sweatyOffers lumbar support to ease discomfort associated with lower and middle back pain, sciatic nerve pain, chronic lower back ache, pregnancy back pain, and moreEquipped with an elastic strap to fit any chair and prevent it from slipping offWashable outer fabric for easy cleaningIdeal for office chairs, car seats, dining chair, receptionist's chair, airplane, wheelchair, rocking chair, and morePackage includes:1 x Memory Foam Lumbar and Back SupportSpecs: Material: 3D air layer fabricInside case: PolyesterPillow core: PolyurethaneDimension: Approximately 37 x 43 x 13/10 cm / 14.6 x 17 x 5/3.9 inWeight: about 650gTurn any chair into an ergonomic one without spending a fortune! Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","44.99 USD" "1388365447245","3D Visual Effect Color Changing Night Light","https://supergadget.store/products/3d-visual-effect-color-changing-night-light","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-517832890_medium.jpg?v=1559876726","Are you looking for an innovative way to upgrade your office or bedroom and don't know what's missing? Or would you like to create an elegant ambience in your home? Well, this mesmerizing Lotus night light could do the trick! It can also be the perfect gift for a family member, friend, significant other, coworker or for you! It comes with 7 alternating light colors, brightness and flashing mode and flashing speed that you can easily adjust to your liking by a remote control or touch switch. It surely is beautiful and attractive! Also, it's easy to install and because of the LED light, it has a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours!  Features: 7 different light colorsTouch switchMade of highly durable acrylicCan be powered by USB cable (included) or batteries (not included)This gorgeous and soothing Lotus night light is the perfect decoration in every room of the house, bedroom, baby room, guest room, living room and the office. So, if you feel like lifting up any room of the house or looking for a great gift for your loved one, then get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","39.95 USD" "1454877868109","Dual USB Car Charger Bluetooth MP3 Player And FM transmitter","https://supergadget.store/products/5v-3-4a-dual-usb-car-charger-bluetooth-mp3-player-and-fm-transmitter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-797702983_medium.jpg?v=1559869803","So with this awesome item, you're totally ready to go! There's nothing more you could possibly need for your car ride comforts, trust us! This device might be small, but it surely delivers. With dual USB quick chargers, a bluetooth MP3 player AND an FM transmitter, your morning car ride is all set! The device enables you to enjoy stereo music from your phone, tablet etc. via Bluetooth. Plus, how cool would it be to get rid of all of your separate devices and combine them all into one? Features:Blue LED displayCompatible with IOS and Android systemsOne-key hands free callsNavigation voice amplifierExpansion of cigarette lighter portCompatible with many car modelsNot only functional with it's crystal clear quality sound and hands free answering calls, but it's sleek and modern design is surely a winner! Great as a gift or an upgrade for your car gadgets, get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","29.99 USD" "1391102525517","Wireless Backlit Mini Keyboard With Touchpad","https://supergadget.store/products/full-touchpad-wireless-mini-keyboard","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/keyboard_medium.jpg?v=1559870940","Not all great things come in big packages right? This mini keyboard is the perfect example.  With a QWERTY keyboard, enjoy up to 10m operating distance and a 2.4GHz wireless connection, multi-touch touchpad and an innovative mouse wheel. Also, it's built-in backlight lets you work or play in the dark, while the soft light won't hurt your eyes.Features:Rechargeable polymer lithium batteryBacklight function to use in the darkHighly sensitive touchpadInnovative mouse buttonPlug and play, no need to install softwareUSB receiver at the back of the keyboardIdeal for devices such as: PC, Xbox 360, PS4, Android TV Box, smart TVWith a compact, light and portable design, you can just put it in your bag and use it anytime and anywhere! Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","39.95 USD" "1385281519693","Waterproof Epoxy Tile Refill Agent","https://supergadget.store/products/waterproof-epoxy-tile-refill-agent","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/Screen_Shot_2018-07-21_at_9.41.38_AM_medium.png?v=1559871866","Are you tired of looking at those black moldy and dirty cracks between your bathroom or kitchen tiles? Or have you been wanting to fix those cracks in the entryway or balcony for ages? Well, this super easy to apply filling agent is the solution for you! Ceramic tiles are great, but aging grout can take away the tiles' good looks. Over time, grout can become dirty, moldy, grungy, cracked and even missing in some places, creating an old and un-complementary look.This excellent home improvement product will get rid of those nasty black cracks in no time and turn them back white and clean again. It's super quick, durable and ready to use. With this innovative DIY refill Agent, deteriorating tile grout is definitely something you can fix-up yourself, saving you precious time and money!The refill agent comes in an easy to apply nozzle with a ready mixed compound. No more messy repair tools and buying new tiles! Whether for the kitchen, bathroom, entryways, balcony or any other area of the house, re-grouting has never been easier! Features:Ready to use productWaterproof and durableWhite colorMoldproofThis IS the easiest tile filling product on the market today! Get yours by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above and start your home improvement endeavors now!","","29.95 USD" "476742778907","Splash-Proof Bluetooth Speaker","https://supergadget.store/products/waterproof-bluetooth-speaker","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-335274776_medium.jpg?v=1519749398","Never again will you be stranded in silence (or darkness)! This muscularly built speaker was designed to blast crisp music and double as a useful tool while you’re out camping, hiking, or anywhere outdoors.With a large, bright flashlight built onto one end, not only will you find this speaker pleasant to your ears, but also for your safety. It even contains SOS settings for emergency situations, making this the safest speaker you’ll ever have on hand.And if that weren’t enough, it’s also made with IP67 waterproof material to protect it against splashes and rain. To use it, all you have to do is connect your device via Bluetooth. And as long as you’re within 10 meters of the speaker, it’ll play all your favorite music non-stop for as long as 12 hours!Thanks to its powerful rechargeable 1800mAh lithium battery, one full charge (four hours) can last longer than your entire playlist of songs.Features: Supports external memory card for direct listeningCompatible with all Bluetooth devices Speaker’s 3D surround system captures you with its booming bass and high quality soundBuilt-in flashlight and IP67 Waterproof material makes this super safe to bring on trips outdoorsSuper long battery life (up to 12 hours)Dimension: 180mm X 63mm X 63mm / 7in X 2.5in X 2.5inEnjoy music outdoors! Get your waterproof Bluetooth speaker today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","49.95 USD" "184989089819","Smart Wireless Doorbell With 38 Different Ring Tones","https://supergadget.store/products/smart-wireless-doorbell-with-38-different-ring-tones","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-302300036_medium.jpg?v=1519749442","*** Please choose your plug type and color in the drop down menu above before adding this item to the cart! ***Tired of faulty doorbells? Ones that never ring when pressed on, and ones that barely ring louder than your cellphone? Then here’s a stylish one that will alarm the entire house every time with the power of just one battery…Coming in two parts, the doorbell transmitter and receiver, you can set everything up in a matter of seconds. No handiwork or set up is needed. With the transmitter, simply plug in a 12V 23A alkaline battery, and stick it anywhere outside next to your door. Thanks to its double-sided adhesive tape, this is made quick and easy. Then, with the receiver, plug it into an outlet and you’re all set.Now, give it a test. Ring your brand new doorbell. And listen as it instantly sends a signal to your receiver to blast one out of the 38 built-in ringtones. When activated, it’ll also light up to give you a visual indicator as well!No matter where your receiver is placed, this doorbell system’s operating range goes up to a full 300 meters in open area, guaranteeing you never miss a visitor or delivered package again!Features: 3 Colors — Gold, Silver, Black Wireless doorbell designed with IP44 waterproof material for long-lasting useLong operating range of 300 meters (984 feet) in an open areaReceiver contains three buttons to choose from 3 volume levels, and 38 different ringtonesTransmitter is powered by one 12V 23A alkaline battery (not included)Fast and easy installation with double-sided adhesive tapeDon’t leave your guests waiting! Grab your wireless doorbell today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","29.95 USD" "9842883089","Portable Pocket Acoustic Guitar Practice Tool","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-pocket-acoustic-guitar-practice-tool","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-200425343_medium.jpg?v=1559874931","If you want to be the best at guitar, or you want to learn how to play faster, this is the tool you’ve been looking for…As you know, to get better you must practice. And you must practice as much as you can. This is obvious. But constantly carrying an entire guitar around just isn’t possible — until now!This tool makes practicing guitar on the go easy, and is great whether you’re a beginner or expert! Like a normal guitar, but with just the fretboard, this contains 6 real strings and 4 frets. What for?To practice finger placement, smooth chord changes, and if you’re just starting, to quickly build up your finger calluses! Now, instead of taking out your “air guitar” when you don’t have a real one, try this on for size… It plays just as silently, but actually helps you hone your guitar skills! Features: Improve your guitar skills anywhere with a 4-fret, 6 string fretboardReal frets and strings to make playing as realistic as possiblePerfect your finger placement and chord changes without bothering othersHelps build finger calluses quicklySlides in and out for a space-saving, portable designMade of quality wood, plastic, and steelDimensions: 20cm X 5cm X 2.5cm / 8in X 2in X 1inYou can’t always bring your guitar on the car, bus, airplane, or subway. But you CAN bring this everywhere you go to keep sharpening your skills! Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","25.95 USD" "119042244635","Portable Car Ashtray With Built-in Light","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-car-ashtray-with-built-in-light","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-414388434_medium.jpg?v=1506350134","Smoke and drive? Then this is for you…A cigarette only lasts so long. And when you’re hanging your arm out the window while driving, with cigarette in hand, the wind just shortens its already brief lifespan that much faster.What’s the solution? Well, you can’t close all your windows, otherwise, you’ll get ash all over your car. But when you have this mini ashtray, you can…Fitting snugly in your cup holder, now you can smoke and ash your cigarette (or cigar) safely inside this little garbage can. Just pop up the lid when you’re smoking, and when finished, toss in your cigarette butt and close it.Not only is this a convenient way to ensure your car stays clean, but it also traps the smell of the  smoke inside its durable flame retardant PBT material!On the lid, there’s also a small LED light for when you’re out driving at night. This way, you don’t accidentally miss the tray.Features: Ashtray allows you to smoke in your car while keeping it cleanPrevents having to hold the cigarette out the windowPerfect for ashing cigarettes and cigars, and storing used onesLid design keeps the ash and smell from flying outMini LED light for using at nightSits in almost any cup holder with its universal sizeDimensions: 9.2cm X 6.5cm / 3.6in X 2.6inGet the most out of your smoke! Grab your car ashtray today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","12.95 USD" "641279688731","New Anti-theft USB Recharging Backpack","https://supergadget.store/products/new-anti-theft-usb-recharging-backpack","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-525660447_medium.jpg?v=1559872448","To you, a crowded area is a burden. But to a pickpocket, it’s a playground… And you need to safely guard your belongings from them. Or else, you might notice that your phone’s gone the second after you used it.Luckily, this multi-functional, anti-theft backpack has got you covered!It might look like any normal bag, but that’s the point — so thieves can’t find the hidden pocket! With a quick glance, nobody can. And when you’re wearing it, no one can open it either. Why?Because this hidden pocket is on the back side of the bag. So instead of the zipper being exposed, it’s hiding close to your body. Making it nearly impossible to open without having to take the backpack off first. Amazing!Specially designed with the commuter/student in mind, this bag contains an external USB charging hole. As well as ample space for storing your laptop, tablet, books, clothes, and other valuable items — all inside a cushioned foam, protected with splash-proof nylon fabric. Features: Various colors (black & gray)Anti-theft backpack with a hidden compartment on the insideMade of quality splash-proof nylon fabricSeveral zippered compartments for laptops, books, tablets, clothes, and moreComes with USB interface and an external charging hole to charge your phone on the move (power bank not included!)Anti-theft lockOpens 180 degreesBreathable mesh systemProtect your valuables from those who are up to no good! And keep them in good condition by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to get your anti-theft backpack! ","","89.95 USD" "315939192859","Mini GSM Voice Surveillance Device","https://supergadget.store/products/mini-gsm-spy-voice-surveillance-device","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-176603283_medium.jpg?v=1559878803","* Please note this device does not work in Australia or Singapore (requires 2G Mobile network)!The best agents have the best equipment. And this one here can be tossed in with the rest of the gadgets that the most sneaky and successful use.What does it do?Imagine you could listen in on a conversation that’s happening rooms (or even miles) away from you without anyone ever knowing. If you think that’s crazy, you’re right. It is! And now you have the power to do it with this advanced voice surveillance system.When set up, you can place this little box in a room you want to listen in on. And when you call it with your phone, it’ll play back live audio for you to hear! But this also has a mind of its own…Built-in is an acoustic alarm function you can turn on and off. What it does is once the