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Portable Outdoor Shower Bag (Perfect for Camping)
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Picture this. You go camping or hiking and decide to stay in the wild over night. So you set up camp and start a fire. But then you realize…

You’ve been drenched in sweat and covered in filth for hours! And unfortunately, taking a shower just isn’t an option. What do you do?

You can risk diving in murky waters OR you’ll bring one of these with you…

It’s a bag. But not just any bag — a shower bag!

Able to hold up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of water, and with a mini shower-head attachment, you can give yourself a full-body wash in the middle of the forest! Simply hang it up on a branch, and twist the shower-head’s handle to let the water flow out. 

And don’t worry… The water won’t be freezing cold. Thanks to its special design, the backside is able to absorb the heat from the sun and warm it up from temperatures of 60ºF (15.5ºC) to a soothing 105ºF (40.5ºC) — in just three hours!


  • Shower anywhere, anytime with a large water supply and a mini shower-head
  • Bag stores up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of water
  • Made of durable PVC material to prevent leaking or breaking
  • Quickly installs onto a tree branch (or anything above)
  • Uses solar energy to heat up water from 60ºF (15.5ºC)—105ºF (40.5ºC)
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, traveling, and other outdoor activities

Keep yourself clean and healthy by getting this shower bag today for a safe and simple washing whenever you need one. Just click the “Add To Cart” button above now to get yours! 

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