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Hands-Free Car Wireless Bluetooth Transmitter
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Put the phone down… You’re in the car. You might get caught and have to pay a hefty fine. Or worse, get in an accident because you were holding a phone in one hand while driving recklessly with the other.

But what if you get a call that’s an emergency? A call from someone who needs your help at once… Do you just ignore it?

No! Not when you get this…

This Bluetooth device, when plugged into your car lighter socket, allows you to answer all incoming calls with just a push of a button. You’ll be able to hear them loud and clear on your car speakers, while they hear you by talking into the built-in mic. Simply adjust the frequency of your Bluetooth to match the same as your car’s, and you’re ready to go!

But that’s not all… 

This luxuriously designed instrument also allows you to play music from your phone (with its included AUX cord), directly onto your car’s amazing sound system. And with an additional USB port, you can quickly charge any compatible device!


1X Bluetooth

1X 3.5mm Aux Cable

1X User manual

Easily syncs to your car by matching its FM to the same one on your Bluetooth

Answer calls without having to pick up your phone for safer driving (just push the “Answer” button)

Built-in USB, AUX port, and TF card slot allows you to charge your phone, as well as play music in your car

Powers up by plugging it into your lighter socket

Comes in 3 rich colors (Silver, Black, Gold)

Stay safe, while enjoying the convenience and incredible features of this tiny, multi-functional bluetooth gadget, just by choosing your favorite color above and hitting the “Add To Cart” button now! 

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