system picks up a sound level above 45dB, it’ll automatically call your phone to alert you. Making this perfect for finding out if someone is snooping around in your room!Features: Mini voice surveillance system lets you listen in on conversations from anywhere without getting caughtEasy to setup by plugging in a SIM card (not included) to the device and following the user manual stepsBlacked-out design makes hiding this in a room extremely easyCharges with the included USB cable to last for up to 29 hoursDimensions: 1.26in X 0.55in X 1.65in / 32mm X 14mm X 42mmReady to find out what people are saying behind closed doors? Grab your spy device today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!Specs:Voltage: 5VItem Size: 42*32*14mmScreen Size: Under 2 InchesBattery Life: 20 To 29 HoursProduct Type: Voice Surveillance DeviceNetwork: GSMGSM Band Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHzStandby Time: Around 12-15 Days (Acoustic alarm function off mode)SIM Card Requirement: Required SIM Card Which Is Compatible With 2G GSM Network (does not work in Australia or Singapore!)Backup Battery: Built-in 200mA Backup BatterySpecial Function: Acoustic Alarm FunctionApplications: Home Secure Monitor; Car Secure Monitor;","","49.95 USD" "1437866098765","Insulated Stainless Steel Thermos Bottle","https://supergadget.store/products/insulated-stainless-steel-sports-thermos-bottle","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-302411241_medium.jpg?v=1559869997","Don't you just hate plastic bottles that don't keep your drink cold and make your water taste nasty and plasticy?These stainless steel bottles are the perfect solution for keeping yourself properly hydrated!Premium quality double walled vacuum insulated construction locks in temperature, so your drinks stay perfectly ice cold or steaming hot for hours. The classically shaped bottle has a tight fitting twist on cap with a silicone gasket that eliminates leakage. Also, its reusable design makes it the smart choice for you and the planet rather than disposable plastic bottles.It fits in most cup holders and it's wide mouth is wide enough for ice cubes to fit in. And if that's not enough, it is BPA-free, non-toxic and will not stain or absorb odors or flavors. Features: Vacuum insulated - Keeps drinks cold or hot for up to 8 hours!Eco friendlyMade of premium stainless steelCompact and easy to carryReusable and easy to cleanThis is definitely your go-to canteen for water, milk, smoothies, shakes, coffee, iced tea or juice, for on the go or at home!Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above!  ","","19.95 USD" "596725628955","Hilarious Talking Hamster","https://supergadget.store/products/hilarious-talking-hamster","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-408581574_medium.jpg?v=1559872908","This hilarious talking hamster will have your kids (and you) in stitches!The automatic talk back function makes this plush critter repeat everything you say, no matter if you laugh, sing or speak to it (in any language).This is a fun way to teach your child to speak (or freak out your pet). Features:Repeats what you say in his own critter voiceEasy to use: Switch it on and talk to it, and this little guy will mimic every word you say in his funny and high pitched critter voice.Records up to 6 seconds. Flip the switch to the OFF position to conserve battery life when it is not being used.Makes a hilariously fun giftFor ages 4 and upPowered by 3x AAA batteries (NOT included).","","19.99 USD" "1327615934541","2-in-1 Wireless Charger & Power Bank (For Android Or iPhone)","https://supergadget.store/products/2-in-1-wireless-charger-power-bank-for-android-or-iphone","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-596924442_medium.jpg?v=1559878461","This slick device is both a wireless charger and a portable power bank, giving your phone extra battery life on the go. With a fine leather finish this is a must have mobile accessory for anyone with a smartphone that has wireless charging ability.Features:2 in 1 Design: Qi wireless charging & cable charging at the same timePower bank: 10,000mAh high capacity portable power bank gives you enough power to keep going even on long journeysQi wireless charger: With the advanced WPC Qi standard wireless charging technology, the charging efficiency is comparable to that of cable chargingDual USB ports allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneouslyHigh-quality Materials with Fine Workmanship: Made of environmentally friendly ABS and PC materials, providing a comfortable holdMultiple Security Protections: Multiple protections against overcharging, overheating and overcurrent, ensuring the delivery of steady power outputDon't charge your phone with a cable if you don't have to. Get this smart charger and portable power bank by clicking the add to cart button above now!","","39.95 USD" "49627791387","10 Extra Rollers / Replacement Rollers For Rechargeable Electronic Foot File","https://supergadget.store/products/10-extra-rollers-replacement-rollers-for-rechargeable-electronic-foot-file","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-238710890_medium.jpg?v=1504438345","10 Replacement Rollers / Extra Rollers for our Rechargeable Electronic Foot File. Water resistant, you can wash roller directly under the water.You get a total of 10 extra rollers - 5 x rough and 5 x fine","","29.95 USD" "9804065041","Metal Fidget Spinners (Various Models)","https://supergadget.store/products/metal-fidget-spinners-various-models","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-908479924_medium.jpg?v=1559880480","This is not your ordinary fidget spinner… The original ones are fun to play with, but they’re dull in appearance and boring to look at. If you don’t agree, then you might want to take these for a spin…“What makes these fidget spinners so different?”Their shape and color. As you know, regular ones are three-bladed with one solid color. But these on the other hand, are multi-colored and multi-bladed with an exotic detailed design. And work the same way and spin just as fast as the original.With some having a shiny holographic design that changes color depending on the angle you look at it, and others with a unique asymmetrical shape, you won’t believe how amazing these look and feel on your fingertips. Just give it a small flick. And the hypnotizing orbit of the spinner will almost put you in a trance!Features: Perfect toy for someone who fidgets and needs to relieve stressWorks and spins as fast as the original fidget spinnerCooler and more unique color and designMade of Electroplate Hybrid Bearing Zilver Zinc Alloy MetalComes in a retail box to protect from sneaky fidgetersWarning: highly addictiveJust imagine the look on your friends’ face when you take out one of these lovely fidget spinners. You’ll be the envy of them all! So grab one of these cool spinners today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","14.95 USD" "9831820689","Spill-Proof Gyro Baby Bowl","https://supergadget.store/products/spill-proof-baby-bowl","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-229230770_medium.jpg?v=1559880050","Does your child make a mess when they eat? You’ve seen it before…You serve them a delicious plate of your home-cooked meal. You watch them eat, and see they’re enjoying it. But after a few minutes, you find them playing around with their bowl. Only to spill everything onto the floor and on themselves. What a mess!But with this specially designed bowl, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning up after your child again!This bowl, in the shape of a colorful UFO, is completely spill-proof. All thanks to its incredible 360º gyroscope construction.No matter which way you turn it, spin it, flip it, the bowl always stands upright! Give it a try… Pick it up by the handle and flip it upside down. You’ll find that the handle moves, but the bowl never does!Created with the baby’s safety in mind, not only is this going to be a savior at the dinner table, but its durable, BPA-free polypropylene material makes this 100% safe to eat from, and is also heat-resistant!Features: Gyroscope designed bowl prevents children from spilling food Can spin, rotate, and flip in any direction without ever causing a messMade out of heat-resistant, BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-Free, nitrosamine-free polypropyleneFun UFO design that children love to eat out ofSave your child from making a dirty mess, and save yourself from having to clean it by getting this spill-proof bowl today! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","14.95 USD" "9760695761","Wrist Watch With Built-in Cigarette Lighter (Rechargeable)","https://supergadget.store/products/wrist-watch-with-in-built-rechargeable-usb-cigarette-lighter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-242314613_medium.jpg?v=1559881159","Your typical butane lighter is no match for the wind. And carrying a torch is a bit too much for a cigarette. The result? Flicking a spark-wheel until your thumb’s in pain, and an uneven burn.Now what should have been an enjoyable 5 minute break is turned into a disaster. But with this watch, you’ll never have to go through this again. How?This might look like your ordinary watch, but with deeper examination, what you’ll find is a safe, hidden spot to perfectly light your cigarette — and under any weather condition! Whether it’s a beautiful sunny day, or a 30MPH gusty evening, you can enjoy a nice smoke WITHOUT any hassle!Easily powered and charged by a USB cable (included), this lighter doesn’t need any flammable gas or liquid to light. Just charge the watch before you head out. Then, whenever you need a cigarette, simply move over the case to fire one up.You might get a few strange looks as you may be the only one with this kind of lighter. But just watch as they stand there in amazement, and can’t help but ask, “Where did you get that?”Features:Lighter is WINDPROOF for a smoke any time, anywhereDoesn’t use flammable gas or liquid Evenly lights a cigarette in just a few secondsPackage includes:1 x Quartz Watch with Cigarette Lighter1 x USB charge cablePerfect for lighting, telling the time, and as a conversation piece! Grab yours today by hitting the “Add To Cart” button, and you’ll always have a perfect smoke wherever you go!","","29.95 USD" "9800076177","Remote Control Racing Buggy","https://supergadget.store/products/2017-newest-rc-car-electric-toys-remote-control-car-2-4g-shaft-drive-truck-high-speed-rc-car-drift-car-rc-racing-include-battery","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-207588670_medium.jpg?v=1543480796","Most RC cars are weak, slow, and easily breakable. But not this one… If you’re looking for a powerful RC that drives like a monster, you’ve found it right here!This beautifully and professionally designed race car comes in 3 different models. Each with an incredible motor and strongly built body to withstand high speeds in any terrain. Whether it be puddles of water, this car can power through WITHOUT being damaged because of its waterproof shell. Or whether it be rough dirt or slimy sludge, it can still speed off effortlessly.With high quality PVC wheels to absorb shock on landing, and front & back suspensions to help stabilize movement under rugged conditions, you can be rest assured that no matter how reckless you drive, your RC can tolerate it. Features: Professionally designed to drive over any terrain — smooth, rough, or wetPowerful motor allows you to reach high speeds in a matter of secondsWaterproof car shell, elastic PVC tires, and front & back suspension ensures smooth rides and durabilityComes pre-assembled and ready-to-run straight out of the box Without any work needed to get it running, you can take this outside the second your RC car arrives! Just choose your favorite color above, and then click the “Add To Cart” button to get yours today! ","","69.95 USD" "1434771030093","Solar Panel for Outdoor Security Camera","https://supergadget.store/products/solar-panel-for-reolink-argus-2-security-camera","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-611991136_medium.jpg?v=1542271326","Connect your Reolink Argus 2 outdoor security camera to this solar panel and it will get non-stop power!The 360° wall mount allows you to easily position the weather resistant solar panel and ensure that it's perfectly positioned to maximize sun light exposure.With this solar panel you will enjoy huge energy savings (as well being eco-friendly)! ","","59.99 USD" "339033620507","Baseus USB Type-C Charger Cable (Tangle-Free)","https://supergadget.store/products/baseus-usb-type-c-charger-cable-tangle-free","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-379270809_medium.jpg?v=1519749439","* Please choose your color and cable length in the drop down menus above before adding this item to the cart. Baseus are known to be one of the top brands for Mobile Accessories. This super tough, fast charging and syncing, Tangle-Free USB Type-C cable will not let you down if quality is what you're looking for.Brand Name: BASEUSMaterial: Environmental TPE Material, CopperFunction: USB Type-C Data Transmission & Fast ChargingColor: Black, White, Blue, PinkLength: 0.25m/1mCompatible with: Huawei P10 P9 P9 Plus, Oneplus 2 3, Xiaomi 6 Mi5 Mi4S Mi4C Mi4, LG G5 SE, HTC 10, Meizu Pro5 Pro6, Lenovo ZUK Z1 Z2 ; Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Macbook Nexus 5X / 6P Lumia 950 950XLType: Baseus USB Type C CableCharging Speed: 2A Max USB-C Cable","","6.95 USD" "1375697141837","5-in-1 Multi-function Vegetable Cutter Slicer And Grater","https://supergadget.store/products/5-in-1-multi-function-vegetable-cutter-slicer-and-grater","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-690723318_medium.jpg?v=1542270464","Have you ever been fascinated by the cutting and slicing talents of professional chefs? With this multi function slicer, cutter and grater, creating wonders in the kitchen has never been easier. This hand-held slicer made of Food-Grade stainless steel & BPA-Free ABS plastic, offers functionality with changeable and durable stainless steel blades for a creating a variety of fruit and vegetable gems.Featuring a safe finger guard that securely grips on the veggies to protect your hands, this professional kitchen slicing tool will let you cut your vegetables effortlessly!Features:Made of stainless steel & BPA-Free ABS plasticDesigned for daily use, strong and durableAnti slip design for stable useEasy to clean Separate container for bladesEco friendly Save time and effort in the kitchen by using this versatile food slicing tool to cut all your veggies to perfection!Get yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","25.95 USD" "1447346208845","10pcs Cupboard Hinge LED Sensor Light","https://supergadget.store/products/10pcs-universal-cabinet-inner-hinge-led-sensor-light","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/71WXRvS5vWL._SL1076_medium.jpg?v=1556527940","Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night to search for something in your cabinets and had to put on the blinding light and wake up everyone in your vicinity? Well no more brutal awakenings with these clever LED lights! With these functional and easy to use sensor lights, these annoying scenarios can be a thing of the past, as well as flashlights!  