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Top 10 Most Amazing Toys for Girls Under $50

Posted by Elia Diamond on

The list below contains the top 10 most amazing toys for girls, including some of the best new toys of 2016 & 2017 and some new twists on old classic toys.

To make gifting easy and widely accessible, we have chosen only toys that cost less than $50 in this top 10 list.

Of course, many boys will love these toys too, but we’ve separated the two to make your shopping a little easier (you can check out the cool toys for boys list here).

So without further ado, here are the top 10 most amazing toys for girls:


10. Pretend Play Doctor Set

Children hate going to the doctor, but they sure love playing one! Here’s a fantastic play set to give your child everything they need to start their own clinic…

In just this one medicine box, you have almost every doctor’s equipment available. With a stethoscope that lights up and makes a heartbeat sound when pressed, and a flashlight, otoscope, and thermometer that shines when used, you can perform all normal medical procedures.

And with a scalpel, hammer, tweezers, blade-less scissors, and much more, you’ll always be ready for an emergency! 

Price: $29.95

9. Interactive Electronic Dog Toy

As parents, you can’t always afford to have a dog. And it hurts to see your child cry about it. But don’t worry because this interactive electronic toy moves AND sounds just like a real pup (and doesn’t need feeding or walking either)!

These dogs all contain a soft, pet-able fur that your child simply can’t resist. And when you give the pup a good pet on the back, it’ll instantly react to your touch! Or if you call your dog over (or make any noise), it’ll respond too!

With realistic barking noises, and 8 different movements — such as bow, crawl, beg, etc. — this plush dog will keep your kid entertained for hours on end because there’s no telling what your new pet will do next…

Price: $39.95

8. Magnetic Balls Magic Cube (Most Creative Gift for Kids)

A true test of your imagination… And one of the most satisfying things you’ll ever lay your hands on.

Containing a load of 216 mini magnetic balls, each 5 millimeters in diameter, the possibilities are endless.

Although these are all spheres, when combined, you can create ANY shape in the world! It can be as simple as a 2-D triangle, or if you want to take your imagination to a world it has never been before, you can try to fix up a 3-D pyramid.

Easily attachable and removable, these magnets can be transformed into anything you think of. Whether it be a large castle, a piece of jewelry, or even a blooming flower, all it takes is your two hands and a bit of creativity and artistry. There’s literally no limit to what you can create. 

Price: $28.95

7. Stick-On Blackboard For Endless Drawing Fun

Class is in session! But we’re not going to school today… We’re bringing the school to our home. And we’re not learning either, but having fun!

This highly functional blackboard allows your child to write and draw anything on it. All she needs is a piece of chalk which is included when you order! So the moment it arrives, you can put this up immediately.

To install it, simply peel the sticker off the back, and carefully smooth out the blackboard onto a flat surface - a cupboard, wall, or anywhere you want.

Now, with a blank slate that’s almost 2 feet long, and almost 7 feet wide, you and your kids will have more than enough room to draw on. Or if needed, you can also easily cut and shape this board with scissors for a perfect fit anywhere in your home. 

Price: $29.95

6. Light Super-Soft Polymer Modelling Clay (24 Colors)


By simply using her hands (and with the help of the provided tools), your child can knead, shape, mush, press, and cut these blobs of dry clay into anything she can imagine.

And with 24 different, super brightly colored doughs, she’ll have everything needed to mold her first model. Whether it be her favorite superhero, herself, a friend or family member, an animal, or a delicious triple-stacked cheeseburger. With just a bit of time and effort, this is all possible (and much more)! 

In a matter of seconds, she may find herself helplessly molding together several colored doughs into one big masterpiece!

Price: $29.95

5. Pretend Play Birthday Cake Set

Do your little ones love sweets? Or baking and cooking? Then this is the perfect kitchen set for them…

Complete with some of your favorite desserts and a giant birthday cake, your child will be able to open up their own official bakery in no time!

With a pre-baked birthday cake, all it needs is some toppings. Fill it with an assortment of delicious fruits, frosting, candles, and of course, a “Happy Birthday” sign to send someone your best wishes! 

Playing with this kitchen set not only helps build your child’s creativity in an entertaining way, but it also teaches them to remember the names of different foods and objects!

Price: From $21.95

4. Artist's Wooden Mannequin with Movable Limbs

Is your child an artist, drawer, or painter? Drawing full-bodied human beings is tough. And I’m not talking about stick figures, but actual realistic drawings.

But all this hard-work is now made much simpler with this human mannequin! 

Made of a smooth, finished wood, and carved out into the outline of a normal person, just set this by your child's drawing desk to give her a crystal-clear image of what she's trying to picture. And with the same movable joints as a human being, she can adjust the mannequins body to mimic a pose. 

This way, instead of trying to picture something in her head, she can now see what she's trying to draw, directly in front of her with her own two eyes! Making the most challenging part of drawing— a human body — much easier! 

Price: $19.95

3. DIY Beads and Jewelry Set


Does your baby girl love necklaces? Wristbands? And headbands? Do you buy ones for her at the store? If you answered yes, then you’re missing out…

Buying pre-made necklaces, wristbands, and headbands are great, but they’re just no fun! Instead, create your own with one of these lovely sets that contain everything you need to decorate yours today! 

Price: $23.95

2. Metal Fidget Spinners (Various Models)

This is not your ordinary fidget spinner… The original ones are fun to play with, but they’re dull in appearance and boring to look at. If you don’t agree, then you might want to take these for a spin…

“What makes these fidget spinners so different?”

Their shape and color. 

With some having a shiny holographic design that changes color depending on the angle you look at it, and others with a unique asymmetrical shape, you won’t believe how amazing these look and feel on your fingertips.  

Price: $14.95

1. Variety of Big Eyed Plush Animals

Did your kids ever want a pet? But were never able to get one because (insert totally justifiable reason here)? 

Then for now, these furry, little animals will keep them company…

In a collection of up to 20 different creatures, she can own pets that no one else ever could! Such as a penguin, owl, fox, koala, spider, monkey, and even a rainbow unicorn! 

All of these animals (and more), have the softest, fuzziest coat of fur for her to pet. They’re just waiting for a loving owner to come home and take care of them!

Price: $8.95

BONUS ITEM: DIY Miniature Wooden Doll House

This toy is only sightly more pricey than all the other ones in our list, but we highly recommend it if you have a bit more money to spend. 

Go ahead… open the door. This brand new two-story home is now your child's.

Take a step in, and what you’ll find is a completely furnished house. Fully complete with tables, lamps, couches, beds, chairs. And anything else you can think of, you can find it all here. 

Decorated perfectly with floral walls, a finished wooden floor, and with delicate flowers around the house, she’ll never want to leave her play-home again!

She even has her own luxury car painted in pink for late night drives to the city...

Price: $79.95

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