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Outdoor Survivor Solar Fire Lighter
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You’ve seen it in movies and TV shows. People starting fires with the sun. It’s almost too good to be true, but now, with this tool, you can do the exact same! And it won’t take any hard work on your part… 

All you need is a small stick of wood and this unique gadget which reflects the sun’s rays into one single spot — the attached coil. That’s also where you’ll insert the piece of wood. 

Once placed in, set the entire thing down and let the beaming hot rays of the sun work its magic. 

Within minutes, you’ll begin to see slight fumes of smoke linger into the air. Now go check it out. What you’ll find is the bottom of the stick has a beautiful glowing red ember, making it ready to be tossed in with the rest of your tinder. 

This isn’t only good for fires though… 

If you look at the coil, you’ll notice it’s perfectly sized for a cigarette. That way, while you’re out in the wild (or if you’re just relaxing at home) you can enjoy a smoke, toasted by the natural elements of the glorious sun!


  • Fire starter reflects the sun’s rays onto one spot to heat up anything in contact with it
  • Attached aluminum coil holds pieces of wood, tinder, and even cigarettes
  • Windproof and waterproof makes this a better (and cooler) way to start a fire
  • Coil can be folded down to prevent damage and make for easy carrying
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, hunting, or anywhere

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