Features: Easy to use and installBattery operated (Included) Chose between cold or warm light40,000 hours of service lifeFits most hingesThe options of use are endless, whether in your indoor foyer, living room library, bedroom, staircase, bathroom cabinets or wardrobe, these LED lights will make your life so much easier! So, if you want to get that kitchen snack in the middle of the night without waking everyone up, then this is the product for you! Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","25.99 USD" "1370740752461","3G Car GPS Tracker (Magnet+Waterproof)","https://supergadget.store/products/3g-car-gps-tracker-magnet-waterproof","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-254733678_medium.jpg?v=1559878170","Do you let your spouse or kids drive your car? Are you ever worried or curious about where they take it? Then this GPS tracker will show you everything you need to know (and more)…Only 3.5 inches in length and weighing just 6 ounces, once magnetically attached to any car, this little tracker can show you real-time location, movement, and history routes. You can even set up a geofence and be notified when your vehicle goes outside of a specific area. But this isn’t only useful for tracking a car…With its compact size, this is also perfect for safely placing in your child’s backpack to make sure they get back from school safely. As well as for an ill parent to keep in their pocket or belt so they don’t wander too far away from their home.This is all possible by easily creating a personal account on their mobile app (TKSTAR GPS) through your phone, or by visiting their website (www.mytkstar.net) on your computer! After you order and receive your tracker, there’ll be an IMEI number on the back of the cover for you to use and log in with the password. Features:3G Works globally Small size makes this perfect for tracking all types of vehicles, as well as people or valuablesGeofence feature notifies you whenever the tracker leaves your restricted areaTrack the history route of your device up to 6 months agoApp is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store6000mAh battery allows for standby up to 70 days","","149.95 USD" "9770579281","Plastic Carrier Bag Storage Dispenser","https://supergadget.store/products/plastic-carrier-bag-storage-dispenser","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_9ae0e96e-e00c-47a2-9eab-6e90bb9dd452_medium.png?v=1553648901","Do you use a lot of plastic bags? Whether you answered yes or no, we can all agree that they’re convenient to have. Besides, you get a bunch of them for free at the supermarket anyway. But there’s just one problem…You can fill up your house rather quickly with plastic bags laying around everywhere. And if this sounds like you, you’re going to need one of these bag dispensers.Not only will it help you clean up your mess, but it’ll also conveniently store bags where you need them the most. Whether that be in your kitchen, bathroom, or even your own room, you can easily screw or stick this firmly to the wall.And with its many rounded openings, you can easily grab a plastic bag (or whatever else you decide to store in it) at any angle. Features:• Stores tens of plastic bags (or anything else laying around) to save you more space• Screws/sticks to your wall for convenient storage• Specially designed with several holes for easy dispensing• Perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc.• Dimensions: 24.8cm X 12cm / 9.76in X 4.72inIsn’t it about time you cleared up and organized the mess in your house? Make it happen fast and easy by getting this plastic bag dispenser now! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above to get yours today.","","11.99 USD" "8880366097","GB Boy Color with Backlit Screen and 66+ Built-in Games","https://supergadget.store/products/kong-feng-gb-boy-colour-with-backlight-and-built-in-games","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/gb2_medium.jpg?v=1543617075","Could this knockoff of the Nintendo Game Boy Color be even better than the original? Aside from the back-lit screen, the biggest reason to hunt one of these units down is for the 66 built-in games. These include the likes of Super Mario Land, Tetris, Donkey Kong and many more...","","95.99 USD" "1427900366925","Wireless Doorbell And Video Intercom With Mobile Phone Streaming","https://supergadget.store/products/wireless-intercom-and-video-camera-for-android-and-ios","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-731354658_medium.jpg?v=1559916445","Are you thinking of installing a new home security system? Or maybe just upgrading your intercom? Well, this wireless intercom is not only a door bell but also a real-time video monitor, making it a great choice for your home security! The doorbell features two-way talk without any noise and can easily be connected to the “To see” app, compatible with iOS and Android. Once motion is detected, the app will alert you immediately. It also switches between day and night automatically to ensure that you can see clearly during the day, night, sunny and rainy days, all in 720 pixel quality!Features: Compatible with android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.  APP downloadable from Google Play or iOS StoreEquipped with high-definition infrared camera for night visionReal time push notification once the door bell is pressed and real time video transmission via the appHigh quality two-way voice intercomBuilt-in noise reduction speaker offers super clear sound166-degree wide angle lensGet yours today and make your life easier and safer by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above!  ","","108.99 USD" "2327301816397","Solar-Powered LED Lantern","https://supergadget.store/products/solar-powered-led-lantern","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-854948510_medium.jpg?v=1543845641","This Solar Powered Lantern is both collapsible and portable, offering unparalleled convenience when you're out enjoying nature or during an emergency / power outage. It boasts a solar panel on the top, making it environmentally friendly and convenient.","","17.99 USD" "1327592505421","Survival Steel Wire Saw (Super Portable)","https://supergadget.store/products/survival-steel-wire-saw-super-portable","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-379195686_medium.jpg?v=1529408678","No survival kit is ready for action without a tiny steel saw for the woods. This one is light, compact and very affordable, without compromising on quality.Features:Lightweight, easy to carrySimple design with saw teeth and two ringsEasily cut wood, plastic, rubber Perfect for any survival kit, hunting, fishing or other outdoor activities","","7.95 USD" "9778630609","Portable Electric Water Heater for your Car","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-electric-water-heater-for-your-car","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-209249286_medium.jpg?v=1500650443","Don’t you hate when your coffee or tea gets cold in the car? Especially when you’re trying to stay awake? We all need our morning caffeine fix on the way to work. But it’s impossible when our drinks get  to room temperature, and become nearly undrinkable. Now what would’ve been a delicious, heart-warming, and energizing cup of coffee or tea, is turned to absolute waste!But what if you were able to keep your drink warm at all times, despite how cold it is? Or even make a cup of tea / coffee from scratch in your car...Well, with this small car gadget you can!Easily charged up by plugging it into your lighter socket, after a few seconds, the metal coil will heat up. Then, carefully gripping it by the neck so you don’t get burned, simply place it in your cup of coffee or tea, and stir it around. Finally, take a sip and see for yourself! Your drink will now be at a cozy, warm temperature for you to enjoy.Features:• Instantly warms up any drink such as coffee, tea, water, and even soups• Safely plugs into your lighter socket and heats up the coil within seconds• Small and portable for ease of use and travelNever drink a cold cup of coffee or tea again! You probably spent some time making it (or money buying it), so don’t let it go to waste. Keep it deliciously warm at all times by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above to start using beverage heater today! ","","13.95 USD" "1449445097549","Non-stick Copper Frying Pan with Ceramic Coating","https://supergadget.store/products/sweettreats-non-stick-copper-frying-pan-with-ceramic-coating","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-539737322_medium.jpg?v=1559915878","Are you tired of struggling every morning with your breakfast? Or bummed out by the expensive cookware you've purchased which is already scratched and useless? Wouldn't it be awesome to start the day as smoothly and cleanly as possible? Well, with this frying pan, your eggs won't be able to resist anymore! It's ceramic and aluminum alloy fusion makes this a more durable pan than all other ceramic or steel cookware in your kitchen, as well as scratch resistant, unlike other Teflon or steel pans, so go ahead and whisk those eggs or fry that steak without scratching the surface! Features: Oven safe up to 260°C / 500°FDishwasher safeNon toxicAnti-skid handleErgonomic designConvenient to use and easy to cleanIt also features fast heating while maintaining a stable heat distribution throughout your cooking adventures. Also, this pan is perfectly suitable for oven cooking too! So go and bring out your inner chef! Fry and cook with complete peace of mind today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","19.99 USD" "1450382000205","Mini RC Helicopter Drone","https://supergadget.store/products/2-channel-mini-rc-helicopter-drone","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-801525629_medium.jpg?v=1559875438","Did you just discover the fascinating world of drones? Or is your child dying to get his / her little paws on a flying helicopter? This helicopter drone is perfect for beginner pilots, big or small! Equipped with a 2-channel, infrared control that allows for up or down and left or right steering for perfect balance and control. Also, it has an awesome projector light for flying at nighttime! Features: Made of a durable, high-strength plastic body and flexible bladesShatter resistantLightweight and easy to operateA built in protection system will power off the aircraft in case of blade blockage It's strong motor provides stability, endurance and more complex movesCharged via USB cableSo, this helicopter may be for beginners and children, but you'll probably have fun flying it around the house or garden too! If you or your little one is seeking a new flying adventure, this surely is the right product to get you started with. Get yours now by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above!     ","","25.99 USD" "9799991441","High quality Golden Eagle Kite","https://supergadget.store/products/free-shipping-high-quality-1-8m-golden-eagle-kite-with-handle-line-kite-games-bird-kite-weifang-chinese-kite-flying-dragon-hcx","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-85501563_medium.jpg?v=1559880768","It’s a beautiful day out. Sunny and with just enough wind. The perfect weather for kite flying! But you’re not about to leave the house with any ordinary kite…No matter where you go, yours will be the most eye-catching, the highest flying, AND look the coolest of them all, with just this one radiant Eagle Kite.With its wings spread wide, this kite can soar through the sky with ease. And with a kite line that’s 100 meters long, everyone will turn their heads to take a look at this brilliant bird that comes to life by the strength of the wind. Hypnotizing in pattern, and detailed in design, don’t be surprised to find the people around you staring up in amazement. With tens of feathers colored bright yellow, fiery red, and golden brown, this kite isn’t just something that flies in the air, but a true work of art to admire.Features: • Wingspan: 180cm X 80cm (71in X 31in)• Kite line: 100 meters long• Easy to fly around with included control bar• Made with premium, quality rip stop nylon for long-lasting durability• Realistic owl design for a striking and impressive sight to seeThrow out those boring kites that only have colored triangular shapes on them. And tame this wild eagle by getting this kite today! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","29.95 USD" "184817188891","Flashlight With Flexible Telescopic Head And Built-in Magnets","https://supergadget.store/products/flashlight-with-flexible-telescopic-head-and-built-in-magnets","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-312755203_medium.jpg?v=1559879837","If you’re a handyman, or know someone that is, this flashlight will be the answer to all your problems…It’s a regular flashlight, but with two bonus features that make it perfect for doing repairs around the house or car. Here’s what they are: a magnet, and an extendable flexible neck. Think about it. How many times have you used a flashlight but could never shine it on a specific spot because other things were in the way? And how many times have you dropped a screw, bolt, or coin in hard-to-reach areas that you simply couldn’t retrieve? Well with this flashlight, you don’t have to worry anymore.Built along the powerful 3 LED lights, is a magnet that can pick up weights of up to 4 pounds! And with the extendable 22 inch neck, you can twist it, bend it, curve it, into the exact position needed to illuminate what you’re trying to look at.Features: Powerful 3 LED flashlight with a brightness of 1000mcd-13000mcdMade of a durable and strong aluminum alloy material22in (56cm) extendable, flexible neck for better visibility in tight and narrow spaces Built-in magnetic ring for picking up tools, nuts, and bolts of up to 4 pounds (1.8kg)Powered by 4 x LR44 batteries (included)Make it easy for yourself! This flashlight eliminates the need for other tools, and works better than your normal flashlight. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","19.95 USD" "1442553856077","4pcs Cute Non-Slip Cat Paw Chair Socks","https://supergadget.store/products/4pcs-cute-cat-paws-non-slip-chair-socks","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-627844074_medium.jpg?v=1559916199","We know this product might seem just a little bit out there, but if you think of it, it totally makes sense! How often do you wish those chairs of yours wouldn't make that shrieking noise on your hardwood floors? Or you wished your neighbors would just lift up their chairs instead of dragging them above your head? These cute chair socks are an ideal gift for any cat lovers birthday, housewarming party, mothers or fathers day and yes, maybe even your neighbors!Features: Fashionable colors and attractive cat paw design to fit any decorMade of knitted wool and high-grade acrylicGreat for noise control and skid resistanceEasy to install and stretches to fit most leg shapes These super cute paw chair socks can widely be used also for desks, filing cabinets and any other type of furniture that has legs. So, if you wish to protect both your furniture and your flooring, or get your loved one a unique and funny gift, then all you need to do is click the "Add to Cart" button above and get yours today! ","","6.99 USD" "3699240796237","5 Port Charging Dock with Night Light","https://supergadget.store/products/multi-5-port-charging-dock-tablet-qc-3-0-quick-charge-desktop-station-lamp-multiple-usb-fast-phone-charger-eu-us-uk-au-plug-gift","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_3b7d0958-7fd2-4207-a947-3c123d71d940_medium.png?v=1565535518","Not enough outlets? You won't have to engage in some sort of power struggle with your significant other over who gets to charge their devices first. This 5-port charging dock allows you to charge multiple devices in one single power outlet! No more waiting for someone to finish charging their gadget or be forced to charge yours in the other room.It's a great way to declutter your desk and turn it into a zen space too! How? This charging station comes with a charming little extra: a devices separator/holder and an LED mushroom nightlight so you can do some light reading before bed!Features:High temperature resistant and fireproof PC material5 USB charging ports for charging 5 devices at the same time (USB cords not included)1 slot for fast charging, 4 slots for intelligent chargingQC fast charging 3.0 technology increases charging efficiency and saves you timeCompact, portable, and includes separators to keep phones, tablets, and cords from getting mixed upBuilt-in over-current, over-voltage, over-heating, over-charging and short circuit protection safely guards devicesWide Compatibility: Compatible with 5V input USB devices, for iPhones / iPads / Android smartphones / Android tablets, power banks, GPS, MP3/MP4 players, and moreDetachable mushroom LED lights functionThe night light emits soft light to better protect your eyes and enhances ambianceThe mushroom design looks good both day and nightPackage includes: 1 x 5 Port Quick Charging Dock w/ power cordSpecs: ABS PC ECO materialUSB Ports: 5Net weight : 320 gSafety certification:CE FCC ROHSDimension: 8.5 x 6.3 inches (W x H)Compatible brands: Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, ZTE, Lenovo, Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei, universalCompatibility: a variety of 5V input of electronic productsSupport Quick Charge Technology: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0Output Interface: 5V/2.1ALine length : 1.5 mInput Output: Input 100V-240V 50-60HZPlug:US EU UK AU plug (select from dropdown menu)Declutter your desk and charge all your devices in one place! Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","49.99 USD" "3642123780173","Wireless Desktop Fan","https://supergadget.store/products/wireless-desktop-fan","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_d00e194e-5f7f-4b6e-9723-cb50655a3469_medium.png?v=1565099133","Feeling hot at your work desk all day long? Do you find it too warm to sleep at night? Getting one of these wireless desk fans might be a fab solution... You're about to be blown away (pun intended)! This little guy right here packs quite a punch despite its small stature and the lack of a cable. The low setting should be sufficient to cool you down, the medium setting should be perfect on a particularly hot day, and the highest setting blows stronger than you'd expect from a USB-powered fan. This is an oscillating fan which means it can swing from side to side. It's great if you want the air blowing on yourself alone or you can have it move for wider coverage. Rotate vertically for up to 60° if you wish to cool down the entire room!Despite its impressive airflow performance, this fan is whisper quiet. It adopts a brushless motor to give you an almost natural soft wind that will not distract you from whatever you're doing. It's the perfect companion for work, study, and during bedtime! It's wireless, USB-powered for convenience, easy to clean, and won't take up a lot of space! Features:3 colors to choose from - Black, pink or white (choose yours in the drop down menu above)Lightweight and portable Built-in 4000mAh battery capacity with up to 12 hours run time3 wind speed modes adjustmentUSB charging via Type-C port, simply connect to any USB-port devices such as your laptop, computer, power bank, and moreSingle button operation for quick and easy useBrushless motor for lighter and gentler speed shifting, quiet yet strong performanceEasy to clean with its removable front net120° horizontal wide area oscillation and 60° vertical tiltIdeal for the office, studying, bedroom, or even take it with you campingPackage includes: 1 x  USB Rechargeable Oscillating Desktop Fan1 x USB cable1 x Instruction manualSpecs: Material: ABS + PCColor: black, pink, whiteDimension: 13.4 x 18 x 31.05 cm / 5.27 x 7.08 x 12.22 inchesInput interface: Type-CInput charging current: DC 5V-0.8AOutput power: 5W (max)Operating hours: 3-12 hoursCharging time: 6 hoursOperating temperature: 37-50℃Weight: 522gKeep your cool all year long with this little wireless fan. Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","49.99 USD" "3669844852813","Battery Rack and Testing Kit","https://supergadget.store/products/hfes-battery-storage-organizer-holder-with-tester-battery-caddy-rack-case-box-holders-including-battery-checker-for-aaa-aa","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_c8420fd2-c16f-4ae3-909c-abd42646d17e_medium.jpg?v=1564270239","Remember those times when you needed new batteries and you've had to rummage through your junk drawer hoping to find one that works? After digging around for the right size and trying one battery after another, it dawned on you that you have a drawer full of batteries that are either expired or are starting to corrode.  What a total waste of time.Well, here's your chance to finally tackle that mess and make sure you have working batteries in times of emergency! This battery rack and testing kit allows you to check all your batteries and dispose of any that are already out of juice. Next time the electricity goes out, you have your batteries nicely organized. Just grab what you need and go! Features:Made of non-toxic, BPA- free plasticComes with a removable battery tester so you can get rid of expired onesCan test AAA, AA, C, D, 9v digital and small batteriesCan hold more than 100 different sized batteries - 48 AA batteries, 24 AA batteries, 8 D cell batteries, 10 C cell batteries, 8 9v batteries , some watch button batteries as well as rechargeable batteriesNo more loose batteries all over your place! You can group the batteries together according to size and type and keep them stored neatly in one placeThis rack will prevent the batteries from leaking or discharging and causing damage to your equipmentFits in your drawer and can also be wall mounted - see how many batteries you have left at a glance!Package includes: 1 x Battery Rack and Testing KitSpecs: Material: PlasticColor: BlackDimension: 35 x 17 x 4cm / 13.7 x 6.7 x 1.5inSay goodbye to loose batteries rolling around at your place! Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","29.99 USD" "1426023481421","Reusable Trolley Clip To Cart Grocery Shopping Bag","https://supergadget.store/products/trolley-clip-shopping-bag","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/Screen_Shot_2018-09-04_at_11.32.37_AM_medium.png?v=1560574456","How cool would it be never to use plastic bags again? With these eco friendly, clip to cart shopping bags, grocery shopping has never been more convenient! Just clip to trolley and off you go. Easy and fast to pack and carry, no more fussing with tons of ripping, spilling and tiny supermarket bags. Features: Made of eco-friendly reusable materialEasy to clean - just wipe with a damp cloth!Foldable and expandable, it can slip easily into any small compartmentGenerous front pocket has plenty of room for a wallet or cell phone Mold & mildew resistantEach bag holds up to 40 lbs! So, take a trip to grocery store to the next level with these super convenient shopping bags! Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","23.99 USD" "3552504315981","Backflow Ceramic Incense Burner","https://supergadget.store/products/multi-layers-backflow-ceramic-incense-burner-table-ornament-sandalwood-incence-burner-smoke-back-flow-censer-cone-holder-craft","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/d1_600x_2x_590x_a23bb02c-0dd4-4554-869c-a2c0721df823_medium.jpg?v=1558116415","Are you living in a fast-paced environment that makes it impossible to find a bit of tranquility and relaxation? You have to learn the art of creating an escape right in the comforts of your own home!Turn any space into a zen refuge with this backflow ceramic incense burner! Now, you may say that burning incense is not totally new. In fact, this practice dates back 3300–1300 BCE! But what sets this apart is the flow of the smoke. Unlike your standard incense burner, this one is designed to create a trickle of smoke from the cone all the way down the multi-layered basins. The result? A hypnotic visual display that can promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. If you don't practice meditation, this might just be the next best thing. Light up an incense when you're feeling overwhelmed at school, at work, or at home!The bonus? This incense burner is exquisitely handcrafted only from the best quality glazed ceramic. Incense or no incense, it makes a beautiful addition to your home decor!Features:Dimension: 20. 5 x 9 cm / 8.07 x 3.54 inHand-glazed and handcrafted in fine high-quality ceramicIts exquisite design makes it a unique house decor even when you're not burning incenseFill with water to double up as a hydroponic gardenCan help regain clarity and focus, stimulate ideas, and relieve anxietyIdeal for use at home, at work, or as a mesmerizing and relaxing decor in the yoga studio, reception and check-in areas, and more!Feeling frazzled? Click the "Add to Cart" button above and create a peaceful and meditative space anywhere! ","","39.99 USD" "1390992293965","2 in 1 Electric Hand Warmer And Portable Power Bank","https://supergadget.store/products/rechargeable-electric-hand-warmer-and-portable-power-bank","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-932484160_medium.jpg?v=1559908849","Don't you just hate it when your hands freeze in the cold weather and you wished you could warm'em up next to a cozy fireplace? Well, we can't help you with that fireplace but we surely have another grand solution for those freezing hands. This mini USB Rechargeable Electric Hand Warmer And Portable Power Bank comes in a super handy design that allows you to carry it in your pocket or bag while sporting, fishing, hiking, camping, skiing or just on the go.A 4000 mAh battery capacity gives a full charge to all mainstream digital devices on the market today such as iPhone 6s, 7, 8, plus, Samsung Galaxy, other Android devices and even GPS, Ipod, MP3 as well as digital cameras.The hand warmer is double sided for full warmth for both your hands. Features: 5200 mAh battery capacityUSB Rechargeable3 indicator lights inform of the remaining battery and heating statusMade of high quality alloy, it is durable, shockproof, anti-scalding, explosion proof and radiation-freeSuitable for most devicesSo whether on the go, traveling, hiking, skiing or you just don't want to suffer from cold hands, this is the perfect device for you! It's portable, compact, lightweight and just really cool so get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above!  ","","25.95 USD" "596791361563","Baseus USB Male to USB Type C Female Adapter","https://supergadget.store/products/baseus-usb-male-to-usb-type-c-female-adapter","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-423250178_medium.jpg?v=1559909349","Specs:Brand: BASEUSColor: BlackPlug: Type-C/USBCurrent: 5AFeatures: ReversibleFunction: Data Transmission & Fast ChargingCompatibility: For USB Type C & NotebookMaterial: Aluminum AlloyCompatible with: Samsung Galaxy S8, Huawei P10 / P9, Oneplus 3 2, Xiaomi Mi6 / Mi5, Nexus 5X and many more.Package  Includes:1 X Baseus USB Male to USB Type C Female OTG Adapter","","8.95 USD" "9803990865","Artist's Wooden Mannequin with Movable Limbs","https://supergadget.store/products/artists-wooden-mannequin-with-movable-limbs","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/HTB1im4wn9tYBeNjSspaq6yOOFXaS_medium.jpg?v=1553654196","Are you an artist, drawer, or painter? If so, you might agree that drawing full-bodied human beings is tough. And I’m not talking about stick figures, but actual realistic drawings.It takes time, effort, and a lot of creativity. You must dig deep within the crevices of your imagination just to fill in one tiny detail, like the angling of a person’s legs. But all this hard-work is now made simpler with this…A human mannequin! Made of a smooth, finished wood, and carved out into the outline of a normal person, just set this by your drawing desk to get a crystal-clear image of what you’re trying to picture. And with the same movable joints as a human being, you can adjust the mannequins body to mimic a pose. This way, instead of trying to picture something in your head, you can now see what you’re trying to draw, directly in front of you with your own two eyes! Making the most challenging part of drawing— a human body — much easier! Features:Dimensions: Approx. 4.5inch, 5.5inch, 8inch (11.4cm, 14cm, 20.3cm)Made of wood with a smooth finishMoveable limbs for adjusting the mannequin to mimic a specific poseMannequin helps give you a better idea of proportions, form, highlighting, and shading Perfect gift for artists, drawers, and painters (or even use it as a decoration)Just imagine how much better your drawings will be once you have this mannequin… They’ll never be the same! So grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to take your artistic ability to a new level! ","","6.99 USD" "9803875281","DIY Miniature Wooden Doll House","https://supergadget.store/products/diy-miniature-wooden-doll-house","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-238455531_medium.jpg?v=1500652070","Go ahead… open the door. This brand new two-story home is now yours.Take a step in, and what you’ll find is a completely furnished house. Fully complete with tables, lamps, couches, beds, chairs. And anything else you can think of, you can find it all here. Decorated perfectly with floral walls, a finished wooden floor, and with delicate flowers around the house, you’ll never want to leave your home again! But let’s go outside to the patio and balcony for a moment…Here you’ll find a dressed up porch swing with a stand right beside you. And on the upper level, a cushioned rocking chair with a table.Now, step outside just a little further, and that’s right… you also have your own luxury car painted in pink for late night drives to the city.And when you come back, just turn on all the lights to illuminate your entire house with your thousand dollar chandeliers!Features:• Complete two-story doll house/mansion with a luxury, antique car• Entirely furnished and decorated kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, balcony, and patio• House and furnitures made of wood, paper, metal, plastic, and latex• Chandeliers and lanterns light up the entire home for play during nighttime• Dimensions: 32cm X 24cm X 20.5cm / 12.6in X 9.4in X 8inThis entire doll house (and car) is for you to keep. Who knows what memories will be created in this home. Own this mansion today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! Please Note: * This wooden house does not include lighting (pictures are for illustration purposes only).** This item is difficult to assemble for small children without adult supervision.","","110.99 USD" "9786563601","Car Parking System with 4 Sensors","https://supergadget.store/products/car-parking-system-with-4-sensors","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-172559564_medium.jpg?v=1559910680","Admit it… Parking is tough (and can be dangerous). Especially when you’re squeezing in between two cars. Or when there’s a bunch of people walking nearby. It’s easy to cause a silly collision or accident even if you're great, average, or horrible at parking. It only takes one tiny mistake.Don’t take the chance! Use this backup parking sensor to get a clear signal of how close your car is to the obstacle behind you, whether it’s another car, person, or wall! With 4 weatherproof ultrasonic parking sensors — easily installed to the rear bumper of your car — and an LED display box attached to your dashboard, this can detect anything within 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) away! Simply plug in all the wires to the main control box and you’re set to go.Features:Improves your safety (and everybody else’s) by preventing the possibility of an accident while backing upPackage includes:1 x Main Control Box1 x LED Display Box lights up and shows you how close the rear of your car is to something or someone4 x Weatherproof ultrasonic parking sensors installed into the rear bumper ensures detection of objects within 2.5 meters (8.2 feet)1 x Hole Saw & Drill Head for quick and easy installation on rear bumper1 x Power Cable1 x Double Side Stickers to secure in place your control box and LED displayNever again will you have to worry about damaging your car or driving into somebody! One tiny accident will cost you 10 times more than this. Get this parking sensor today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now to reduce the risk of any injuries or accidents.  ","","35.95 USD" "1353969401933","Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes","https://supergadget.store/products/stainless-steel-reusable-ice-cubes","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-347836170_medium.jpg?v=1542051005","Chill the Liquor, Keep the Flavor. These New Ice Cubes Are Dangerously Cold.Upgrade your drinking game, and don’t water down a perfectly good drink in the process. These stainless steel ice cubes will cool your drink to perfection without changing its flavor one bit. Simply take them out of the freezer, enjoy your beverage responsibly, then return to the freezer to await tomorrow’s libations.Features:Choose between cubes or diamond shapeChills any type of liquor or wine without dilutionEasily rechills in freezer after useStainless steel is durable, easy to wash and cleanCheers to that!","","19.95 USD" "9842907665","Multi-functional Bluetooth Remote Controller","https://supergadget.store/products/multi-functional-bluetooth-remote-controller","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-203272664_medium.jpg?v=1519749179","One controller for all your technological needs! If you have a smart TV, a smartphone, a tablet PC, or a VR Box, you might want to get this…With only a few button controls, and a 360º joystick, this controller is still multi-functional. Connected by Bluetooth, this can be used with nearly any device. And makes operating possible from up to 18 meters (60 feet) away!Fitting into your hand like a glove, this sleek, blacked-out controller can turn into a wireless remote control, music controller, mouse, and even a mini gamepad! But that’s not all… When synced to your phone, you can also use this as a shutter remote. This way, you can set your phone down anywhere, yet still snap a picture with a click of this controller. Or if you want to easily surf the web on your smart TV, you can do that too! With a sensitive joystick, controlling the cursor is a breeze. And because its wireless, you can do this all from the comfort of your couch!Features: Comes with user manual for instructionsCompatible with smartphones, tablet PC, smart TV, VR Box, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices like Android, IOS, and WindowsConnects via Bluetooth for wireless control of up to 18 meters (60 feet) awayCan be used as a remote control, game controller, wireless mouse, music controller, and shutter remote Special design to provide maximum comfort in the palm of your handsPowered by 2 AA batteries (not included) Dimensions: 12.5cm X 5cm X 3.8cm / 4.92in X 1.97in X 1.50inStreamline all your Bluetooth-compatible devices with this one controller! Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","15.95 USD" "1365383577677","Magnetic Bottle Holder For Any Fridge","https://supergadget.store/products/magnetic-bottle-holder-for-any-fridge","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/2_91221497-a5b7-4ec7-8e86-b922217ac362_medium.jpg?v=1559924097","Beers in the fridge are a beautiful thing to behold. But sometimes they clank about and even break, or get mushy from your wife's cheesy quiche. This strip of magnets attach to the top of the inside of your refrigerator to stick beer bottles to.Why would you do this? In order to save room for those boxes of leftovers that you will never eat.And just because it's super cool and neat to hang beer bottles off the top of your fridge. That's why. Simply remove the strip on the backside of the device to reveal the adhesive, slap it up on the ceiling of your fridge, and start hanging your beers up like you were always meant to.Features:Maximize your space in you fridge by hanging your bottles & saving shelf spaceVery strong magnets will hold up to 6 bottles hanging from the ceiling of the fridgeCan also be placed under cabinets, near your bar, or used in your pantry to store can goodsEasy to use - just clean surface & use peel & stick adhesive attached to back of magnet to attach to surfaceRefrigerator Beer Bottle Storage is the perfect gift for a craft beer enthusiast, home brewer, groomsmen, man cave, dad, or gradMake your refrigerator cooler with these magnets by clicking the 'Add to cart' button now. via GIPHY ","","24.95 USD" "1385514860621","4 Pcs Solar LED Lights For Walkway Driveway Lawn Or Garden","https://supergadget.store/products/solar-led-lights-for-walkway-driveway-lawn-or-garden","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-612387946_medium.jpg?v=1559922758","Did you ever take a tumble across the lawn at night or desperately searched for a light switch on your way to the door? Well, search no more! These perfectly illuminating LED lights are a great addition to any driveway, walkway, pool, garden or patio!   Just place wherever you need lighting at night. No wiring used or complicated installation, the sun is all they need as they use free solar power.Features: Each light has 5 LED's providing the perfect illuminationEasy to installWaterproof and stainless steelEnergy savingIntegrated light sensor, it will automatically turn on at night, and turn off at daytimeWith built-in 400 mAh batteries, the lights provide 6 to 8 hours of light after 8 hours of solar chargingThese beautiful lights will make any walkway or path safer, but will also add a beautiful and elegant accent to your night's landscape. Don't spend a fortune to create a beautiful light cascade, just use these solar powered LED Lights!Get yours by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above and upgrade your home immediately!  ","","39.99 USD" "1450334748749","Remote Control 4WD Off-Road Military Truck","https://supergadget.store/products/remote-control-4wd-off-road-rc-military-truck","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-976294147_medium.jpg?v=1559915692","Ok, so we know this is a kids toy, but come on! We want one too! This super real deal looking military truck is every boys dream, with excellent climbing ability and 10km/h fast speed ensured by it's high-performance 4WD system. Also, the reinforced plastic chassis enables you to load heavy stuff on its back.Features: Made of durable ABS and plasticRemote control operated (Batteries not included)25 minutes long driving time Equipped with flexible steering, like forwards, backwards, left and rightSuper bright LED lights for night drivesChargeable via USB cableThis awesome replica will go a long way on many types of terrain, in your backyard, grassland, mud, sand and storm, this must be the vehicle of your choice, as all of these amazing features will surely win over some hearts. Get yours today and secure your holiday season gifts by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","59.99 USD" "1353985163341","Tennis Training Tool For Endless Solo Play","https://supergadget.store/products/tennis-solo-training-tool","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-291710691_medium.jpg?v=1559924218","Play like a tennis pro and win more matches by training regularly with this genius Tennis solo training tool!It's the ideal practice partner for improving your entire game. With the sturdy non-slip base and no-tangle Kinetic Cord, you get hours of continuous practice without a partner to get your game and your body in shape.Simply fill the base with water and it instantly becomes heavy enough to hold the unit in place. Non-skid pads underneath help keep it stable. Then unwrap the cord, hit the ball as hard as you want, and the ball bounces back to you. The harder you hit, the faster the ball will rebound back to you.Features:Perfect trainer for practicing all of your strokesBuilds quickness, hand-eye coordination and staminaWeighted PowerBase trainer with 15' kinetic cord stretches up to 45' Perfect for easy training in your yard, garden or any other outdoor spaceDon't stop training just because you have no one to play with right now. Click the 'add to cart' button now to get this great tennis training tool.","","25.95 USD" "3486902812749","Wireless Bluetooth Headphones","https://supergadget.store/products/zapet-wireless-bluetooth-earphones-headset-stereo-headphones-earphones-with-microphone-tf-card-for-mobile-phone-music","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-867674589_medium.jpg?v=1555309390","Experience a sound like never before! If you’re a true music enthusiast, you know how important headphones are to a music system. ","","49.95 USD" "9791094865","Car Multimedia Player (Radio + Video + MP3 + USB)","https://supergadget.store/products/car-multimedia-player-touchscreen-stereo-fm-mp5-usb-aux-bluetooth","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-294710149_medium.jpg?v=1500650994","** Please choose your variant (with LED/IR camera or without) in the drop down menu above, before adding this item to the cart **Does your car need a new radio system? Is yours old, out-dated, and almost near broken? Then here’s a universal player that gives you everything you might need in one device…In a sleek all-black design, this multimedia player is both multi-functional and easy to control. With a 800 x 480 full color resolution on a 7-inch TFT touchscreen, you can easily navigate between different menus by tapping its onscreen buttons.In seconds, you can go from listening to your favorite songs on your phone (via Bluetooth/AUX) or songs downloaded on a USB/TF storage, to tuning into different FM radio stations, to even watching your favorite movie on its video player!But this is just the beginning…This amazing device also allows you to sync your phone to it for hands-free calling! And to add a bit of fancy, you can change the button lights to your favorite color or to match the inside of your car!Features:• Play music by plugging in the AUX cord, by syncing your phone via Bluetooth, or by downloading songs onto a USB/TF storage• Full color HD 7-inch TFT touchscreen for easy navigation and crystal-clear movies• High quality FM radio player with 18 preset stations• Hands-free calling for safe driving • Supports rear view camera function (camera not included!)• Colorful button lights can be changed for an aesthetically pleasing decoration• Universal sizing (17.80cm x 10.00cm x 5.50cm / 7.01in x 3.94in x 2.17in) to fit in almost any carThe perfect device for a complete car entertainment system! Get your radio player today to have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable car ride by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!Specs:OSD Language: English/Russian/Chinese/Italian/German/Spanish/French/PortugueseDigital Media Format: Mp3,JPEG,Mp4,WMASpecial Features: Bluetooth,Touch Screen,Mobile Phone,MP3 Player,FM Transmitter,Radio TunerVoltage: 12VDisplay Size: 7"Item Weight: 0.87kgInterface: USB SDResolution: 800 x 480Video Resolution: 1080PItem Size: 20.50 x 11.5 x 14.9 cmMax External Memory: 32GOut Power: 4 x 50WInstalation: 2 DinType: MP5 PlayerBluetooth: YesSupports Camera: Yes","","89.99 USD" "2428251013197","MIFA F10 Wireless Outdoor Speaker","https://supergadget.store/products/mifa-f10-outdoor-wireless-bluetooth-4-0-stereo-portable-speaker-built-in-mic-shock-resistance-ipx6-waterproof-speaker-with-bass","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-716326660_medium.jpg?v=1552733106","Do you wish you could take your music with you to the beach without worrying about sand and water ruining your speaker? Armed with this mini portable Bluetooth speaker, you don't have to leave your playlist behind.Housed in a sleek and waterproof body that can take a beating, this pint sized speaker delivers a huge, rich, and balanced sound that will impress everyone within earshot!Features: Top-notch DSP 3D sound stereo chip and Class-G double charge pump audio power amplifier delivers a rich 360-degree surround sound with an incredibly powerful bass and clean, high-def stereo sound.Comes equipped with a carabiner so you can carry your music anywhere you go. Easily attaches it to your belt loop, rucksack, ropes, bicycle bars, and even tree branches!IPX6 waterproof rating protects it against the rain, splashes, dampness, and moisture. Shock-proof feature guaranteed by its aluminum metal housing with silicone to protect it against accidental bumps and drops. Designed with a protective metal mesh cover to shield it against dust, dirt, and other particles. Built-in 1200 mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery allows for up to 10 hours of playback on a single charge at 75% volume.Allows "blind" control through its big, ergonomically placed buttons for ease of use and convenience, even a toddler can turn it on and skip songs!Built in Mic for hands free callsBluetooth 4.0 Technology offers an impressive range of up to 33 feet. Easily syncs and pairs with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, including iPhone, Android phones or tablets.Also supports non-Bluetooth devices via a USB sound card or USB cable. It has a microSD card port that can support up to 32 GB for playing stored music.Ideal for a spontaneous party at the beach, poolside, gym, camp, or when you go hiking, climbing, biking, and more. Perfect companion for those long drives or on some DIY project in your garage!Want something that can go where adventure takes you? Click the Add to Cart button and you never have to leave your music behind!","","39.99 USD" "1450913071181","Water-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-wireless-bluetooth-10w-stereo-loudspeaker","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-425800224_medium.jpg?v=1559914143","Are you both a music lover and a frequent party host? Or do you just wanna pump up the volume while getting ready in the morning? No matter the occasion or need, this wireless Bluetooth speaker doesn't just have a super cool design, it also delivers amazing sound! Equipped with a built-in 2200 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, it offers up to 12 hours of continuous playtime on a full charge no matter where you are, inside or out. And, thanks to the IP45 dust-proof and water-resistant design, you can use it near the shower or take it outside without having to worry about rain, swimming pool splashes or accidental party spills.Features: 10W rated power and unique Class-G amplifiersRechargeable with Micro USB cable (Included)Bluetooth connects quickly to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, etcHigh-quality built-in microphone allows crispy clear hands-free callsSupports up to 32 GB Micro-SD cardSupports TWS for operating 2 speakers simultaneouslyLightweight and portableSo not only visually stunning and compact, this portable speaker is the answer to all of your beats desires with it's impressively clear surround sound. Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","59.99 USD" "2324097204301","Waterproof Sport Watch","https://supergadget.store/products/waterproof-sport-watch","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-505906551_medium.jpg?v=1543508219","Features & Specs:Case Thickness: 16mmAlarm, Water Resistant, Complete Calendar, Chronograph, Week Display, LED displayBand Width: 43mmMovement: DigitalWater Resistance Depth: 5BarDial Diameter: 48mmBand Material Type: PUClasp Type: BuckleStyle: SportBand Length: 25cmCase Material: PlasticTime display: 12/24 Hour Clock","","29.99 USD" "9803958225","Stick-On Blackboard For Endless Drawing Fun","https://supergadget.store/products/wall-sticker-blackboard-for-endless-drawing-fun","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-138310875_medium.jpg?v=1559924485","Class is in session! But we’re not going to school today… We’re bringing the school to our home. And we’re not learning either, but having fun!This highly functional blackboard allows you to write and draw anything on it. All you need is a piece of chalk which is included when you order! So the moment it arrives, you can put this up immediately.To install it, simply peel the sticker off the back, and carefully smooth out the blackboard onto a flat surface - a cupboard, wall, or anywhere you want.Now, with a blank slate that’s almost 2 feet long, and almost 7 feet wide, you and your kids will have more than enough room to draw on. And with its giant landscape, you also have a great way to display what’s on the board!Or if needed, you can also easily cut and shape this board with scissors for a perfect fit anywhere in your home. Features:Dimensions: 60cm X 200cm / 23.6in X 78.7inBlackboard comes with chalkEasy to write on, and easy to wipe off with a wet spongeFirmly sticks onto any flat surfaceCan be shaped and resized with scissorsWhether you’re getting this for kids to endlessly draw on, or as a memo board, or even as a way to decorate your room with drawings, this blackboard can do it all. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now! ","","29.95 USD" "3683915759693","Dual Pocket Sports Bag","https://supergadget.store/products/sports-bag-running-waist-bag-pocket-jogging-portable-waterproof-cycling-bum-bag-outdoor-phone-anti-theft-pack-belt-bags","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_20cdeb87-7a49-4976-8cc8-4734c10560bc_medium.png?v=1564992398","Are you looking for something that can hold your essentials while out running, cycling, or walking your dog? Do you hate having to carry your wallet and other valuables in places like music festivals, clubs, race tracks, or while holidaying in a crowded city? Well, you can now say goodbye to tacky fanny packs with this dual pocket sports bag. Its big enough for your phone, cash, cards, keys, lipstick, and even your reading glasses without the items bouncing around or jiggling!Unlike most running belts, this bag has a very forgiving elastic band to fit different waist sizes. Slim and compact, wear it discreetly under your shirt and you'll hardly even notice you're wearing one!Features:Zippered and water resistant expandable pockets to securely hold your keys, phone (under 6.5 inch), protein bar, compass, whistle, and moreThree-layer water resistant and sweat resistant material so your stuff stays dry even you're already drenched in sweat (not recommended for swimming or getting drenched in heavy rain for a long time)Ultra-breathable with adjustable elastic strap to prevent chafing Close fitting, non-bulky design - no worries about the bag riding up or jerking your stuff aroundUnisex design that fits both kids and adults, suitable for running, workout, travel, shopping, mountain climbing, marathon, cycling, and morePackage includes: 1 x Dual Pocket Sports BagSpecs: Material: Elastic spandex fabric Size: 18 x 5.5 x 2. 8cm/7.09 x 2.17 x 1.10inBody length: 45cm/17.7inSingle bag circumference: 22cm/8.66inAvailable colors: Green, blue, pink, black, orangeGoing on a run? No need to tie your keys with your shoelaces! Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","14.99 USD" "3654543310925","Automatic Irrigation Watering Spike","https://supergadget.store/products/aisn-5pcs-automatic-irrigation-watering-spike-for-plants-flower-indoor-household-auto-drip-irrigation-watering-system-waterer","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/4_2d076bf5-93d4-4f3f-89da-e2c1768121bc_medium.png?v=1564391554","Some plants need a lot of watering. But what do you do when things get insanely busy and you have trouble keeping up with it? Worse still, what if you have to go away on vacation?  Don't fret! All your hard work growing those greens will not go to waste as long as you have these watering spikes! Before you go on holiday, find an empty plastic bottle, fill it with water, attach the watering spike, and stake it a few inches  into the soil in the pot. Depending on how long you're going away or how much water the plant requires, you'll have to choose the right size bottle and adjust the drip rate accordingly. Designed to prevent under or overwatering your plants, these spikes can take care of your plants for up to 15 days!Features:Adjustable valve allows control over the drip speed from 0-60s/drip with sustained drip lasting for 1 - 15 daysNo complicated installation and tools requiredCompatible with a wide range of brand bottles: Dr.pepper, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Lipton, Deet Coke, Aquafina or other 1.1-inch inner diameter bottlesPackage includes: 5 x Automatic Irrigation Watering SpikeSpecs: Material: PlasticDimension: 135 x 30mm / 5.32 x 1.19inStop worrying about your plants while you're away. Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","14.99 USD" "3643613839437","Webbed Silicone Swimming Gloves","https://supergadget.store/products/frog-silicone-hand-swimming-fins-handcuffs-flippers-swim-palm-finger-webbed-gloves-paddle-improve-slip-swim-glove-equipment","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/61EAkO_3IJL._SL1001_medium.jpg?v=1563180854","Ever wanted to take your swimming performance to the next level? If you're doing a lot of swimming or water aerobics, we just found your new best friend. Put on a pair of these webbed swimming gloves and swim up to 23% faster! Not only will you be swimming like a mermaid (or a merman!), this also increases resistance and improve your swim strokes for a great shoulder and upper body workout!Made of lightweight yet durable silicone, this is way more fun than those foam dumb bells, water weights, and hand paddles. It has a hydro-grip for full hand-flexibility and a better hold on slippery surfaces such as a surfboard. You can even use your phone without having to take them off!Ever wondered how frogs and otters can swim so well? Well, the secret is out. Use these froggy gloves for swimming, surfing, water rehabilitation, diving, and more!Features:Made of high-quality silicone material Hydrodynamic shape increases hand resistanceAllows you to swim and catch waves fasterGreat for building upper body strengthLightweight and nearly invisible in the waterThe webbed hand is ideal for swimming, water exercises, snorkeling, body surfing, water therapy, and morePackage includes: 1 x  Webbed Silicone Swimming GlovesSpecs: Material: SiliconeSizes: S, M, LImportant: Put them on while in the water or wet to avoid tearing.Get the most out of your swimming activity. Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","9.99 USD" "1327604924493","5-In-1 Multifunction Carabiner Tool","https://supergadget.store/products/5-in-1-multifunction-carabiner-tool","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/HTB1_q98bJrJ8KJjSspaq6xuKpXac_medium.jpg?v=1560269833","Whether you are trekking, hiking or hunting, this light weight 5-in-1 Carabiner Tool will come in handy!Features:Aluminum alloy carabinerFoldable knifePhilips screwdriverRegular screwdriverCan opener","","15.95 USD" "9846206161","Portable Outdoor Shower Bag (Perfect for Camping)","https://supergadget.store/products/portable-outdoor-shower-bag-perfect-for-camping","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-200970534_medium.jpg?v=1560270470","Picture this. You go camping or hiking and decide to stay in the wild over night. So you set up camp and start a fire. But then you realize…You’ve been drenched in sweat and covered in filth for hours! And unfortunately, taking a shower just isn’t an option. What do you do?You can risk diving in murky waters OR you’ll bring one of these with you…It’s a bag. But not just any bag — a shower bag!Able to hold up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of water, and with a mini shower-head attachment, you can give yourself a full-body wash in the middle of the forest! Simply hang it up on a branch, and twist the shower-head’s handle to let the water flow out. And don’t worry… The water won’t be freezing cold. Thanks to its special design, the backside is able to absorb the heat from the sun and warm it up from temperatures of 60ºF (15.5ºC) to a soothing 105ºF (40.5ºC) — in just three hours!Features: Shower anywhere, anytime with a large water supply and a mini shower-headBag stores up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of waterMade of durable PVC material to prevent leaking or breakingQuickly installs onto a tree branch (or anything above)Uses solar energy to heat up water from 60ºF (15.5ºC)—105ºF (40.5ºC)Perfect for camping, hiking, traveling, and other outdoor activitiesKeep yourself clean and healthy by getting this shower bag today for a safe and simple washing whenever you need one. Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now to get yours! ","","22.99 USD" "1447319273549","Ice Shaped Shot Glasses","https://supergadget.store/products/ice-cube-tray-shot-glasses","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-687043679_medium.jpg?v=1560272112","Do you have a party coming up? Or are you a fan of everyday entertaining? Either way, this super cool ice cube shot glass tray will surely give that little something extra to your guest's spirits! Use it for any kind of beverage and with any kind of beverage, just fill the tray with water, soda or juice, pop it into the freezer and enjoy frozen ice shot glasses. Features: One tray makes 4 shot glassesMade of eco friendly high grade siliconeCould also be used as huge ice cubes for your drinkEasy to fill, use and cleanNon-stick and easy to release from the moldDishwasher safeColor will be sent at randomBut, the awesomeness doesn't end here! You can also use this tray for creating impressive chocolate creations and more!  So, if you want to impress your guests in style with these ice cube shot glasses, then click the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","9.99 USD" "596480524315","Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Holder","https://supergadget.store/products/magnetic-air-vent-car-phone-holder","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/2_11a5a851-6c91-46d3-a380-b6603c2faf76_medium.jpg?v=1560273036","Features: Universally compatible for iPhone & Android PhonesMaterial: Made of High Quality Aluminum AlloyEasy InstallationColors Available: Sliver / Rose Gold / Gold (please pick your color in the drop down menu above). ","","15.95 USD" "184737792027","Anti-Peeping Screen Protector For iPhone","https://supergadget.store/products/anti-peeping-screen-protector-for-iphone","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-418441740_medium.jpg?v=1553876470","*** Please choose your iPhone model in the drop down model above before adding this item to the cart!***Your phone is like your best friend. It’s there with you almost all the time, and it knows everything about you. In fact, your phone knows all your personal information— pictures, videos, chats, emails, bank account numbers…And when you’re out in public, anyone can see this just by peeking their curious eyes over your screen.But not anymore… Introducing our new anti-spy phone screen protector! This protector lays flat over your screen to not only keep it from cracking, but most importantly, keep others seeing what you’re doing.Designed with a special technology, this screen is only visible when you’re looking at it face-to-face. If looked at from the side or at an angle, it’ll appear as if your phone isn’t even turned on.Amazing! Plus, with its vacuum coating, this screen also prevents scratches and fingerprinting. This way, you’ll have an even clearer view, while sneaky strangers are blocked out for good.Features: Compatible with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XAnti-spy screen protector makes viewing impossible for anyone, except youPrevent wandering eyes from seeing your text messages, pictures, and important documentsVacuum coating makes this protector anti-scratch and fingerprint-proof Smooth, thin, and curved design protects the entire phone screen from cracksSimple peel-and-stick installationIf you travel a lot, you need a way to block others from looking at your phone. This screen protector is the easiest and quickest solution. Grab yours today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","24.95 USD" "2324108443725","Preppy Kids Watch","https://supergadget.store/products/preppy-kids-watch","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-748945752_medium.jpg?v=1543510178","If you're looking for a smart kids watch that won't break the bank, this one is perfect for you. The clear dials and numbers make it easy to read the time even for young children and the soft nylon strap make it comfortable to wear. ","","18.99 USD" "9803915857","Pretend Play Birthday Cake Set","https://supergadget.store/products/pretend-play-birthday-cake-set","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-312376915_medium.jpg?v=1500652036","Do your little ones love sweets? Or baking and cooking? Then this is the perfect kitchen set for them…Complete with some of your favorite desserts and a giant birthday cake, your child will be able to open up their own official bakery in no time!With a pre-baked birthday cake, all it needs is some toppings. Fill it with an assortment of delicious fruits, frosting, candles, and of course, a “Happy Birthday” sign to send someone your best wishes! Then, when its time to serve, have them cut the cake into 6 perfectly even slices with the included cake knife (don’t worry, it’s not sharp). And have them serve it on a plate for you and themselves to enjoy!Playing with this kitchen set not only helps build your child’s creativity in an entertaining way, but it also teaches them to remember the names of different foods and objects!Features:3 Size Sets — 37 pieces, 54 pieces, 75 pieces2 Color Sets — Pink and blueIncludes a birthday cake, cookies, plates, cups, teapot, spoons, knifes, forks, fruits, cake decorations, candles, and other delicious dessertsTrain your little one to become a world-class baker with their own complete kitchen setDevelops child’s thinking ability, creativity, and imaginationFun and interactive toy for both kids and their parentsAre you ready to watch your little one in action? And bake you the best birthday cake ever? Then simply choose the size set and color you want above, and click the “Add To Cart” button to get your set today!Please note: * Only the 54 pieces set has a teapot, the 37 and 75 piece sets do not.","","26.99 USD" "1365392687181","Air Hover Soccer Ball","https://supergadget.store/products/air-hover-soccer-ball","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-352315229_medium.jpg?v=1560272285","The Air Hover Soccer Ball is an amazing new toy that turns nearly any smooth surface into a football pitch - whether inside or outside.Use it on a low-pile carpet, hardwood floor, sidewalk or a driveway! As long as you have a flat surface, there’s no end to the ways you can play. The powerful hover action makes this Soccer Ball literally float on a cushion of air. The disk’s outer rim’s protective bumper safely protects furniture and walls while allowing for great rebounding.Features:Powered by 4 “AA” batteries (NOT INCLUDED), this Air Hover Soccer Ball glides on a cushion of airYou can kick it like a real soccer ball, smack it with a hockey stick or send it sailing like a bowling ball crashing into your “bowling pins” of plastic bottles or cupsThis Soccer Disk has a protective bumper so it’s safe to play inside. It won’t ding up the furniture or walls and it won’t scratch up the hardwood floorsPlay by yourself or grab a friend or two. The Air Power Soccer Disk will provide hours of dynamic high-tech soccer actionIts colorful flashing lights will let the game go on even at nightPlay with your kids come rain or shine. Click the 'Add to cart button' now to get this cool football hover toy.","","18.99 USD" "1455859433549","3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector For iPhone","https://supergadget.store/products/3d-tempered-glass-screen-protector-for-iphone","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-641112358_medium.jpg?v=1559925957","Are you tired of constantly needing to change your screen protector? Scratches, breakage and peeling are a real nuisance and it really doesn't do your gorgeous iPhone any justice! We've found a really great screen protector that will give you some peace and quiet. This tempered glass film will protect the entire front of your iPhone. It will protect the screen in case of a fall and protect the communicator from fingerprints, scuffs and chips. The toughness of this protector is achieved thanks to a special production technology, the main features being Asahi glass and a six-layer surface structure.Features: 3D curved full screen complete covering design PET soft edge screen protector that won't deform, will prevent edge breakage and will provide considerate comprehensive protectionEasy to apply9H hardness, anti-scratch and shatterproofSuper thin 0.23mm, maximum touch responsiveness HD ultra-clear screen displayWe've already ordered ours, if you're in need of a super awesome screen protecting upgrade too then get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","9.99 USD" "293897863195","29-in-1 Compact Survival Kit","https://supergadget.store/products/29-in-1-compact-survival-kit","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-323948580_medium.jpg?v=1559766942","A decent Bugout bag is a must have necessity in our uncertain and chaotic world. Let's hope you'll never need it, but for the sake of your family, you'd better be prepared. All good survivalists know this — energy is important. If you want to survive in the wild, you better be up and running at all times. Now, there’s many ways to preserve energy. But the best and most convenient way is with this super light 29-in-1 survival kit!Providing you with nearly all your survival necessities inside this single tiny & compact paracord pouch, you won’t have to travel with a gigantic turtle shell-like backpack anymore. No! This kit, and everything in it, is so small you can hook it directly to your pants!Sitting at arm’s reach at all times, the second you need something, you’ll instantly be prepared.Whether you’re going fishing, climbing, to cut wood, or you’ve got a cut yourself, all it takes is a grab out of this bag to find the right tool!Features: 29-in-1 Survival kit holds multi-functional and essential tools to survive in the wildWrapped in a pouch made of paracord rope to hold everything in one placeContains a knife, flashlight, compass, fishing line and hooks, band aids, tools, and much moreIncludes a buckle for climbing, as well as hooking the pouch onto your pantsPrevents having to carry a luggage of tools and equipment Make surviving easy on yourself! Grab this fully featured survival tool kit today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now.","","25.95 USD" "3520661749837","Heavy Duty Waterproof Case For iPhone","https://supergadget.store/products/heavy-duty-metal-aluminum-doom-armor-waterproof-case-for-iphone-6-6s-7-8-plus-x-5s-se-4-4s-xs-max-xs-shockproof-protection-cover","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-910513430_medium.jpg?v=1555839343","You didn't just spend hundreds of dollars on an iPhone only for it to be a mangled piece of hardware just the following day, right?No matter how carefully you handle your phone, accidents happen. Spills, drops, bumps scratches, and tons of other accidents. Protect your phone before you end up in one of those heart-wrenching smartphone horror stories that repair technicians are all too familiar with!Looking for a phone case that matches your active lifestyle? Everything you want is here. Durable construction, rugged, 360-degree protection, a whopping IP54 splash proof rating, and more!Features: Specially designed for iPhone 6 6S 7 8 Plus X 5S SE 4 4S XS MAX XSPremium quality materials: tempered glass + silicone cover + aluminum alloyMetal shell outer layer and soft silicone inner layer for a heavy duty 360° full protection Anti-knock, dirt-resistant, shockproof, splash proofSlim fit snap-on case allows easy access to all buttons, controls and portsSleek yet rugged design provides protection against scratches, bumps, and moreBuilt with an integrated dust plug for added protectionClick the "Add to Cart" button and keep your phone looking pristine until your next upgrade!","","15.99 USD" "3683773972557","9 in 1 Push Up Rack","https://supergadget.store/products/9-in-1-push-up-rack-board-men-women-comprehensive-fitness-exercise-push-up-stands-body-building-training-system-home-equipment","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_20154896-8b7b-49ed-9234-2a73a60d2b05_medium.jpg?v=1564992049","Still doing pushups on the floor? What if we tell you that there's a way to get so much more out of every rep? Hit different muscle groups you never knew you had using this 9 in 1 push up rack! It's an innovative color-coded pushup board training system that not only ensures proper form, but also targets different muscles with a simple change in your hand position.Do some strength and conditioning training using this rack for just 30 minutes a day and you will soon develop muscles, build upper and lower body strength, notice better posture, and lose weight!Features:Strengthens and shapes your entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms), while engaging your total coreTarget specific muscles easily using the color codes (blue for chest, red for shoulders, yellow for the back, and green for triceps)You can combine push ups with intense calorie-burning cardio, plyometrics, and core exercises for a total body workoutThe oversized handgrips are sturdy, non-slip, and cushioned to ease the pressure on your wrists Portable and quick assembly with its "Plug & Press" systemPackage includes: 1 x Push Up RackSpecs: Material: High-quality ABS plasticSupport Board Size: 59.5 x 18 x 2cm/23.42 x 7.08 x 0.78inWeight: 1.1kgWhy go to the gym when you can get a total-body strength and conditioning workout in the comfort of your home? Click the "Add to Cart" button to get yours now!","","39.99 USD" "3653534679117","All-Purpose Beef and Vegetable Slicing Tool","https://supergadget.store/products/2019-vegetable-fruit-beef-onion-slicer-cutting-holder-slicing-cutter-stainless-steel-meat-needle","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_9f773d97-2156-46d8-8e46-416149dec997_medium.jpg?v=1563789077","Wary of cutting onions and other vegetables for fear of cutting your fingers? For those who want to up their slicing game in the kitchen, this simple tool will come in super handy!It has sharp prongs that slide easily into your chosen vegetable or slice of meat and keep it in place while you slice. No more knife slipping or cutting your fingernails off! Ensuring uniform slices with minimal food contact, now you can slice your onion, cheese, tomato, cucumber or beef without risking your fingers. No more stinky hands too!Features:Durable material, made of food-grade stainless steel and ABS plastic that are rust-proof, stain, and corrosion resistantAllows injury-free precise cutting while minimizing food contactIt has an ergonomic and non-slip handle for a more secure grip while preventing hand fatigueDishwasher Safe and Easy to CleanIdeal not only for onions but also for tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, potatoes, and most meatsPackage includes: 1 x  All-Purpose Beef and Vegetable SlicerSpecs: Material: Stainless steel + ABSDimension:  10.6 x 7.8 cmColor: randomCreate uniform slices like a pro! Click the "Add to Cart" button now!","","9.99 USD" "1454293385293","Dual USB / Type-C Quick Charger For Car Cigarette Lighter Socket","https://supergadget.store/products/36w-dual-usb-or-type-c-quick-car-charger-for-mobile-phone","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-730131227_medium.jpg?v=1560271854","Isn't it super annoying when you leave your house, start driving and realize your mobile phone battery is just about to die? Well, no more we say! Keep calm and never stress over it again with this super fast car charger. This definitely is the new upgrade for your car!Compact and sleek, this dual USB or Type-C charger is undoubtedly the new generation of rapid car charging. As the traditional charging cable can only reach a maximum rate of 10W, this charging monster equipped with a PD quick charge chip reaches almost a double rate of 18W flash charge! Features: Suitable for various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, GPS navigators etc.Suitable for 12-24V carsMade of durable aluminum alloyOver charge, power and heat protectionTiny and compactEquipped with warm LED light So, stress no more and keep charged all day long with this super flash car charger. Great as a gift or an easy upgrade, get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","19.99 USD" "3488194199629","SENBONO Multi-functional Smart Watch","https://supergadget.store/products/senbono-men-smart-watch-s08-ip68-waterproof-fitness-tracker-heart-rate-monitor-smartwatch-women-clock-for-android-ios-phone","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-916926056_medium.jpg?v=1560271227","Why settle for a fitness tracker when you can get a smart watch? You get the best of both worlds and no, it doesn't have to cost hundreds of dollars. Senbono offers another winner in wearable tech! It has all the basic features that you've come to expect from a reliable smart watch: sport modes, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, the works. Love the outdoors? This watch also boasts an IP68 waterproof rating. No need to worry about getting caught in the rain...Chock-full of features to help you get the best out of your daily activities, this is the perfect lifestyle companion. Sleek, sharp, modern, AND without the hefty price tag!Features:1.3"inch resolution 240*240 IPS color screen Bluetooth push: Support (Caller, SMS Messenger, app news reminders)Built-in 110mAh polymer batteryPedometer: Exercise step, calorie consumption, movement mileage recordHeart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation monitorMulti Sport Mode: Walking, running, riding, badminton, basketball, swimming, football, rope skipping mode App 'DaFit' available in both Google Play or App StoreBT4.0, compatible system: Android4.4 & IOS9.0 and aboveFast charging, low power consumption, low battery alertMotion records (step, mileage), sedentary reminder, calorie calculation, stopwatch, exercise modeSleep monitorMusic control, vibration, remote camera, intelligent alarmClick the add to cart button above now to get this great smart watch without breaking the bank!","","59.99 USD" "2324091732045","Cute Kids Watch","https://supergadget.store/products/cute-kids-watch","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-565183446_medium.jpg?v=1560271416","This pretty watch is perfect for first time watch owners - the clear dials and numbers make reading the time correctly a breeze and the soft cotton bracelet make wearing it comfortable and fun.","","12.99 USD" "478884757531","Single LED Headlamp (Waterproof & Rechargeable)","https://supergadget.store/products/single-led-headlamp-waterproof-rechargeable","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-229119721_medium.jpg?v=1560394225","Features:Lamp beads: Cree XM-LT6 lamp beads, the maximum brightness is 3800 lumens, lifetime ~ 100,000 hours;Telescopic Focus allows you to focus the beam for longer rangeQuality headlight belt: Elastic allows for easy size adjustment and super comfortable wear45 degree angle adjustment so you can adapt the beam to where you need it mostWaterproof switch: rubber non-slip waterproof switch3 Modes: Strong - Weak - Strobe","","29.99 USD" "180102397979","High Quality Webcam With Built-in MIC (1080P HD)","https://supergadget.store/products/high-definition-webcam-with-built-in-mic-1080p-hd","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-163740093_medium.jpg?v=1519748629","Do you use a webcam? Then this might sound familiar.You’re on a video chat with a friend. After a few minutes of talking, you look at yourself on the screen. And that’s when you realize, your webcam just isn’t picking up good video.It looks pixelated, a bit blurry, dark, and when you move, it’s as if your webcam is trying to play catch up with reality. Sadly, most webcams are like this. But now, with this brand new high-definition camera, you can get real life-like video in 1080p at 30fps! No more cloudy, slow moving display. Just smooth, bright colored video all caught with its quality glass lens. Made of a strong zinc alloy body, with a rubber finishing, not only will this clip nicely on top of your laptop or computer, but if you happen to drop it, you can be rest assured that it’ll hold up. Best of all, almost no set up is required. This webcam is your simple “plug-and-play” camera which lets you use it instantly the moment you rip it out of the package!Features: Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista / XP 2, 3 / Mac OS X 10.4.8 or aboveWebcam comes with an adjustable 360º clip to safely attach to your laptop or computerDisplays excellent quality video in HD 1080p at 30fps & 16:9 widescreenSolid zinc alloy body and rubber finishing for extra durability and a sleek designBuilt-in microphone for conference calls and recording videoDon’t settle for cheap webcams that look like you’re recording with a potato. Grab this one today by clicking the “Add To Cart” button above now!","","49.95 USD" "622445559835","Electronic Digital Drum Kit","https://supergadget.store/products/electronic-digital-drum-kit","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-563690608_medium.jpg?v=1560272574","Everyone loves playing with drums and getting their Ringo Starr on. Problem is drums are space consuming and loud. But not this electronic drum kit, which neatly rolls up and can be tucked away in any cupboard. And the external headphone outlet allows you to play silently by simply plugging in any headphones. With 7 tritone standard drum pads, drum bit swap and a pedal function, you'll be amazed how rich this drum kit sounds.  Features:7 tritone standard drum pads ensure fantastic acoustic accuracyMultifunctional USB MIDI and Micro jacks allow you to simultaneously charge the drumset & connect to a computer, laptop, tablet, or phoneBuilt-in metronome basic functions & different styles of drumming allow you to practice & learn on the flyExternal headphone output lets you enjoy your music without disrupting anyone elseEasily connects to external speakersGet this awesome electronic drum set and rock on like Ringo! Just hit the “Add To Cart” button above.","","79.95 USD" "1346983952461","Anti Cellulite Massage Roller","https://supergadget.store/products/anti-cellulite-massage-roller","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-458837236_medium.jpg?v=1560272369","This anti cellulite massage roller is based on ergonomic design for comfortable and easy gripping, it will help you reduce cellulite and relieve body tension by stimulating key pressure points.Remove cellulite by using it in the shower with cellulite cream or cellulite oils, Tightens, tones, and firms the appearance of your skin.compact size and easy to use, simply press on your skin then roll back and forth. The roller is designed so it can stretch the muscles while rolling.No electricity or batteries required.* Anti cellulite treatment plan works best in conjunction with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.","","24.99 USD" "2321913643085","Zero 8Bitdo Mini Bluetooth Gamepad","https://supergadget.store/products/zero-8bitdo-mini-bluetooth-gamepad","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-235890443_medium.jpg?v=1543480872","With its tiny build and user-friendly design, the ZERO gamepad can be carried around on your key ring. Its length is similar to a car key and its bulk is is less than 1 / 6 of an XBOX controller. But despite its small size, the ZERO boasts a sturdy D-pad, four face buttons and 2 shoulder buttons ( L1 and L2 ), allowing you to play a vast variety of games.Features:Cool & Ultra portable design with performance that’s unheard of in a device this small.Compatible with almost all platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Android, Windows, Mac OS and more.Can be used as a remote camera shutter for the ultimate iOS / Android phone selfieSupports multiplayerCharging time of one hour can last up to 20 hours","","39.99 USD" "1439905775693","Petrol Pump Beer Dispenser","https://supergadget.store/products/mini-beer-and-wine-dispensing-drinking-machine","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/Screen_Shot_2018-09-27_at_11.43.08_AM_medium.png?v=1556193633","Do you have a party coming up, or maybe your weekends are spent in the garden barbecuing? No matter the occasion, this mini drinking machine will add some pizzazz to your event! Serve and store your favorite spirits in style with this super cool retro liquor pump, guaranteed to be a conversation starter! It is super easy to operate, easy to clean and overall, we think everyone should have one. Features:Innovative design and easy to carryMade of non toxic, durable stainless steel and plasticEasy to cleanEye catching presentationEnergy saving Not only for holiday parties or birthdays, this super cool item can be an awesome gift for your dad, spouse, best friend or anyone who likes to entertain! Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above!    ","","49.99 USD" "1394934480973","USB Arcade Joystick","https://supergadget.store/products/usb-arcade-gamepad-joystick-for-ps3-and-pc","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-633739082_medium.jpg?v=1542271323","How awesome would it be to go back to being a kid again at the arcade games? Well, we can't turn back time but we can surely give you that real arcade vibe! This super awesome Arcade Joystick will give you a real interactive experience, it has an anti-slip, anti-dust and scratch-resistant surface design, with an 8 directions iron stick and 12 simulation buttons, UP/Down/Left/Right, R1+R2 and L1+L2. Features: Supports PC by USB connection as well as PS3 and AndroidOperating system: XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN8No need to install a drive, just plug and playSupports standard function keys: SELECT, MODE and STARTSupports 2 special function keys: TURBO and CLEARTake your gaming experience to the next level with this arcade joystick! Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above!  ","","49.95 USD" "1328463380557","Baseus Flat Anti-Tangle Micro-USB Cable","https://supergadget.store/products/baseus-flat-micro-usb-cable","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-517215345_medium.jpg?v=1529408828","Features:Super tough, durable and high quality cable Anti-tangle - Flat design means no more tangly knotty cables Compatible with all Android devicesAvailable in various lengths and colors (choose yours in the drop down menu above)","","5.95 USD" "2324035829837","Children's Watches (Various Cool Designs)","https://supergadget.store/products/childrens-watches-various-cool-designs","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-727924629_medium.jpg?v=1560390708","Check out our cool collection of 3D Children's Watches! Available in lots of cute animal shapes, this is the perfect watch to learn the time with (and show off...) It's suitable for boys or girls - just get their favorite animal or buy 2 and save! ","","15.99 USD" "3441370366029","Smart Watch For Kids (With GPS Tracker)","https://supergadget.store/products/greentiger-q528-gps-kids-smart-watch-with-touch-screen-camera-gps-tracker-smart-watch-children-monitor-sos-for-baby-pk-q50-q90","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/MOCRUX-Q528-GPS-Smart-Watch-With-Camera-Flashlight-Baby-Watch-SOS-Call-Location-Device-Tracker-for.jpg_q50_medium.jpg?v=1554964020","Are you sometimes worried about losing your child at the mall or on a trip? Some kids are little adventurers who just wander off without notice.Keep track of your kids without being too intrusive with this little Smart Watch.To the little ones eyes, it looks like a cool watch. But it's loaded with security features to keep your kids safe even when they are out of your sight!Like most GPS trackers in the market, this device allows 2-way calling and voice chat via 2G data traffic so you can reach your child anytime you want. You can also set your home, their school or the park as geo-fenced safe zones and get notified as soon as they step out of these perimeters.There is no activation fee, no subscription fees, no contract with a network.The GPS and LBS positioning keeps you informed about your child's exact location and movement! Features: Touchscreen phone/watch via 2G (micro simcard needed - not included)Accurate location using base station,GPS and LBS double locationSOS button to call a designated numberElectronic geo-fenceVoice chat featureRemote monitoringTrace replay feature to track movement route within 30 daysBlock strangers call featureSmall torchlight or flashlight functionCamera feature for taking selfies and picturesHealth pedometerAllows forbidden time settingAlarm clockQuick learning appFind watch featureLow power warningPlease do note that this watch only works with 2G networks (will not work in Australia & Singapore).  Click the "Add to Cart" button above for your kid's enjoyment and your own peace of mind!","","39.99 USD" "2406829883469","NY01 Smart Watch With Heart Rate Monitor & Fitness Tracker","https://supergadget.store/products/cyuc-ny01-smart-watch-full-round-screen-message-reminder-heart-rate-monitor-fashion-smartwatch-sport-fitness-tracker-white","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-910219014_medium.jpg?v=1560276461","GPS: NoCase Material: PlasticBattery Detachable: NoMovement Type: ElectronicFunction: Passometer,Sleep Tracker,Push Message,Heart Rate Tracker,Fitness Tracker,Message Reminder,Call ReminderLanguage: Korean,Russian,Portuguese,Spanish,English,German,Italian,Japanese,FrenchBrand Name: CYUCAPP Download Available: YesType: On WristSIM Card Available: NoScreen Size: 1.3 inchScreen Shape: RoundROM: <128MBRear Camera: NoneWaterproof Grade: Life WaterproofBand Detachable: YesRAM: <128MBBattery Capacity: 180-220mAhApplication Age Group: AdultNetwork Mode: NoneStyle: FashionBand Material: Silica GelSystem: Android OSResolution: 240*240Multiple Dials: YesMechanism: NoCompatibility: All Compatible","","73.99 USD" "2324116635725","Supercalifragilistic Digital Children's Watch","https://supergadget.store/products/colorful-digital-childrens-watch","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-297327787_medium.jpg?v=1543511448","If you are looking for a funky, colorful children's watch, it doesn't get cooler than this. Choose from various building block inspired designs that your kids will love. ","","22.99 USD" "2324084752461","Children's Watch With Fun Disco Lights","https://supergadget.store/products/disco-light-childrens-watch","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-174437334_medium.jpg?v=1560274800","Any kid will love the sparkly colors and funky glow of this fancy watch! Available in pink, white, black or blue, this cool watch will allow your girl or boy to show off to their friends (especially in the dark)!","","24.99 USD" "2324066697293","Football / Soccer Children's Watch","https://supergadget.store/products/football-soccer-childrens-watch","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-650697336_medium.jpg?v=1543504181","If your kid loves Football / Soccer a.k.a 'The Beautiful Game', this watch is perfect. The clear dials and numbers make it easy to read the time and the comfortable silicone strap make it fun to wear.","","17.99 USD" "2321448927309","Gamecube Controller (USB or GC Port)","https://supergadget.store/products/gamecube-controller-usb-or-gc-port","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-417148721_medium.jpg?v=1560390949","Features:Compatible with Nintendo Gamecube, MAC, PC (choose your desired port in the drop down menu above)100% brand new and high qualitySuper comfortable feel and incredibly precise controlPlease note: The GC plug does not fit a Wii consolePackage includes:1 x Game Controller for Nintendo Gamecube ","","28.99 USD" "1454880686157","Luminous Slingshot Plane For Kids","https://supergadget.store/products/diy-flash-ejection-slingshot-plane-for-kids","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-611247705_medium.jpg?v=1560391106","How do you feel about nostalgic retro with a modern twist? We think it's awesome!  And this slingshot plane for kids is exactly that. Toys not only develop children's movements and enhance their physical fitness but they are also essential tools for young children to understand the world, and cultivate their creativity.Many toys represent the beauty of nature through colors and shapes, just like this one does, and so, although simple, it can give your child a tremendous amount of joy. Features: Made of non toxic foam and plasticSuitable for age: 6 years old or olderThe luminous ejection mode works via inertiaEasy to assemble and disassembleMade of EPP high-polymer material, it is light weight with good flexibility and impact resistance, it can bend well and is not easily breakable. Not only great as a gift, this cool slingshot plane can add color and light to any birthday party! Get yours today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","9.99 USD" "1427915243597","Bubble Making And Music Playing Bath Toy Crab","https://supergadget.store/products/funny-soap-bubble-maker-bath-toy-for-kids","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/1_d1e5d0f0-6f9d-4d7a-9e34-7e9292622ea5_medium.jpg?v=1560391456","Are you still looking for that perfect birthday gift? Or maybe you're looking for some fun time for your own little ones? Well either way, look no more as we've found the coolest bath toy for your baby! This funny bubble maker crab will make bath time so much more fun. It is also a wonderful baby shower, birthday, christmas or party gift.The bubble crab is made of eco-friendly ABS material, non-toxic, wear resistance, sturdy and durable for long time use. Kids will have a blast watching loads of exciting bubbles pour out of its mouth in a continuous stream!Not only that, but it also plays sweet nursing rhymes that little ones love! Features: Non toxic materialsEasy to operateHas 3 suction cups for fixing to tiles or bath12 different nursing rhymesBattery operated (Not included)This little bubble crab shower companion is great for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages, so make them laugh today by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above! ","","39.95 USD" "474866778139","App Controlled Multi-Colored Smart Bulb","https://supergadget.store/products/app-controlled-smart-led-bulb","https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1862/1543/products/product-image-305800274_medium.jpg?v=1560394515","Bring loads of color into your life!You’ve done the research. Or maybe you haven’t. But we all know lighting is one of the biggest factors to a beautiful room. It transforms your view and instantly injects everything with a joyful spirit. And you can do just that, plus a whole lot more with this single lightbulb…Unlike your typical light, not only is this one compatible with your smartphone, but it can also emit an entire rainbow of colors! Thanks to its incredible 16 million RGB built-in lights, there’s no limit to how colorful you can have your room look.With full control over its brightness and color temperature on the app, you can soften the light for a warmer, dimly lit atmosphere, intensify it for a crystal-clear bright view, and everything in between! And the best part, you can be on the couch enjoying a movie, or in bed getting ready to sleep, this lightbulb can be powered on and off without you ever having to get up.Features: Smart LED Light is wirelessly controlled by downloading the compatible app on your phoneBuilt with high-quality LED beads to prevent flickering and from blinding your eyesFully customizable brightness and color temperature between 1700k to 6500kWirelessly controlled with your smartphone for ease of use and convenienceFreely adjustable to perfectly match your mood or preferred atmosphere Revive your home with this lightbulb! Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now to get yours today.","","39.95 USD"